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Top 20 Best Gangster Movies

Top 20 Best Gangster Movies

By Paul SmithPublished 4 months ago 14 min read

Top 20 Best Gangster Movies

Here is where the format for the top gangster movies began! The gangster movie is one of the most well-liked genres in contemporary cinema, and some of the greatest living directors have made some amazing gangster movies. In fact, the Godfather is the top-ranked movie overall on the Internet Movie Database. This was a difficult selection to put together because there are so many excellent gangster movies out there. Nevertheless,I was able to compile what I believe to be the top 20 gangster films of all time. As per usual, make a comment and let us all know if you disagree with my choices or ordering. So without further ado, here are the greatest 20 gangster films of all time, ranked from good to extraordinary.

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20 Road to Perdition Sam Mendes, 2002

Working as a hitman for mafia lord John Rooney is Mike Sullivan. Rooney represents a father role to Sullivan. Mike Sullivan, however, finds himself on the run while attempting to save the life of his son and seeking retribution from those who mistreated him after his son witnesses a killing he has committed. As a hit guy hired to kill Sullivan, Jude Law co-stars.

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19 Donnie Brasco Mike Newell, 1997

Donnie Brasco (1997) - Official Trailer

Based on a true event, this gangster film follows FBI agent Joe Pistone as he infiltrates the New York mob. Pistone (posing as Donnie Brasco) is able to integrate himself into a mafia faction headed by Sonny Black thanks to his friendship with Lefty Ruggiero. As the group goes about collecting money for "the bosses," relations between Ruggiero and Pistone grow tense.When Black eventually ascends to the position of boss, the organization finally hits it big, and Pistone continues to gather proof. The difficulties of the covert labor, however, became too much for Pistone to handle. In addition, the mafia suspects a mole within the group as his marriage falls apart. Pistone is in a serious pickle because he is aware that Ruggiero will suffer the consequences if he leaves the mafia.

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18 Miller’s Crossing Coen Brothers, 1990

Miller's Crossing (1990) - Original Theatrical Trailer

A highly stylized "genre" movie that might be considered a parody of all gangster flicks. Tom Reagan is the sardonic anti-hero of this immoral story, which strangely also examines morals in the 1930s criminal underworld. The police are used as players in a battle between two rival gangs for control of the city, and the occasional raids on illegal bars serve only as a means of retaliation for one group against the other. We wonder if Tom, the Irish mob boss' right-hand man, actually has a heart while frightening violence and dark humor compete for our attention on screen.

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17 The Untouchables Brian De Palma, 1987

Prohibition in the 1920s Chicago is a crooked city, starting with the judges. Eliot Ness, a Treasury agent, chooses just two police officers to assist him and his accountant colleague in their fight against Al Capone. One is a quick-draw rookie, while the other is a beat cop who has seen it all. The four of them are prepared to take on Capone and his empire, but it's possible that using guns to capture him won't be the most effective strategy. Noteworthy Line: Capone: I want you to find out where this f—— is breathing! Eliot Ness is a nancy-boy, and I want him dead! Find him! I want to KILL his family! I want his house completely destroyed by fire! I want to visit him there at midnight and poop on his ashes.

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16 The Departed Martin Scorsese, 2006

The Departed (2005) Official Trailer - Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson Movie HD

The state police force is fighting Irish-American organized crime in South Boston. Billy Costigan, a young undercover police officer, has been tasked with infiltrating the gangland boss Frank Costello's mob organization. While Colin Sullivan, a seasoned young criminal who has joined the state police as an informant for the syndicate, rises to a position of authority in the Special Investigation Unit, Billy soon wins Costello's trust. Each man's double existence consumes him completely,obtaining information about the strategies and defenses used by the operations he has breached. Billy and Colin are suddenly in danger of being caught and exposed to the enemy when it becomes apparent to the mob and the police that there is a mole in their midst. As a result, each man must scramble to find out the identity of the other man in time to save himself. But is either one ready to betray the allies and friends they've gained over the course of their protracted undercover assignments?

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15 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Guy Ritchie, 1998

Four Cockney broad lads are duped into owing Hatchet Harry Lonsdale, the local gang leader and porn king, 500,000 nickels. With the very real possibility of having their fingers amputated hanging over them, the guys devise a scheme to steal the money from their hard-case drug-dealing neighbors. Meanwhile, "Hatchet" isn't too happy when a pair of Scouse robbers sell him a pair of antique shotguns that he intends to use in a "job"... To ensure that karma is surrealistically resolved (just!) before the end credits roll, a conscientious debt-collector, some public school "chemists," a psychotic hash-baron, and a lot of guns and knives are involved.

