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~Hercules Ring~ Additional story information! Free for people to critique!

This is additional material about Hercules background in skills and education. It is the material that tells HOW Hercules became who he is to God, how he learns to understand more about his father Zues (A god of a planet in his own right) and his birth Mother... and what caused his need for help from God! Anyway this is a work in progress and I'm looking for ideas and inspiration; people are free to critique the work to help me write something of a highest degree! :-)

By Jennifer CooleyPublished 9 months ago 11 min read
~Hercules Ring~ Additional story information! Free for people to critique!
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~Hercules Ring~

*Background details of Hercules story and the information that changed his life forever and made him into the strong man and hero with a desire to be good and help others have good lives to live free of suffering or at least able to bare it! I'm looking for ideas, and suggestions on when and where to write in the details and information that is needed for the larger story to come together better and make sense as a whole! This is not an easy project to write so anyone with ideas or experience in exploring mythical history of such a nature (including Hercules history) are welcome to provide material or direction that will help improve the story and make it that much more better! And here is the link to the original submitted first chapter to my work. I'm waiting for contest results before I can re-submit the whole body of new work to the new Chapters group!*

Hercules Skills & Education!

He had as high an education as one with his citizenship background as one can get, taught by some of the most reputable instructors! He know much about Astronomy, Philosophy, Archery, boxing, Fencing, Riding and music! Hercules has a formidable voice and could play the lyre quite well also!

He was always exceptionally strong, but never really understood his strength or reason for his growing pain problems and how severe it was, how much more different and unique he was from those people in the every day society and life around him, until the day he accidentally KILLED his music teacher, hitting him over the head with his lyre when he had a tantrum over his frustrations of pursuing perfection with his instrument that maybe can never be obtained for any musician loving their instrument and works! Instead of recognizing when it was time to stop and understand that it was time to put it aside for this day and try again fresh on another day!

Place of birth in this story! *Note: This is all material about the life of Hercules BEFORE he ever received the extra power in the ring from God and his father Zeus as a 2 in 1 blessing for what he alone on the earth would be up against for the growth and many changing and challenging times ahead on the planet! Without him, so many people would be doomed to an end we can rejoice looking back on now knowing, never became their end and never one we today have to worry about as the descendants of those saved, lucky fortunate ones from the days of Hecules!*

Hercules was born and raised in a place called Thebes, which eventually became a place that wound up under attack by the Minyans who wanted to be a ruling dynasty who later were settled in place and based out of Boeotia! Hercules with the help of his loyal Thebans and party of persona friends, fighters, and warriors defeated Erginus the Minyans leaders. And to exact justification for the attack on them The Thebes society made the Miyans pay DOUBLE the portion of previous price payed in tribute to the Thebans!

Hercules suffered another major blow after losing his beloved music teacher, through being hexed by his Step-Mother 3rd wife to his Father Zues, who could never get over thinking of the love affair that Zues had with another Goddess that made him, wanted to hurt Hercules, hold him back or even destroy him. So she used her powers to put him through many trials, 1 of those attacks on Hercules was putting him under a spell of madness for a time! What happens during that time is what sends Hercules running from the place he had known as home and comfort for so long, to try and find himself truly and the correct path for his way! During his period of madness, Hercules was not fit to live with his friends and family, so he was out in the wilderness much of that time, where he was free to hunt and kill and eat and live with the ravenous and wild, dangerous beasts that were surrounding him. This alone was his only way to find solace for what he was living through at this time.

But nothing is full-proof and it turns out his wife at this time Megara, didn't have a heart so full of love and adoration, patience and faith that her husband would get well and return to her and their home! So turned to the love of another man and the affair was hardly covered, and this news did reach Hercules! And the word was that he was coming to fight for her and take her back, no one who new of Hercules unsure state of madness had any understanding or know whether he was returning in a state of fully recovered wellness?

This included the man that was having the affair with Megara, and he did not wish to give her back to Hercules for a wife. And once again Hera new the heart of this man and put it upon him to go stone cold, and his heart became as black as night and as cold as ice and he decided that he could not have her and keep her for his own, then NOBODY WOULD HAVE HER! So the night before Hercules was to arrive while Megara lay peacefully asleep he KILLED her... the Woman he was so certain he loved more than life itself just the day before!

To make matters worse with Hera having left them both in their vexxed states he got the obvious other good idea of staying the course and confronting Hercules face to face with no fear to fight him straight on and kill and be rid of him too! He thought surely after this everyone will think of ME BIGGER AND BETTER than the GREAT HERCULES, and it will be him that they respect, adore, worship and revere. He thought this feat of taking down Hercules would lead to greatness in power, status and earthly means! (I need a name for this lover and a bit of a background story about who he is and what his life and education were like).

*Hera was certain, she was SURE this was it, that this would be the way she could be rid of Zeus's son, LOVE child of another Mother's womb.. and then steal away and have and earn all the mourning and adoration and love for his now dead son and could bask in it and keep all to herself... FINALLY!*

Hercules new right where the man who violated his sacred marriage bed with his first wife and when he arrived in town he wasted no time, and the people stood in confusion and fear and question on both sides of the street in which he was walking straight ahead through them all. They knew by the focus on his face where he was going and everyone could only guess what the conclusion would be? Remember at this time everyone still thought and knew Megara to still be ALIVE!

