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The rich hitman

Part 2

By Tapiwa ZinyukePublished 8 days ago 12 min read

Me: I don’t make threats Jeff, I make promises

Jeff laughed and took me to some kind of an abandoned warehouse where they pulled me out and beat me up thoroughly and when I was in serious pain Jeff knelt and said

Jeff: I know that Big Boss wants his money and that is why he sent you to kill me but when I was warned that you and your friends were trying to kill me I sent a truck to ship the money to our second base in Serbia (laughs) your boss still is not here I guess it’s time to kill you

He stood up not realizing that when he was talking too much I used it as an opportunity to snatch his pistol. He started looking for his pistol and when he was confused I shot him in the back of the head killing him instantly. I got closer to the two men who were with him and I shot one of them and disarmed the other one and started questioning him at gunpoint

Me: Where is the last henchman?

Man: (laughs) I’m not telling

I shot him in the chest and asked one more time.

Me: Where is the last henchman!!!

Man: (crying) He’s in the truck with money, headed toward Serbia

Me: Thank you for your cooperation.

I shot him to death and walked to the van. I got a phone and called Big Boss.

Me: I know where the last henchman and your money are.

Big Boss: What about Jeff

Me: I already killed him

Big Boss: Good job, so where are the henchman and my money?

Me: They are both in a truck headed to Serbia.

Big Boss: Stay where you are I'm sending Tyler to pick you up in a chopper so you find the truck and take the last henchman out

Me: Roger that.

Within the next fifteen minutes, the chopper had arrived and we flew off to find the truck within no time we had found the truck.

Tyler: Your job is to head down and take out the drivers, once you do that you drive back to the corporation.

Me: Roger that.

I jumped off the chopper with chains attached to my suit and landed on the sofa that was in the back of the truck. I had to get their attention so I knocked on the window and pretended I was robbing them. They noticed me in the rearview mirror and stopped. When the driver ran to the back I kicked him in the forehead and stabbed him to death. The passenger was very easy to deal with. I just pulled him out of his seat and shot him with my silenced pistol. I got into the truck and made a U-turn then I called Big Boss.

Me: I have your money

Big Boss: Good, drive to the corporation and you will find an envelope with your name on it in the mail, you will find my address in the envelope, deliver my money to that address. This job comes with pay of 1.5 million dollars plus the five hundred thousand that I owe you which will be two million dollars, see you then.

When he hung up I was already thinking of buying a house for myself so I drove for seven hours and got to the corporation at six in the morning. I ran to the mailbox and took the envelope and drove off. I opened it and I found his address. The house was another four-hour drive. I was eager to get my money so I began the drive. The first hour was boring but something very surprising happened in the second hour. A black Dodge Challenger started chasing me. I thought I was just being paranoid until one of the occupants started shooting at the truck. That is when I started panicking and increased the speed of the truck. The dodge also increased its speed. At that moment I got scared but I noticed a police car that was hidden in the bushes that were on the side of the road and I was lucky the men in the dodge didn’t. I stopped in front of the police car and the Dodge stopped right behind me. Two men hopped out holding guns and the police officers spotted them and hopped out with their guns. I drove off glad that I had seen those officers and I was back to thinking about my money. After four hours I finally got to the address and hopped out of the truck. The guards at the gate approached me and told me to get in and meet Big Boss in the backyard. I was excited and nervous to see the person who has been giving me orders for the past few days. I walked to the backyard and the first thing I saw was a big pool and after walking a few more centimeters I saw Big Boss. He turned around and not only was he the man who was giving me tasks he was also my Uncle Vinny who we thought passed away five years ago

Me: Uncle Vinny, is that you?

Big Boss(Uncle Vinny): (smiling) Of course it is

Me: I thought you were dead.

Uncle Vinny: Everyone does, I faked my death so that loan sharks who were after me would think I’m dead and stop looking for me but now that you have brought my money I can finish paying my debts

Me: I have to call mom and dad right now and tell them the news.

Uncle Vinny: I’m sorry James but I cannot let you do that if we let too many people know I might end up dead so let’s keep this between us.

Me: Okay then am I still getting my money?

Uncle Vinny: (chuckles) You get the money, the company and all the cars I’m leaving behind

Me: You’re joking right?

Uncle Vinny: I’m changing my identity and leaving the country I’ll text you in two weeks, I’ve already put the corporation and the cars in your name knock yourself out

Uncle Vinny hopped into his Rolls Royce Wraith and drove off. I sat by the pool speechless. I had just met my deceased uncle and he signed his multi-million dollar company over to me. I went back to the front yard and got tempted by his Ferrari SF90. I decided to take it out for a ride and while I was enjoying the ride I thought of Davis. I drove to his house and he happened to be outside with his girlfriend, Diana.

Me: Hey there Davis and Diana

Davis: James?

Me: That’s right

Davis: What are you doing in a seven hundred thousand dollar car?

Me: (chuckles) is not it obvious, I’m driving it.

Davis: I can see that but is it yours?

