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The Spanish chef who DISMEMBERED his SUGAR DADDY in Thailand and now faces the death penalty


By Based On a True StoryPublished 2 months ago 7 min read

The main characters in this case are Daniel Sancho Bronchalo and Edwin Arrieta who at the time of the events were 29 and 44 years old respectively.

It is known that Daniel is the son of the Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho and that his grandfather was also an actor.

Daniel worked as a chef and had been dating a girl for 5 years. According to several media, in the spring of 2022 he met Edwin, a plastic surgeon from Colombia, through Instagram.

Daniel and Edwin sent each other several messages to which an exchange of intimate photographs was quickly joined. Some photographs that a year later could have been part of the motive of the crime.

According to several media, from time to time the two maintained intimate relationships and at one point the young man received about 10,000 euros from Edwin to start a business.

However, some time later Daniel decided to cut the relationship, something that the Colombian didn’t take well at all.

The Bangkok Post published that the surgeon threatened the chef with spreading intimate photos of the two of them if he left him and thereby sink the public image of his family.

It is known that Edwin and Daniel met to meet in Thailand in early August 2023, in theory to reconcile, but what happened there left everyone shocked.

The facts:

At the beginning of July 2023, Edwin booked a room for two people at a hotel in Koh Phangan, an island located in southeastern Thailand. The stay was scheduled from July 31 to August 3.

On July 31, Daniel arrived in Koh Phangan and checked in at the hotel alone, since Edwin had not yet arrived.

The next day the boy was recorded buying a knife, gloves, a sponge, a cleaning pad, garbage bags and leach.

That same night, he went to a store that was on a nearby beach and bought a Kayak for 1000 euros. Then he booked a room in another hotel.

On August 2, Edwin arrived on the island and Daniel went to pick him up at the port by motorcycle. After this they went to dinner and to the hotel... From here no one else saw the surgeon alive again.

On August 3, Daniel left the hotel room he shared with Edwin to stay in the other one he had already booked. That night with two women he had met in this new accommodation, he went to the full moon party and then went to the police to report Edwin’s disappearance, since he told them from the day before he didn’t know anything about him.

Almost at the same time, landfill workers in the Moo 4 district found several garbage bags with human remains. A few hours later in the same landfill they found more remains with Edwin’s clothes.

On Friday, August 4, the police interrogated Daniel, who initially denied his involvement in the case. However, the agents didn’t believe him because the boy had scratches and rather suspicious marks.

The next day they interrogated Daniel again for hours and after taking DNA samples the boy confessed everything.

“I’m guilty, but I was Edwin’s hostage. He held me hostage. It was a glass cage, but it was a cage. He made me destroy the relationship with my girlfriend, he forced me to do things I would never have done.

He was obsessed with me. He deceived me, made me believe that what I wanted was to do business with me, put money in the company of which I am a member. That we did things together, that we went to Mexico, Chile, Colombia to open a restaurant. But it was all a lie. The only thing she wanted was me, to be her boyfriend.”

According to the reconstruction in the early morning of August 2, while they were in the room, Edwin wanted to maintain relationships with Daniel, which led them to argue in a heated way. At that moment the boy hit Edwin with such bad luck that he hit his head in the bathtub.

Upon verifying that he was dead, Daniel allegedly cut the man into 14 parts that he distributes in several bags: some he took them to the landfill and others he tried to throw them into the sea in the kayak he had acquired the day before. The next day, after cleaning the room and the bathroom thoroughly, Daniel left the hotel and settled in the other.

However, according to the ‘Bangkok Post’ citing the Lieutenant General of Police who leads the case, the agents are not convinced of the credibility of Daniel’s statement, since there is a lot of evidence that confirms a certain preparation of the facts.

The suspect was not only the person who proposed the trip but was recorded buying the aforementioned products and that served to get rid of Edwin.

Even so, they assured that the boy was very collaborative with them, perhaps to reduce his sentence.

More information:

On Sunday, Daniel was recorded with the police while they were reconstructing the events.

Thai agents took the boy to different parts of the island to rebuild the crime, including Haad Rin beach, where the young man was allegedly with Edwin shortly before his disappearance.

Something that is powerfully striking is that, while he was detained, Daniel was able to talk to several Spanish media. In statements to the EFE agency, the boy said that during the interrogation he did not feel comfortable “but also not forced to confess.”

“I felt like I didn’t have any other choice either. I had DNA tests and that’s all. I’m fine, they treat me very well. The police treat me very well. I have had dinner at the best hotel on the island with the policemen who guard me and tomorrow I will be with 20 people in a cell.

I have asked the agents why they are being so good to me and they have told me that it is because I have helped them a lot and I have behaved well at all times.”

In another program he asked that he not stop talking about his case in order to exert pressure and thus be able to return to Spain. He also took the opportunity to send a message to his girlfriend.

“She’s not going to wait for me and shouldn’t. May he be happy and get on with his life. We had been together for five years.”

A journalist asked Daniel why he had done it and he answered the following:

“This man held me prisoner, he was threatening my whole family. If he didn’t do what he asked me... He told me that he already knew what Colombia was and what a man with 100 million dollars was capable of doing.”

Finally, Daniel has been accused of murder with premeditation and concealment of evidence.

Today, he is still in a Thai prison and his trial is scheduled for April 2024. If he is found guilty, he can be sentenced to death.

For her part, Darling Arrieta, Edwin’s sister has transmitted the pain that the whole family is feeling and they ask that the young Spaniard be tried in Thailand and that the maximum penalty be imposed on him. In addition, she is clear that everything was planned.

Edwin Arrieta’s autopsy:

On August 15, the Thai authorities gave a press conference to give details about the case and reveal the results of the autopsy.

According to the forensic reports, Daniel injured Ewin with a knife on the right side of his chest, which caused him to faint and hit himself on the head with the sink. Then when the man was already dead, the boy cut his body in parts with that weapon and a saw to get rid of him.

According to Big Joke, the policeman in charge of the investigation, they reached this conclusion through two ways: the confession of Daniel Sancho and the second forensic analysis that was made in the room where the crime occurred.

In addition, the policeman showed the journalists Edwin’s shirt. This was found next to some of his remains and in it you could see the mark left by the knife.

The policeman also talked about several important points... The first that Edwin’s death was not accidental and that everything was planned and ruled out that there were third parties.

“We have the security recordings and there is no other third person, nor have we found any other DNA. Daniel had planned it, the day before he bought the material.”

The second point is that Daniel took about three hours to cut the body and that he stayed one more night in the hotel room to clean everything.

The third is that they have not yet found the weapon of the crime or Edwin’s personal belongings, including his mobile phone since the boy confessed that he got rid of them.

The fourth is that the researchers have only found traces of DNA from Daniel Sancho and Edwin Arrieta and rule out the participation of third parties. Especially since in the security cameras the young man appears alone at all times.

And finally they have said that no traces of substances or alcohol were found in Daniel’s body.

Now we just have to wait until April to see what happens.

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