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A Hunting in Venice

A Thrilling Journey Beyond the Obvious-Movie review

By R RokaPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

How about we start by taking a go-around discussing the intriguing world of murder mystery films and how "Hunting in Venice" manages to stand out from the crowd. This film is the third go-around for Kenneth Branagh in coordinating a film featuring the famous detective character, Hercule Poirot, which he also plays. Now, let's delve into why "Hunting in Venice" offers a refreshing take on the classic murder mystery genre.

Before we get into the specifics of "Hunting in Venice" let's briefly touch upon Branagh's previous two films in the Poirot series, "Murder on the Orient Express" and "Death on the Nile." These films are fine in their own right, but one can't help but notice a common trap that many murder mystery movies fall into—the overemphasis on the end reveal of the investigation.

It's often debated whether this focus on the reveal is due to the directorial choices or the storytelling itself. However, it's essential to ask if the end reveal is the more significant part of the journey, more crucial than the entire investigative process. This question may lead us down a philosophical path, but for now, let's focus on " Hunting in Venice."

What sets " Hunting in Venice " apart is that it doesn't start as a murder mystery. The initial purpose of Poirot's visit to Venice is to expose a powerful case of magic and tormenting. This twist in the plot is what instantly grabs the audience's attention. As viewers, we become less concerned about who the killer is and more intrigued by the unfolding of events and the journey itself.

The film takes us on a ride through the eyes and mind of a character who, despite his logical and rational nature, encounters seemingly supernatural occurrences. Poirot's deeply ingrained fight-or-flight instincts remind us that, as humans, we are wired to be wary of shadows and darkness, a survival trait passed down through generations.

It's amusing to observe how even the most logically minded individuals can be thrown into a state of fear when faced with the unknown. In this day and age, we may not need to think as our ancestors did, but the wiring of our brains remains the same.

" Hunting in Venice " manages to balance the supernatural elements with moments of captivating cinematography. The close-up shots and claustrophobic framing help immerse the audience in the story's tension. While it may not be a deep psychological dive, the film's premise is intriguing, offering a unique continuation of Poirot's character.

One of the film's strong points is the portrayal of Poirot's personal growth. He isn't a static character, merely replicated from previous films. Instead, we see the toll his fame and profession have taken on his soul. The burden of constant public attention and requests for his assistance adds depth to his character, making him more relatable and authentic.

In conclusion, " Hunting in Venice " offers a welcome departure from the traditional murder mystery formula. It immerses the audience in a world where logic battles with the supernatural, all while shedding light on the internal struggles of its iconic detective. With a perfect run time of around 90 minutes, this film keeps you engaged without overstaying its welcome.

Kenneth Branagh's third installment in the Poirot series proves to be the most captivating yet. " Hunting in Venice " takes us on a thrilling journey beyond the obvious, making it a must-watch for fans of murder mysteries and those looking for an entertaining cinematic experience. So, if you're in the mood for a mystery that goes beyond the usual conventions, step into the enigmatic world of " Hunting in Venice " and enjoy the ride.

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