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The Mysterious And Horrifying Story of "The White House Farm Murders"

Jeremy Bamber: My Search For Justice

By Stories Unveiled Published 10 months ago 4 min read
The Mysterious And Horrifying Story of "The White House Farm Murders"
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Hello, my name is Jeremy Bamber. Let me tell you about a bizarre and horrifying incident that occurred in 1985 at my family's home in England, White House Farm.

Jeremy Bamber

Imagine this: August 7th, just another ordinary day, right? I walked in my parents' house like any other day, but things were about to take a terrible turn. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I ended up doing something unbelievable: I killed everyone in that house. My parents, Nevill and June Bamber, as well as my sister and twin nephews. Yeah, I know, it's all messed up.

But here's the best part: I immediately contacted the cops and played the victim's defense. I blamed everything on my sister. Yeah, it's quite twisted, isn't it?

Well, the story does not end there. I was found guilty of committing one of the most horrific murders in British history. I mean, I cannot argue the evidence. They judged me guilty, and so I'm one of 75 individuals throughout the United Kingdom facing life sentences.

But wait, things are about to get a lot stranger. I'm still claiming that I didn't do it. "Nope, not me," I insist. Despite the evidence, I'm hanging on to my story. And, thank to my legal teams, they continue to fight to prove my innocence.

The Tragic Childhood of Jeremy

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I'd like to tell you a wild story which occurred a while ago. Prepare to learn about my childhood and the unexpected twists and turns that ultimately led to a huge trial.

Let us begin from the beginning. My mother, Juliet Dorothy Wheeler, had an affair with a British Army sergeant named Leslie Brian Marsham, and I was born as Jeremy Paul Marsham in London. But here's the interesting part: they gave me up for adoption when I was a baby to cover up their affair, and the Bambers adopted me when I was around six months old.

By Liv Bruce on Unsplash

The Bambers were wealthy and affectionate, just like any other adoptive family. They already had a daughter, Sheila, whom they had adopted four years before I was born. I always felt like they loved Sheila more than they loved me.

By De an Sun on Unsplash

I had connections with both men and women, which disturbed them a lot. To top it all off, I dropped out of high school with no qualifications and chose to travel to Australia in 1978. However, guess what? Rather than finding myself, I became involved in simple stealing, including sneaking into a jewelry store and stealing watches. I may have experimented with heroin as well. Yeah, I know, not my best moments.

After my adventure in Australia, I returned to England and worked different kinds of jobs. By 1985, I was back on my family's farm. But things were anything but normal.

The Mysterious White House Farm Murders

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On August 7, 1985, around 3 a.m, I called the cops and informed them that my entire family, my father Nevill, mother June, sister Sheila, and her baby twin sons, had been murdered at White House Farm. Everyone thought my sister, Sheila, had gone insane and killed all the family members, including herself. She'd just recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

But my ex-girlfriend soon revealed the truth. She informed investigators that I had been planning this massacre. But, they also discovered a silencer with Sheila's blood on it. That was a turning point. If I was arrested for the killings, I was unable to inherit the family estate, which was valued at $500,000.

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I won't lie: my behavior after the murders was suspicious. I killed our pet dog, sold everything valuable in the house, and even tried to sell a topless photo of my sister to the newspapers. I admit that was not one of my proudest moments.

In October 1986, a jury delivered a 10-2 verdict in favor of the prosecution. I was given five life sentences with a condition that I serve at least 25 years. But wait, this story wasn't over.

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My birth parents, whom I never learned about until after my sentence, were serving the Queen at Buckingham Palace. What a turn of events!

There was a TV series about the whole incident in 2020, and Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend appeared in it. Isn't it bizarre? People began to suspect that perhaps I was telling the truth and that horrible murder was set up by my birth parents.

By Miguel Carraça on Unsplash

Even Mark Williams-Thomas, the detective who exposed Jimmy Savile's crimes, joined the "Jeremy's Innocent" club in 2021. He claimed to have significant evidence that my sister Sheila was the true mastermind behind the murders.

That's all there is to it. Even though there were doubts and accusations, I continue to maintain my innocence. I've attempted legal means to prove it, and even though I'm in jail, I'm not giving up. That's a summary of my life, the White House Farm mysterious story, and my search for justice.

Well, What do you think? Who is the real murderer of this one of the most horrible murders of 5 people happened in England, The White House Farm Murders".

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