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Where is Kevin's Head?

Someone killed Kevin in 2016. His head still hasn't been located

By True Crime WriterPublished 29 days ago 3 min read

On Sunday, March 27, 2016, Easter day, at around 4 p.m. inmate Kevin Singleton held a shank to a guard’s neck, forcing him to open the exit door at the Chowan County Detention Center in Edenton, North Carolina. He then fled from the facility through the delivery area.

Singleton, serving time on kidnapping and armed robbery charges, did not harm the guard. Eleven days later, a hunter found the 26-year-old’s naked, partially decomposed body in a wooded area in Bertie County, approximately 11 miles from the facility. He had been decapitated; his head was nowhere in sight.

"A gentleman driving by, he's with a hunting club and that's the area they usually hunt, he was just arriving in the area and he actually spotted something that looked like a body to him and he called the sheriff's office," said Sheriff John Holley.

Police identified Singleton’s body using his fingerprints.  They estimated his body had been in the woods for approximately one week when the hunter found him.

His body did not show signs of abuse or an attack. He did not have a single scratch on his body.

More than eight years since the murder, police still have not recovered Singleton’s head and do not have leads in the case.

Singleton’s Incarceration

Singleton, 26, had been incarcerated since January 2016. He was caught on surveillance camera robbing a store clerk at the Pearls Tobacco Plus market where his sister worked. His sister was not working at the time.

After robbing the clerk, he attempted to force him into his car, but he refused. Singleton grabbed the car keys and fled. Police caught up to him a short time later, and took him into custody.

When he escaped, Singleton was awaiting extradition to Charlotte on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

The Search 

He was spotted around the intersection of Oakum and Gale Streets. Police deployed K9 units and search teams to search for Singleton, although rain hindered his scent. 

The day after his escape, police conducted an extensive search of woods and abandoned houses in the area, but turned up no signs of Singleton. Police then focused their attention on Singleton’s grandmother and sister, considering they might have aided in his escape.

Authorities later determined neither Singleton’s sister nor grandmother helped him escape. In fact, they determined no one from the outside aided in the escape.

“The loss of life is sad no matter who it is,” said Chowan County Sheriff Dwayne Goodwin. “He was somebody’s child.”

Who Killed Kevin Singleton?

Police suspect foul play in Kevin’s death. His closest family members said he had no known enemies and had no idea who would want to hurt him. 

Did Kevin have unknown enemies who happened to see him on the outside and hurt him? Could Kevin have upset someone while on the run, leading to his demise?

If you have information about the murder of Kevin Singleton, call your local police department, the Chowan County Sherriff’s Office at (252) 482-8484, or the Bertie County Sherriff’s Office at (252) 794-5330. 

I send my deepest condolences to the Singleton family.

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