Was Michael Jackson a Bad Person?

We'll never know

Michael Jackson was the king of pop music; he died in 2009, but earlier this year, Leaving Neverland was released, a documentary that had interviews with Wade Robson and James Safechuck; they claimed Jackson raped and sexually abused them when they were seven and ten years old, and that the abuse lasted for years. The four-hour long movie was released by HBO, which is currently being sued by Jackson's estate and family.

Safechuck met Jackson when he was ten; they did a Pepsi commercial together, and Safechuck became friends with the pop star. Afterwards, Jackson would give his family gifts, and would pay for them to get a plane to fly to him, and visit him. Safechuck alleges that on a vacation to Hawaii with Jackson, he asked the boy to sleep in his bed with him.

In August 1993, LAPD began to investigate the singer, because it was reported that he molested four boys (one of these boys was 13 years old, and was talked about in the documentary); the report was released in January, and stated the boy's allegations against Jackson, and also mentioned that no evidence was found to incriminate Jackson.

The family of the boy found it odd and weird that Jackson and the child slept in the same bed together, and I have to admit that yes it is odd; Jackson had argued with the mother and told her to trust him. The boy continued sleeping beside Jackson for months.

In September 1993, a family filed a lawsuit against Jackson for allegedly sexually abusing their 13 year old child. Jackson settled for over $20 million with the family, even though he continuously denied doing anything illegal or wrong, according to a report published in 2004.

In September 1994, prosecutors were looking into Jackson again, because of three alleged victims, but they dropped the charges when all of the victims refused to testify in court.

Wade Robson met Jackson after winning a dancing contest, and his family moved to LA when Jackson encouraged it; Robson was one of the kids that defended the singer in court.

In 1993, when Mrs. Robson was asked if she thought anything was odd about her son sleeping next to Jackson, she said that nothing was going on other than them sleeping.

In December 1993, Jackson's sister La Toya said that the sexual abuse and rape of children against her brother were true, but their mother Katherine defended her son; she claimed La Toya was just trying to make money off of Michael's name. In 2011, La Toya retracted the allegations, and said her abusive husband made her say that.

In February 2003, Jackson was seen cradling a teenager cancer patient in his arms, and sleeping in the same bed with him, which was seen in the documentary Living with Michael Jackson, but both Michael and the boy admitted that nothing sexual happened between them. Regardless, the movie caused another criminal investigation.

Then, on November 20, 2003 Jackson was booked on child molestation charges. He gave up his passport, posted his $3 million bail, and left the jail the same day. He was eventually charged with 10 criminal acts and charges, including child molestation.

On February 28, 2005, Jackson went to court for another criminal case and Robson came to his defense. The victim was Gavin Arvizo. Arvizo, and his family testified that Jackson masturbated the boy, gave him and his brother alcohol, and showed them porn, but on June 13, 2005 the charges were dropped, and Mrs. Arvizo was charged when a juror brought up a good point; why would a mother let her underage son sleep in the same bed with someone who isn't a family member?

Then, the second documentary came out.

So was Michael Jackson a pedophile? Maybe. We will never know. but it is odd that he had so many court cases if he didn't do anything. I get that he was a celebrity, and people will do anything for money, but he may or may not have raped young kids.

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