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Bodycam Vídeo Released Of L.A Sheriff’s Deputy Fatally Shooting woman In Front Of Child


By Based On a True StoryPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

At the end of 2023, the Los Angeles Sheriff's department published a video recorded by the body camera of a police officer accompanying the sheriff who opened fire on Niani Finlayson, a 27-year-old black woman who reported having suffered an incident of domestic violence in the town of Lancaster.

The images, which date from December 4, show officer Ty Shelton shooting Finlayson on up to four occasions just a few seconds after breaking into her home. The Department also revealed the audio of the call for help to 911, in which the woman was heard saying that the alleged aggressor, who was her ex-partner, "does not want to leave my house... It doesn't leave me alone... I need the police here right now."

The homicide in the northern area of Los Angeles County has raised a new wave of indignation, especially among civil rights activists. It has also been the last episode of a series of incidents starring sheriffs from the Lancaster region who have made extreme use of force against black women. It puts the racial issue back at the center of the debate over the scenes of police violence that Officer Shelton has starred in. Instead of calming the situation, the officer opened fire on the victim of ill-treatment, who seemed to carry a knife.

The woman, who seems to threaten to stab her ex-partner for having attacked her daughter, warns the agents that the man had given her "a punch" or had "pushed" her. The images show how the sheriff's assistant enters the house first, and Finlayson and the man move to the opposite end of the room. Shelton enters right after and shoots the woman as soon as he enters. The daughter runs to the kitchen after seeing her mother collapse and the man shouts: "No, no, why have you shot?"

Shelton had entered with a Taser in one hand and a firearm in the other, but it did not seem that the sheriff or any of his assistants resorted to less lethal weapons or other tactics to de-escalate the situation. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department later confirmed in a statement the arrest of Finlayson's ex-partner, who is not even identified. Apparently he resisted before being arrested for child abuse and assault on a police officer, but was later released pending a more thorough investigation..

It's not the first time Shelton has shot a black person. On June 11, 2020, the sheriff's assistant killed Michael Thomas, 61, while responding to a similar call for an alleged case of domestic violence. He was not prosecuted. That murder was not captured by the cameras, but Thomas' girlfriend later said that she and Thomas had had a verbal argument and that Thomas had tried to prevent the agents from accessing the house. It was weeks after the murder of George Floyd, and his family said that he had been afraid that the police would kill him. Thomas was unarmed and Shelton shot him in the chest.

Now the family of Niani Finlayson is seeking justice.

Finlayson's father expressed profound disappointment in law enforcement, questioning their ability to protect citizens, especially in cases of domestic violence. He questioned why a Taser wasn't used, noting that his daughter weighed approximately 110 pounds.

"You just pull out your gun like… like she's a dog on the street?" he said.

The man also passionately called for justice during a press conference, demanding accountability for the officer. He expressed his deep grief, lamenting the loss of his daughter during what should have been a joyous holiday season. The family also seeks compensation to secure a better future for Niani's nine-year-old daughter, Sasha.


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