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The rich hitman

Part 1

By Tapiwa ZinyukePublished 2 years ago 13 min read

Hi, my name is James Crawford, and I am an innocent alcoholic who lives in Croatia but I am not so innocent now. I used to live in a one-bedroomed apartment where my friend, Davis Lanes would pay rent for me so I wouldn't worry about anything besides which beer I was going to buy with the money that Davis would have sent to me but one Saturday afternoon Davis decided to visit me and it was not good at all, he was complaining about how I did not pay my own rent and how I would always be sick due to the alcohol I consume. At first I did not care about what Davis was saying until he mentioned cutting me off and at that point I started begging Davis not to cut me off but he refused. I was worried about where I was going to be living the next month. I was so stressed that I did the only thing I am good at, drinking. I went to the bottle store to drown my worries in beer but it did not seem to work. I purchased my tenth beer and sat outside the store and as I was about to open my beer I remembered an old friend named Alex Runner. I pulled out my phone to search for his contact and luckily enough I found it. Alex requested a meeting at his house which was twenty minutes away from my apartment. I walked to Alex's beautiful mansion and I was quite shocked considering that he was just as broke as me ten months ago. The gates opened up for me. I approached the mansion thinking I had written down the wrong address but the front door opened up and to my surprise, Alex walked out. He was so excited to see me but. I was still confused and I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was not dreaming and to my ultimate surprise, it was not a dream. Alex got to me and hugged me. I only had one question to ask which was

Me: How did you get so rich

Alex laughed and walked me to the front door.Alex welcomed me into his home and poured me a drink and still in disbelief I asked the question again

Me: How did you get so rich?

Alex: Big Boss gave me a job.

Me: Who's Big Boss?

As Alex was about to respond he received a text and had to leave. Alex rescheduled the meeting for later that day in his house and I had no problem with that since I didn’t have a job.I waited patiently for five hours waiting for Alex to get in touch. I received a text from an unknown number. The person texting claimed to be Alex saying that his phone and SIM card got hacked and it was not safe for him to use them anymore. It was time for me to go to Alex’s house once again but this time Alex was picking me up from the apartment. We took off in a Tesla Roadster and got to his house safely. Alex poured me a drink once again and we began to talk about “Big Boss.”

Alex:Big Boss is a very rich man who gives people jobs according to their skillset and luckily for you Big Boss still has a few jobs available.

I was interested immediately and fortunately Big Boss was willing to meet me the next day. I went home excited but at the same time I did not like the fact that I had to wake up early. I had dinner, prayed, and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up early as required I prepared myself and by seven o’clock (morning) I was standing outside. Alex’s Tesla was in front of my building but he was not the one driving it. A rather muscular man hopped out and opened the door for me and he said “Mr Runner could not make it so he sent me.”

I hopped into the car and we took off. It was a three hour drive to “Big Boss Corporation,” and fortunately we got there on time. Alex was there and he led me to Big Boss’ office leaving me with a seat and continued what he was doing. While I was wondering what was going to happen, a man dressed in black entered the room, he switched on the desktop and left. I looked back at the desktop and saw a long red line going across the screen. A voice came from the speakers

Big Boss: Hello James Crawford.

Me: How do you know my name?

Big Boss: I’m Big Boss, Alex has told me a lot about you.

All of a sudden the door locked itself

Big Boss: “In case Alex did not tell you I run an illegal business and whether you like it or not you are already part of my business.”

I remained calm and replied “Understood.” Big boss said, “ I have scanned your skillset and matched it with the available job positions and you are hitman material.Your hitman name will be Xander.” There was silence between us for a bit then Big Boss continued “You start tomorrow at noon, do not be late.” I left the house still questioning what had just happened. I bought myself a beer and sat outside the bottle store. I drank my beer and headed home to get some sleep although I could barely sleep. I woke up at around eleven in the morning and figured that I was running late so I took the train and I got there at quarter to twelve. I ran as fast as I could and he got to Big Boss Corporation at exactly twelve. I got to Big Boss’s office.

Big Boss: I’m glad you could make it, your first job is on 5th street, your target is a man named Jake Donalds, you will be stationed on top of the Pangomanium Building. You will find your weapons and suit up there and once the job is done, there will be a black vehicle waiting for you behind the building, you jump into it and it will bring you back here GOOD LUCK.

I made my way to the Pangomanium Building. At the top I put on my suit and waited for my target. I waited for a few minutes and then I spotted my target and aimed, I hesitated for a few seconds but I eventually pulled the trigger and I succeeded in killing Jake. I ran to the back of the building and jumped into the vehicle. The car sped off and took me back to Big Boss.

Big Boss: I’m impressed, James

James: When am I getting paid

Big Boss: You will be paid in two days

James: How much will I get

Big Boss: Three hundred thousand dollars, now get out of my office and go home

I was driven home and as soon as I got to my apartment I took a hot shower. After taking a long shower I made myself dinner and went to sleep. The next morning my sleep was interrupted by a knock at my door. I went to open it and found an envelope on the ground. The envelope had three hundred thousand dollars in cash and a note from Big Boss saying “ I decided to pay you early.” I celebrated by buying myself three large pizzas and three six-packs of beer. Alex joined me in the celebration. The next morning I woke up and ate a bowl of cereal. I took a shower, dressed up, and left for a car dealership that was five kilometers away from my apartment. I got to the dealership and fell in love with the 2021 Mercedes Benz E-class and since I still had two hundred and ninety-nine thousand dollars left, I bought the sixty-eight thousand dollar car. I drove back to my apartment building in my black Mercedes and when I parked everyone’s jaw dropped.