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14 Mean Streets Martin Scorsese, 1973

Mean Streets - Trailer - HQ (1973)

We follow Charlie's life, a small-time wise-guy who collects protection money, via a series of character-driven incidents set against the backdrop of Little Italy in New York City. The society accepts his buddies Tony and Michael, but Johnny Boy must be avoided since he is unreliable. Teresa, Charlie's covert girlfriend, must also be avoided because she has epilepsy. Charlie is forced to choose between his desire for power, his love for Teresa, and his responsibility to look out for his friend Johnny Boy when his uncle Giovanni offers him a restaurant, the first rung on the ladder.

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13 Casino Martin Scorsese, 1995

Casino Official Trailer #1 - (1995) HD

In this Martin Scorsese movie, Las Vegas is portrayed as having a brutally vicious side as well as a sparkling, seductive side. Mobsters Ace Rothstein and Nicky Santoro live and work in this surreal environment after moving to Las Vegas to make their mark. Details of mob involvement in casinos during the 1970s and 1980s are exposed through their perspectives, one acting as a counterbalance to the other. Nicky, a tough strongman who robs and connives with the locals, is Ace's childhood friend and the slick manager of the Tangiers casino. Ace falls in love with Ginger, a hustler, and Nicky descends into an ever-deepening cycle of drugs and violence. However, they each have a tragic flaw.

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12 Snatch Guy Ritchie, 2000

An illegal boxing promoter named Turkish gets into trouble when he teams up with the notorious crook Brick Top, who wants him to set up and manipulate a fight. In the meantime, a diamond theft is stopped, but the 84 karat stone is gone. Due to this, Avi, the boss who was supposed to receive the stone, travels to England with the assistance of his cousin, Doug The Head, and Bullet Tooth Tony in order to seek it. The two situations merge into one as things unfold, setting off a series of events that affect every single participant.

11 Reservoir Dogs Quentin Tarantino, 1992

Reservoir Dogs (1992) Official Trailer #1 - Quentin Tarantino Movie

Mr. White, a professional criminal; Mr. Orange, a youthful newbie; Mr. Blonde, a trigger-happy killer; Mr. Pink, a paranoid neurotic; Mr. Brown; and Mr. Blue were the six strangers who had joined together to commit the ideal crime. They believed there was no way their heist could have gone wrong after being hired by mob boss Joe Cabot and given fictitious names so no one could recognise the others. However, following a police ambush that killed Mr. Brown and critically injured Mr. Orange, the criminals conclude that one of them must have been a police informant when they return to their meeting place, a warehouse. And who?

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10 White Heat Raoul Walsh, 1949

Even though it's an older gangster film, it deserves to be in a list of the best gangster films. Sadistic Cody Jarrett is the captor of a vicious crew of robbers. Cody is a turbulent, angry, and quirky leader who suffers from awful migraines and is deeply loyal to his "Ma." While Cody is in jail, he runs the gang from there and tries to have an "accident" happen to him in order to take over. However, Cody is saved by a police officer working undercover, who later becomes his friend and joins the group. Finally, a major robbery at a chemical plant sets up Cody's ultimate betrayal and demise.

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9 Carlito’s Way Brian De Palma, 1993

Carlito's Way (1993) Trailer

Carlito was recently released from prison on technicalities with the aid of his sleazy attorney. He decides not to live on the streets after a lifetime of trafficking drugs. He invests in a nightclub and starts saving money for a move to the Bahamas, but because he is a well-known player, he will inevitably be drawn back into his violent past.

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8 Scarface Brian De Palma, 1983

Scarface Trailer HD (1983)

In an adaption of the 1932 gangster film, Tony Montana and his close friend Manny Ray are followed from their journey on the Cuban Boat Lift for refugees until their arrival in Miami in the 1983 film Scarface. Montana and his companions are given the ability to leave their refugee camps and travel the United States after assassinating a significant individual from Cuba. Montana and Ray turn to trafficking cocaine to international traffickers after failing to establish themselves legally in the nation. Tony rises quickly, but as his empire grows, his opponents and his own paranoia start to cause problems.

