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The Teenager Who Was Dismembered Near His Village And Whose Murderer Was Located 36 Years Later


By Based On a True StoryPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

John Anthony Muncy, or Tony, as everyone called him, was born on December 7, 1967. In 1983 he was a 15-year-old teenager who studied in high school and lived in Columbus, Ohio, with his parents and his younger brother.

His family said that he was a boy full of life, outgoing and that he got along very well with his classmates. He really liked to listen to music, and he had a special predilection for the group AC/DC.

On October 15, 1983, Tony was last seen at the exit of the York Plaza cinema in Columbus, and from here no one else saw him alive again.

That afternoon the hours were passing and when his parents saw that the teenager was not returning home, they began to panic.

The next day, a man who was in Galena, a town located about 30 kilometers by car from Columbus, found several garbage bags near the road, and one of them seemed to show parts of a human body. This man warned the Delaware County police, who immediately showed up at the scene.

The first thing they did was open the bags and inside they found Tony's body with his head and arms apart from the body.

The autopsy revealed his death was due to the multiple injuries caused by a knife he had on his back. In addition, during this exam they were able to obtain DNA from their aggressor, so with this they hoped to resolve the case immediately.

But unfortunately at that time the DNA tests were practically in their infancy so they could not obtain any conclusive results.

The police were convinced that Tony was killed in Columbus, where he lived, and that it was later that they threw his body on the road located in Galena, however since they could not find clues or suspects, the case ended up cooling down years later.

Many Years Later…

In 2010, the investigators decided to start investigating Tony's case again since they hoped that technological advances could help them identify the killer.

During the first years they did not find anything, but in 2018 the detectives of Delaware County heard something about a case that had been resolved years later in the state of Washington thanks to the combination of DNA tests and forensic genealogy.

For those who do not know, forensic genealogy is a practice that is used to find relatives of an individual suspected of committing a criminal act by matching the DNA of the crime scene with the databases of genetic ancestry.

The agents as they were determined to solve Tony's case thought that this was just what they needed to find the culprit, so with the help of a private genetic genealogy company called Parabon Nanolabs, they worked to find some coincidence.

And it was in 2020 using this technology that they found that coincidence so they were able to narrow the search reaching up to three brothers, two of whom were quickly eliminated as suspects.

After this, the detectives asked the technicians of the Ohio investigation office for a DNA profile of the third brother to compare it with the sample they found in Tony's body, which confirmed that that DNA belonged to the third brother, a man named Alan Anderson, 30 years old at the time of the events, and with links at that time in the Columbus area. He also had a criminal record, all of them related to children.

But justice arrived late for Alan Anderson since this man died in 2013. It's true that he can't be punished for his actions but all this discovery was a relief for Tony's family.


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  • John Muncy3 months ago

    Killers name was Daniel Alan Anderson and that picture isn't him.

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