True Crime Must Watch

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It's needed to understand everything

True Crime Must Watch

Lately, all the rage on Netflix has been about these True Crime Documentaries. It truly is fascinating to learn why these men and women decided to do such horrible things towards other humans. With so many out there, there are some great ones and some that are not as thrilling. I have watched a fair majority of them, well pretty much all but 2 or 3. In talking with others and seeing posts online I've noticed that many people question why they did the crimes they did, how they don't get the why.

To truly understand anything that goes on in a True Crime Documentary, you need to learn the basics first. The how these FBI agents and Police Officers obtained the knowledge on how the smallest detail at a crime can lead to the killer. It is almost like trying to do Advanced Functions in Math without learning how to do basic math first. You need to backbone of the knowledge first.

One of the best shows on Netflix to learn all of this from is Mindhunter, which is based on the true events leading to the introduction of behavioral science and the BSU/BAU units as well as profiling as a tool to catch these killers.

What makes this show a must watch, is that it is where it all started. First as an experiment but then it was noted that there could be a link here to understanding these killers better by asking ones caught why they did it. Not coming at them from a stand point of their terrible humans, but working from the start of their childhood all the way to when they committed their crimes. This method got the killers to open up and show that there was typically a link between their past to their killings. Through out the show they interview many killers, gaining a haunting knowledge of why they did the things they did and why they thought they were made this way. It was definitely controversial what they were doing as no one had even thought of this before. Using knowledge of caught killers to help catch new ones seemed crazy. Realistically, it is kind of crazy to think about it, but at the same time it made sense. A lot of killers think the same way, they understand the needs and desires that others have and what a traumatic upbringing can do to you.

During the first season, as season 2 at the time of this posting will be coming out in a couple of months, the main focus for the interviews is Ed Kemper. For those who do not know who Ed Kemper is, he was a notorious killer know as the Co-Ed Killer. He would pick up young female college student hitchhikers, kill them in a variety of ways, have sex with the corpse and dismember them. He was a very intelligent man with an IQ of 145 and when interviewed he gave great insight into why he did these things. Simply put, because he wanted to save others like him from killing. He is to this day, one of the most prolific serial killers known to society and for the FBI to understand why he did what he did truly gave them a look inside the criminal mind.

I will warn you all in saying that it is not pretty, learning why these men and women wanted to kill. But if you have already begun to watch these documentaries then you must be able to stomach it all. Just know this as well. You can watch all the shows and documentaries about serial killers ever, but unless there is a part of you that relates to them, we can never fully understand why they do what they do. They feel no remorse for what they have done, feel no empathy and many, if they were free today would continue to go on a kill.

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Hannah Elliott
Hannah Elliott
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