Why Missing Children Never Return Home

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The reasons for this tragedy is a matter of urgency for us all.

Why Missing Children Never Return Home

The Lindbergh Law, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and The Amber Alert have all been proven successful ways to return thousands of missing children home safe and alive. Sadly, these methods of locating missing children have been enforced after a child has been senselessly murdered by their captor. However, since the inception of these methods, a lot of cases involving missing children still go unsolved and perpetrators are never caught. What follows are a few possible explanations as to why a lot of cases of missing children have gone cold and unsolved. Leaving the public baffled and heart-broken. Not to mention bringing every parents' and relatives' worst nightmare to life. I hope to provide at least some insight into why and how this tragedy unfolds to prevent such miscarriages of justice from happening again and again. The first second when a child goes missing time is of the essence to make sure that they are found safe and alive, and that their captors are apprehended and brought to justice for their crimes. Crimes against the most innocent of all victims: Children. What follows are a few plausible explanations as to why missing children cases go unsolved despite every exhausted effort by the police, the FBI, the mass media, and the public alike. It seems education and prevention are key to protecting innocent children from predators. To protect their safety and security is more crucial than ever in a world that is dominated by greed, blood lust and political corruption. Kids need to know that predators are everywhere. Online, in schools and in political offices. Call 911 and keep telling until you are believed. If approached by a person who tries to harass or intimidate you, know that this is never your fault and help is available.

Many children are often sold into prostitution rings locally and abroad after they are abducted.

Many children who are abducted are often sold and auctioned into prostitution rings locally and abroad, providing they are not located within the first forty-eight hours of their disappearance. With the use of the internet, many perpetrators may use what is known as "The Dark Web." This is where kidnappers can accept or receive payment via crypto-currency on "The Dark Web" without getting caught. Kidnappers will use crypto-currency for the simple fact that this digital currency can't be traced during an investigation. This can also mean that pinpointing a missing child can be all the more daunting for authorities, especially if the kidnapper has managed to flee the country without detection by authorities. These are some of the techniques used by kidnappers to lure unsuspecting children and prevent their victims from escaping or reaching out for help.

Mind Control and Brainwashing

Mind control and manipulation have been very successful ways kidnappers use to lure and control children. For example, in 1982, when a twelve year old boy named Johnny Gosch was abducted during his morning paper route, the kidnapper told him that he was lost and asked for directions. As he proceed to head home, another man followed Johnny Gosch and then proceed to force him into a vehicle. Johnny Gosch remained missing for several years, despite desperate attempts from his mother Noreen Gosch to find him and bring him home. In 1997, Johnny Gosch reportedly managed to escape from captivity. When he (Gosch) showed up on his mother's doorstep, accompanied by an unidentified male, it was then he revealed to his mother that he had been forced into sex slavery and sold at several auctions in the United States. He talked about being forced at gun point to perform sexual acts on respected members of the community, such as political figures from The White House and even police officers. Johnny Gosch revealed that he was forced to commit felonies at gun point; this is one of the many tactics his capturers used to maintain control. His captors warned him that if he tried to leave, or if he spoke of what happened to him, he would be killed. In an interview in 2005, Doreen Gosch said this is the reason why her son can never return home. If he does, he may face serious prison time or be killed. To this day, the case of Johnny Gosch remains a tragic and baffling unsolved mystery.

Abuse, or lack of communication at home, is often the perfect setting for kidnappers to attack innocent children.

Abuse and/or lack of communication at home is another way for pedophiles to take advantage of vulnerable young people. The internet is no exception. When kids surf the world wide web, they often do so at home in the privacy of their bedroom with the false belief that they are safe from predators. Children don't always take into account that, as soon they are online, they are also in the public. Children may visit chat rooms or share information about themselves with a predator pretending to be their friend on Facebook. This is the perfect breeding ground for predators to lure and seduce and even gain control over unsuspecting children. A predator may tell the child how beautiful or handsome they are. This will immediately make any child feel liked and special, especially if they are being bullied at home and at school because they are chubby and have a few pimples. Believe it or not, sextortion is an actual term used when a perpetrator persuades a child to take a partially nude selfie and then after the picture is sent to the perpetrator they will demand for more explicit photos. If the victim does not do as instructed, the perp will threaten to circulate these photos over the internet and warn of other bad things that will happen if the child does not comply. A lot of children do as instructed and are afraid to tell anyone because they begin to fear for their safety. In other cases, perpetrators may even manage to convince a child to meet them at a restaurant or even a crowded mall. Alot of children are told to never talk to strangers because it is wrong and not safe to do so. This is where pedephiles will begin with the mind control. The predator will use this to intimidate the child and make them feel guilty for taking to strangers in the first place. The child will feel threatened as a result. At this point, the child becomes the perfect target of being abducted and taken out of the country never to be heard from or seen again. I hope that those who read this article will be informed and educated about the very real and serious dangers our children potentially face at the hands of predators. Predators are everywhere. They are teachers, political figures, bus drivers and even police officers. Kids should know that this is NEVER their fault and to keep on telling until they are believed. There are good people to talk to and reach out for help.

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