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By Parveen Baloch Published 2 months ago 3 min read

The life which we are having has purpose, but how to find what is your purpose? and how you can find it? well it is difficult but not impossible. The things which we love to do are mostly our comfort ones but when we do them and avoid others, we are called lazy because we can't live our comfort zone and when we go against that and do something that's hard, we suffer. The peace of mind is the most pleasurable and convenient thing to have, because if you are distrust from mind, nothing give you pleasure and happiness, no matter how good the situation and weather is. But what to do go against your comfort or do what you love? it is not necessary the things which we love are easy to do. they can be difficult for someone who doesn't love.

Convincing your subconscious to attract what you want is not easy. It not only requires imagination and repeating but it also requires feelings, and this you can't bring easily, because it is difficult to stimulate feeling for something. the prayer is considered the same as the answer of subconscious. when it is said pray by heart and have faith, it means you should believe and feel like you will confirm get that thing, this will be accepted by your subconscious and you will start attracting all what you have wanted and prayed for. you are always looking for a good moments. but one thing we must know that good moments are not given , they are created. they are brought by the sweat and blood. If everyone would wait for a good moment then there wouldn't be any progress we would still be living in the stone age. we have to understand that everything that we want, need is to be brought or created by our own struggle.

being somewhere and waiting for something is hard but it is not impossible, with patience you can get everything what you want. you have to trust the timing of God that everything happens on it right time. it is hard to have a positive attitude all the time, because life test you in various ways. Psychology says that everything that happen to us is what we have thought about. If you think negative, you will attract negative and if you think positive, you will attract good. But sometimes, we get what even we have never thought about, so how this law works? 

you have to be strong, you have to believe that everything will be okay. If it is not being okay, stay calm and patient. you will survive if you have come this long. If you didn't die, you will still not die. The situation will change, if it will not, there will be something good within the bad. Every action is a reaction, every situation give you something which you may not understand why you were given this, but later its meaning will follow you and you will come to understand, and one day you will arrange all this your life puzzle.

You never know where life takes you, what will happen next and how things turn opposite. sometimes you don't even think that the place the decision which you hated once will be Loved by you. you will be excited to do what you didn't want to do. Life is beautiful, it takes you where you need to be and you don't know what is coming next for you. Being alone but suddenly getting a good response from the front people will let you feel special. The doubt which you had for you behavior and nature will disappear and you feel like you are loved by everyone. No matter how hard the situation is going, you have to be thankful for everything because you never know what tomorrow brings for you.sometimes you think everything is going to end, you time you see no sign of living in some situations but suddenly there come a spark of hope. Everything start getting on there places and life become what you wanted to be. No one can stand against nature power. Nature does what is to be done. you may see disaster, distraction, but all these bring something which has to be done and you have to trust the timing of God.

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