And then moments later, there he was a Man Hercules had known all his life, that he grew up with, went to school with and trained with in skills and did business with! Staring back at him through his window... Hercules was faced with something he NEVER, EVER IMAGINED would be something to take place, staring back at him in the face of the man he never would have believed would be the one to do this thing! The people in small crowds around the 2 were trying to pretend and act like they couldn't see what was going on and about to happen, but they couldn't help themselves, as human's it was just there terrible nature to be curious about anything in a town where nothing new happens, nothing changes, nothing exciting really takes place. When something DOES happen, everyone wants to be the first one to know about it, or see it and be the one to talk about it!

While the crowds were trying to figure out what they were doing, Hercules could see from the 1 minute stand off that neither of them were budging from their position. So he took it upon himself to make the next move and went to the entrance of the home and broke open the door with his maddened strength of man, demigod, husband, grief and unhealthy state of mind and he wasted no time once in the house, he started tearing it apart!

"Where is my wife?" "Megara... Where are you?" "Megara, come out of hiding at once, let's go, come to me, so I can take you home, you don't belong here, you are my wife and belong at home with me and our family!"

Stephen said,

"I'm afraid you won't be getting what you want here today Hercules, I've made sure your dreams of a happy life and happy home are finished and destroyed forever as of today! And after you see what I did to her, you will see what I'm going to then also do to you. And you 2 will lie in end in the same place, with the same fate, together!"

Hercules through a large pottery jug he could reach for as he was searching the house for his wife and through it at the man for hearing those aggravating words! All the while he was saying.. "Megara, Megara, Megara... until he disappeared into the bedroom, where seconds later you could hear his talking and all sound stop! What he saw would change his life and the fate of all things forever! There his wife lay surrounded in a pool a blood, in a state one could see was fully asleep in her death!

"Stephen... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? I THOUGHT YOU WERE CHALLENGING ME to SAY THAT IT WAS LOVE... but THIS, what you've done, this IS NOT LOVE! You are going to DIE on this day for this!"

Stephen said, "Not if I kill you first," and hearing his voice right behind Hercules swung around in just a split second and the first flying lance just grazed past him, his life spared only for the sake of moving right when he did! Oh how great is the God above and his Father Zeus for the love they carried for him, almost as to know and predict that such a moment of manhood and fighting and justification was to come... that it explained that time he lived in the wilderness living with the beasts of the forest, fighting to keep himself well and alive. Because it all now comes to, right here and right now and what happens with his turn upon him to exact justice for all that he can bare with Stephen! He took his walking stick, hunting lance and as quick as a God, a Flash of lightening he, aimed, charged and let his lance loose, targeted RIGHT FOR the heart of the man that defiled his household and killed his wife; and before Stephen could utter another word, or breath or movement, he was knocked down to the ground, flat on his back... DEAD INSTANTLY just the same price as the one Megada paid!

Life in Thebes as they knew it would never be the same again for any of them, this left Hercules at a loss on what to do with his life now, what kind of life and direction could he have now for having killed yet another man yet again. In self-defense maybe, but no matter, still dead, and at his hands in such a way that one could not STAY where he is and get over it! And of course it was agreed in silence that the people of Thebes would agree, that Hercules staying now would not be good for any of them, most of all his household!

Though he'd love his own, he knew in this state now that he would be of no good to any of them, so Hercules ran away and the first place in mind that he could think of to run to in order to seek advice on what to do with his wandering life and grieving soul now was to the Oracle of Delphi! The madness of Hera left him once he left Thebes, and she saw his wife was dead and so was the man who she had hoped would get rid of him. All she could do was return to the drawing board with the feelings hidden secretly in her heart!

There he was given advice from Apollo that he should serve his cousin King Eurystheus, to find a way to make up restitution and find piece within himself by giving a time of service to others to help with how he was feeling now about the life he's just passed living through! The oracle advice being neither good or bad was actually a trick.

Here you will find where the beginning of the 12 trials of Hercules begins, his cousin being a very jealous man of all of Hercules looks, intelligence, education, skills, wished only to take advantage of him and his state of vulnerability! But in real translation where everyone once thought and believed that these trials that take place were just a test from his father Zeus was in fact GOD, the one who is Creator of ALL THINGS, all planets, life, and Kings, leaders and small god's of said other kingdoms who was seeking Hercules attention.

Like Zeus father of Hercules God of God's also saw there was a just and noble man in Hercules and he wanted to help him, find a way to bless him in a manner that honors Zeus, his lordship and love for his son. Working together blessing Hercules will help protect him and keep him safe from Hera (which both Zeus & God knew all about, as they were God's of higher power and being and position then her troublesome Goddess would ever be, dealing with her was a whole other matter Zeus and God both understood without needing to talk that through) and any others who may carry their own secret thoughts about a man so fine!

During his 12 trials Hercules found even higher inner power and strength, and recognized how much more there was in him that until now never tapped into or had the time to focus on learning how to harness the power and understanding of. And it was in this time period of his life that he met and fell in love with and married his 2nd wife Deianira! But God had other thoughts in mind for Hercules a much greater reward, so there had to be this time of test and trial for Hercules to find and FINALLY be able to receive the full blessing, gifts and powers and love that God truly wanted for Hercules to have!!!

* * * * *

End of this section of the story and notes and background information for this entry!

(Please keep coming back here for MORE UPDATES, as there are still more hand written pages of my research, thoughts and writing to be posted here and join the rest of this story! Amen! TY Everyone for your patience (as I do this), for your love, interest and support! Can't wait to hear the thoughts of others and how they think this new story of Fan Fiction about the Greek God Hercules and his Mythology should go?)

For the first submission portion of story I entered into a Vocal contest, go here!

Written by,

Jennifer Cooley!

* * * * *

Thank You for reading!

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