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How to Enjoy Our Lives

In this talk, I talk about a simple trick to enjoy our lives.

By MuraliPublished 27 days ago 1 min read
How to Enjoy Our Lives
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We all face serious PROBLEMS in our lives, such as health issues, relationship issues, financial issues, etc. Because of these PROBLEMS, we often cannot enjoy our lives. But what if the whole world were to end the next day? In that case, we would forget all our PROBLEMS and enjoy the entire current day. What I'm suggesting is to imagine that the next day is the end of the world so that we can enjoy our lives in the present moment.

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Comments (7)

  • TheSpinstress15 days ago

    Nice trick! I hope it works. =D

  • Ainy Abraham25 days ago

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  • Andrea Corwin 27 days ago

    You are right! People need to love their lives and be thankful for each day and wonderful things in it.

  • shanmuga priya27 days ago

    Your talk offers a refreshing and much-needed perspective ......I liked each and every line ... fantastic job!

  • Mark Graham27 days ago

    If the world would end tomorrow I Know I would see my mom and dad and brother again and before the end and the day before it would be a time to hug and just say 'I love you world good and bad.'

  • Ainy Abraham27 days ago

    Simple but deep and helpful.

MuraliWritten by Murali

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