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Dark Obsessions A Kate Barnes Thriller


By Mark GrahamPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
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Who likes a mystery? Marie Sutro has written 'Dark Obsessions A Kate Barnes Thriller'. This a murder mystery where the detective Kate Barnes who needs time to pull herself together due to what happened during a previous case that affected her in many ways. Kate has some personal issues to work through and a trip to the Northwest United States could be just the place where the answers could be found in more ways than one. Marie has written this mystery that gives the reader quite a ride into a psychological thriller. The cover art does give the reader a sense of the territory the reader is about to enter. The main character of Kate has many dimensions and Marie Sutro brings those dimensions to light and makes the reader like Kate and will bring about an understanding of what one's mind has to learn to deal with both the past and the present in a given situation.

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