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The unknown

If curiosity killed the cat, what will it do to man?

By BabyJo 💓Published 2 months ago 3 min read

I can’t quite get my finger on it, I feel so close to the answer but unable to process it into words. What led to the result in this case? Why was she alone and meeting with a stranger she met off of hinge? Was it more than a chance encounter with me two days before? The day we finally saw one another after 3 years of separation. Who was the man following behind her protectively? So many questions and so little time. I get up and place my laptop and other supplies into my computer bag, grab my coat, and head to the door. Stopping in the kitchen for a banana and apple.

“Motion detected at your front door” my ring alarm alerts me.

I check my phone as I prepare to open the door and all I saw was a drone heading off into the distance. Maybe it was a mistake or some kid playing around. I step outside my front door and bump into a heavy box. Not just any box, no amazon package or fed ex. A black matte sharp edged box with a tiny white folded note stuffed in the side- hanging out just enough to pull. The contents of the letter can mean so many different things. Who could’ve known I was looking into this so intently? Did someone know about it that we missed?

I grab the box and head to my car, once I start the engine and let it warm up I reach over in my passenger seat to retrieve the box. I try prying one side open but to no avail. There is no visible tape so it could be glued. I grab my pocket knife and begin trying to cut around the edges- losing focus and forgetting how sharp the edges were I cut myself. I didn’t pay much mind to the cut as it wasn’t too deep. But merely 3 minutes after the scrape my arm begins to burn/tingle. I drop the box back in my passenger seat and grab one of my workout towels. Pouring the majority of my water on it to try and help the burning sensation. Within 2 more minutes it spreads down to my hand and halfway up my arm. I try to get out of the car but the pain is nearly paralyzing. I take a few deep breaths and go to open my door- but there was resistance in the process and I slowly turned my head to see what appears to be a man in a black hoodie pushing the door back against me.

The hooded man makes his way into my car and carefully grabs and places the box in the floor.

“Can’t believe everything you hear or read. There was never a body found, so where did you think this would go? I’m not stupid.” She laughs. “Did it never occur to you that maybe some things are better off left where they were last seen?”

The pain has now spread to my shoulder and halfway up my neck. The pain is making it hard to breathe. I muster up the strength and say, “Where is she at? Was her murder a hoax too? Life insurance policy to claim?”

She grabs the box and turns with her back against the door, completely facing me. Pulling out what appears to be a necklace, there is a tiny black key.

“Open the box Simon.”

“Is she dead?” I wince as I move to reach for the box and the key.

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know.” She turns and goes to grab the door handle. “I told you to learn to leave things that don’t pertain to you, ALONE. Such a waste.” She exits my car and I go to insert the key in the top of the box. The pain has now reached my head and chest. I reach down to grab the item inside the box and it’s a human hand. Her hand. That same scar and tattoo I spent so many days holding. I should’ve known that it wasn’t her father- it was her sister all along. I cough and notice there’s blood coming out of my mouth, taking one more deep breath I close my eyes and succumb to the inevitable outcome my curiosity has led me to.


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