Tony( One of my neighbours): How did you buy this car, you do not even pay your own rent

Me: (chuckles) Hard work my friend, hard work

I left the parking lot and went to my apartment with a sense of pride. I kept on checking on my car after every hour. At around ten in the evening I fell asleep and the next morning I woke up in Big Boss’ meeting area with Alex right in front of me

Alex: Big Boss wants to see you

Me: Why?

Alex: How am I supposed to know

I got up and walked to Big Boss office. The bodyguard turned on the desktop and left

Big Boss: I have another Job for you

Me: You could have given me simple a phone call instead of kidnapping me you creep

Big Boss: Are you done yet?

Me: (sigh) What is the job

Big Boss: I need you to break into Cody Miller’s car and leave this envelope in his glove compartment. The car is currently parked on Vanny Street. After that go to Fanny Forests and when he gets there use the link that Alex has sent to you to contact me and I will tell you what to do from there. Your pay for this will be five hundred thousand dollars

Me: So what is in the envelope?

Big Boss: That is none of your business and if you decide to open it I will make sure you are dead in the next 24 hours

I left the office and went to Vanny Street and I saw the car. I broke in and left the envelope in the glove compartment. After that I went to Fanny Forests and waited. Half an hour later Cody arrived and approached me. I contacted Big Boss and they talked

Cody: Listen man, I do not have the money right now but I will pay you back, I promise

Big Boss: I am tired of listening to your empty promises Cody, it is time for me to take action. Xander, Take him to the SUV parked by the front house, the driver already knows where to go.

Me: Roger that.

I took him to the SUV and we drove off. The driver stopped in front of a house. He stepped out and opened the door.

Driver: Hurry up and do what you have to do

Me: I will do my best

Cody and I entered the house and we went upstairs. I pinned him to the ground and tied a rope around his neck. I tied the other piece to the pull up bar in the balcony

Me: Before I push you off the balcony tell me where the money is

Cody: Go ahead and push me off I already spent the money

Me: I’m going to ask one more time. Where is the money!

Cody: I’m not talking

I pushed him off and he started choking. Before I left I heard him faintly whisper The LOGANS. I left him to hang and went back to the office. I told Big Boss about Cody’s final words and he sounded angry

Big Boss: That traitor! He was working with our rivals

Me: So what now

Big Boss: We have to wipe out all of the LOGANS, they might know our secrets. You can go home James I’ll call you when I need you

Me: And my five hundred thousand dollars?

Big Boss: You will receive it at eight in the evening

I left the office and headed home. I was shaken by the way Big Boss shouted in his office. I bought myself a box of pizza and ate a few pieces. After that I tried to get some sleep and I fell asleep at midnight.

The next morning I woke up to a text from Big Boss saying he needed me at the office. I went downstairs and found a driver waiting for me. I got into the car and before I knew it we were at Big Boss corporation. He wanted all hitmen to be in his office for some reason.

Big Boss: It turns out that one of our stakeholders was working with The LOGANS and they might have access to our secrets which is why we need to wipe them out and recover my money

Tyler(a fellow hitman): There is only ten of us and fifty of them, we are outnumbered

Big Boss: You will all take out five men each and when all henchmen are down Tyler and James will capture Jeff Logan, leader of the LOGANS and bring him to me.

Tyler: Understood

Big Boss: Now go change into your outfits and you will find a van waiting for you outside

We changed into our outfits and left for the LOGANS hideout. We spotted the first five henchmen and David took them down with his silenced assault rifle. We gained access to the building but the second group of henchmen was heavily armed and well prepared. The ground crew did not see us but the snipers did and they opened fire. This alerted the ground crew and the third group. The ground crew opened fire and we all took cover. It was very difficult but we managed to take the second group out. The third group decided to strike first and they threw a grenade. I rushed in for it and threw it back to them and believe me that was the easiest group to take out. We moved on to the fourth group and they were warned by the third group so they were attempting to take us down stealthily. Unfortunately they managed to take out Zachary who was a fellow hitman but that helped us find where they were hidden and again we took them out. Tyler and I went in to take out the fifth team but they were already dead but this was not where it ended. We only found four bodies yet the last team was supposed to have five henchmen, meaning that one of them had escaped. We quickly ran into Jeff’s office and he was not in there and our suspicion was that they were warned and they fled. We went back to Big Boss and he was not happy at all.

Big Boss: You were supposed to be stealthy! They were not supposed to know that you were around, It is going to be difficult to find Jeff and his last henchman. I will let you know when I have information on their whereabouts but for now stay alert. Dismissed

I was driven home and I was so tired when I got there. I entered my apartment but before I could even get to my bedroom a cold metal object was against the back of my head, it was a pistol

Stranger: Let us go downstairs my friend and whatever you do, do not look back.

We went downstairs and he pushed me into a van. The van drove off and in the front seat I saw a familiar face, it was Jeff Logan.

Jeff: So you and your buddies were trying to murder me? Well my men warned me right on time and I managed to escape.

Me: Where are you taking me!

Jeff: (laughs) You might just end up in a cemetery tonight and your boss will not be able to do anything about it

Me: You are making a big mistake Jeff and if you do not let me go right now you might take my place in that cemetery

Jeff: All of you at Big Boss Corporation have one thing in common, you all throw empty threats.


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