Me: (sarcastically) No I’m just a valet, of course, it's mine

Davis: You can barely afford three hundred dollar rent and you expect me to believe that you bought a seven hundred thousand dollar car.

Me: (chuckles) Hard work my friend

Before Davis could reply I was already off. I went back to my apartment in an uber and met my landlady

Landlady: I haven’t seen you around here for the past two days.

Me: I’ve been busy, anyway I’m here for my car. You can sell everything in my apartment.

I went upstairs, took my car keys, came back down and left them in my car. I went back to my new house, ate dinner, and went to sleep in my enormous bed. This was the best day of my life. The next morning I woke up and checked Uncle Vinny’s laptop looking for something to do and after less than ten minutes of scrolling, I found someone who needed to be taken out in the Lion’s Den hotel. I suited up and left for the hotel and looked for a way to gain access to his room and I thought of a great idea. I hacked the hotel’s security systems and with a few editing techniques, I pinned a hotel employee’s face to mine meaning when I enter the hotel the cameras will see me as one of the employees. I walked into the hotel and dressed up as a room service worker and went to the fifth floor and knocked on his door and told him I was room service and when he opened the door I punched him. I got into the room and pinned him to the ground.

Him: Who are you!

Me: The cause of your death.

I tied him up and filled his bathtub with water and when it was filled up I carried him to the bathroom and put him in the bathtub and watched him struggle, when he died I untied him and made it look like suicide. I left his room and hit the fire alarm and when there was commotion in the hallway I escaped and got back to my car. I called the man who requested for the hit that the job was done and he sent me 2.5 million dollars then I drove off. As I was driving home I got a text from Davis saying he wanted to see me at the Finch Restaurant at eight in the evening. I figured he wanted to ask me about the Ferrari again. I drove back home, took a long shower put on new clothes and left the house at half-past seven and got to the restaurant at quarter to eight. I hopped out of my Black 2021 G Wagon and walked into the restaurant. I stood there looking for Davis and after a few seconds, I found him. I walked to him and placed my car keys on the table so he could see I was here with another expensive car.

Davis: You’ve got to be renting all these expensive cars.

Me: I know you didn’t invite me to this restaurant to be jealous of my success

Davis: Why would I be jealous of you?

I didn’t bother replying to him and I ordered salmon and chips and he ordered steak and chips

Davis: Ok so tell me what you do now

Me: That is none of your business

I ate my food, ordered some ice cream with wafers, and started eating

Davis: Don’t tell me you're working for Big Boss

Me: Who is Big Boss?

Davis: He’s a criminal who is after me

Me: What did you do?

Davis: I tried to expose his business to the police but he was five steps ahead. He relocated and the police never found him and since then I have been hiding from him.

Me: So just because I’m wealthy you think I’m a criminal

Davis: No not at all

I stood up and left the restaurant annoyed about what Davis was suggesting. It was true but I hate when people just assume certain things. I thought of making Davis jealous and I thought of the perfect way. I drove home and bought myself an airplane ticket to Dubai. The next day I was boarding an Emirates flight to Dubai. Since I was in first class I decided to begin my mission to make Davis jealous. I took a video of myself in my suite and posted it on my Instagram story. After that, I turned my phone off and ordered champagne. I enjoyed the flight and I was happy to to see Dubai at night because it is beautiful. We landed safely and when I exited the airport building I took a deep breath with my eyes closed. I opened my eyes and saw my blue chauffeur driven Rolls Royce Cullinan waiting for me. I took another video of the car and this time I added my location. I hopped into the car and we went to my hotel, Burj Al Arab. I took an elevator to my suite and it was breathtaking. I took a picture of the lounge and posted it. After a few minutes Davis finally replied over text.

Davis: You’re in Dubai ?!

Me: You ask questions that have obvious answers

Davis: How !?!

Me: Hard work

I switched off my phone, ordered dinner, ate it and slept. The next morning I woke up and visited a number of tourist attractions including the Atlantis Aquaventure and Lost Chambers Aquarium, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and Dubai Beach. I was out of my suite for the entire day but I didn’t feel like going back to the hotel so I went to the 10AK nightclub and spent the whole night there. The next morning I woke up in my suite and I couldn’t even remember how I got there. I was a little hung over so I drank a beer and went back to sleep. I woke up at twelve o’clock noon and felt like doing something exciting. I booked a ticket for a private cruise from Champion Yachts and since I had nothing to do I scheduled departure for one o’clock in the afternoon. I ordered lunch and by half past twelve I left the hotel and went to the Dubai Marina. I got to the dock at ten minutes to one and we immediately left the dock. We cruised for ten hours straight and I enjoyed every hour mainly because I had more than ten glasses of Russian Bear and a little bit of champagne. As we were headed back to the dock I got a news alert on my phone. I looked at it and I saw a scary surprise. My good friend Davis went public talking about the illegal operations of Big Boss Corporation and he had proof. He also talked about how he suspected me of running the company. I knew that I had to return home as soon as possible otherwise I would set myself for life in prison.



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