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Jennifer's Awakening: A Journey from Death's Embrace

A True Account of Resilience and Rebirth

By Solomon OdipoPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Jennifer's Awakening: A Journey from Death's Embrace
Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

What happens when someone dies? Do they know that they are dead? Fortunately, here is a true story of a middle-aged woman who died and stirred from her slumber after two days. Jennifer, a mother of six children was living happily in a neighbourhood. Jennifer was blessed with a joyous family, their bond woven tightly with love and laughter. Their home was geographically situated where they could easily access the river and market. Jennifer had a husband who was a fisherman and could always come home with enough meals to feed his family. They were by then one of the greatest families in the village due to their unity and self-independence. As time went by, Jennifer started to become sick. Despite her efforts to carry out household and gardening tasks, the relentless progression of the disease gradually sapped her strength day by day.

One night, Jennifer became so sick that she could not even stand on her own feet. This was in the late nineties when doctors were herbalists. So, the doctor was called immediately and came as fast as possible, well-equipped with his equipment and herbs ready for the service. Treatment commenced immediately and Jenniffer who had been coughing helplessly became fine and retired back to her bed. The following morning, the husband woke up very early to get some catch so she could feed her sick wife. Unfortunately, when the husband came back home from fishing, the wife had already died. His children informed him that their mother couldn’t wake up that morning when they went to call her for breakfast.

The husband couldn’t believe his ears. He blamed himself for not even checking on her wife before going fishing. He used to be a strong man but that day, he was a different person. Someone weak, someone hopeless. Afternoon same, day, friends and relatives gathered in the compound, and burial arrangements were agreed upon to be two days from then. Ten hours before the burial of Jennifer, something happened. According to my grandmother, the tale unfolds with Jennifer awakening from her slumber, akin to a resurrection. It's said that even her husband fled momentarily, overcome by astonishment, before returning to warmly welcome his wife into her newfound second chance at life. By the time Jennifer stirred from her slumber, she radiated an undeniable strength, embodying resilience that defied all expectations. If you could look at her, you may have thought that she was just asleep. Some rituals were performed the following day and life continued. Here comes a time when the family member of Jennifer started to inquire about what Jennifer saw while she was dead. They asked her a lot of questions. “Mother, were you feeling pain all that long?” her lastborn asked her.

But to their surprise, Jennifer told them that she felt no pain. For her, she was just asleep. She didn’t know that she was dead. What is your view according to this story? Does it mean that when we are dead our consciousness is asleep and we cannot feel any pain? Indeed, questions surrounding death and the afterlife have long fascinated and perplexed humanity. These enigmatic topics delve into the very essence of existence, sparking profound contemplation and debate across cultures and throughout history. From my guess, death is like a deep dream-endless dream that constitutes mainly major activities that we carried out while we were still alive. So, if you were a wrongdoer, crime offender, killer, and all sorts of bad actions, in your death, you would be in that endless dream full of blood, horror, darkness, and all sorts of horrifying moments. The same applies to those who used to do good, their spirit will be at peace, always in light and happy moments, just like when they were still alive. This is a true story told by my grandmother. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  • Esha Akinyi2 months ago

    Wow 😲, that's great solo

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