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7 Once upon a time in America Sergio Leone, 1984

Once Upon a Time in America (1984) Official Trailer #1 - Robert De Niro, James Woods Gangster Drama

his gangster film is an epic, episodic account of the over 40-year existence of a select group of Jewish criminals in New York City. The story, which is primarily told in flashbacks and flash-forwards, centre’s on small-time criminal David "Noodles" Aaron-son and his lifelong cohorts Max, Cockeye, and Patsy, as well as their friends, from their early years growing up in the gritty Jewish neighbourhood of New York City's Lower East Side in the 1920s to the final years of Prohibition in the early 1930s, and finally to the late 1960s when an elderly Noodles returns to the city after spending.

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6 DU Rififi Chez les Hommes Jules Dassin, 1955

Trailer de Rififi (Du rififi chez les hommes). V.O.S.E. Jules Dassin.1955.

Tony Stephanois, who recently got out of prison and is upset about his girlfriend Mado's affair, decides to team up with his friends Jo and Mario in a bold crime. They carefully arrange the robbery of a sizable jewelry store with the assistance of Cesar, an Italian safe specialist. There is silence throughout the commission of the crime. Then, things start to go awry…

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5 Pulp Fiction Quentin Tarantino, 1994

Pulp Fiction Official Trailer #1 - (1994) HD

In this very original twist on the gangster movie genre, Jules and Vincent serve as hitmen for criminal Marcellus Wallace. Wallace is currently dealing with Butch Collidge, a boxer who accepted Wallace's money but chose not to engage in combat. Collidge now plans to leave the city, but he can't do so without his father's watch. When Wallace asks Vincent to show his wife Mia a good time while he's away, Vincent encounters some of his own issues. All of these people experience a resolution consistent with their decisions, while some of them do so and others do not.

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4 Mou gaan dou Wai Keung Lau, 2002

Shawn Yue portrays a young police officer who is employed as a mole by the neighborhood mafia. A teenage mafia member who is infiltrating the police force is played by Edison Chen. Years later, their more experienced equivalents, Tony Leung and Andy Lau, respectively, fight against the clock to find and eliminate the mole they both harbor. This movie served as a prequel to The Departed.

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3 Cidade de Deus Fernando Meirelles, 2002

1960s in Brazil; City of God. The Tender Trio robs gas stations and hotels. Younger children observe and learn well—perhaps too well. The city is owned by Li'l Zé, who has thrived greatly in the 1970s. He kills rival groups mercilessly, inciting violence and dread. Bené, his closest buddy, is the only person who can maintain him in good standing with reason. Years of seeing these two grow in power have made Rocket decide he doesn't want any of it. He yet continues to be sucked into the chaos. He only wants to snap pictures. The final two gangs are at war with one another in the 1980s. When will it end? Greetings from the City of God.

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2 Goodfellas Martin Scorsese, 1990

The lowly, blue-collar side of New York’s Italian mafia is explored in this crime biopic of wise-guy Henry Hill. As he makes his way from strapping young petty criminal, to big-time thief, to middle-aged cocaine addict and dealer, the film explores in detail the rules and traditions of organized crime. Watching the rise and fall of Hill and his two counterparts, the slick jack-of-all-trades criminal Jimmy Conway and the brutish, intimidating Tommy DeVito, this true story realistically explores the core, blue-collar part of the mob.

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1 Best Gangster Movie: The Godfather Francis Ford Coppola, 1972

The Godfather, which is unmatched in this genre, must be ranked as the best gangster film; this was my easiest decision (and virtually all others). The ailing don (leader) of the Corleone Mafia Family is named Vito Corleone. Michael, his youngest son, arrived home from the war in time to witness Connie Corleone's marriage to Carlo Rizzi. Connie is Michael's sister. Michael only wants to lead a normal life despite the fact that his entire family is implicated in the Mafia. Virgil Sollozzo, a drug dealer, is looking for Mafia Families to provide him with protection in exchange for a cut of the drug sales revenue. Don Corleone is approached by him about it. But the Don rejects the offer because he has a moral objection to drug use, much to the dismay of his attorney Tom Hagen. Sollozzo orders several of his hit men to shoot the Don down because this displeases him. The Corleone family is torn apart as a result of the Don narrowly making it out alive, which motivates his son Michael to start a bloody mob war against Sollozzo.

Don Corleone's quote: "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse."

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