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The Influencer Who Was Murdered By Her Ex-Husband And Father-In-Law And Cooked In A Pot — Abby Choi


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Abby Choi was born on July 11, 1994 into a wealthy family in Hong Kong.

She is known to be an influencer and a very important model of her country, which led her to appear in magazines such as Harper Bazar, Vogue and Elle. This regular of the Paris fashion week had a fortune that was valued at several million dollars.

Her family say that she was a warm person, with a good heart and that she always put others above herself. Despite her fame, she never wanted to reveal the identity of her parents or siblings.

In 2012, at only 18 years old, Abby married Alex Kwong and with him had her two eldest daughters.

It must be said that with her husband’s family she was quite generous. To get you an idea, she bought a luxury house so that her in-laws and her brother-in-law Anthony could live comfortably.

But not only that, she also gave them a fairly large sum of money to open a waffle business and hired her brother-in-law as a private driver.

However, in this family they were all bad people. Kaw Kwong, her father-in-law, was a former police officer who left his position in 2005 after being arrested for abuse.

According to different reports, a woman she met during a police investigation claimed that she not only took advantage of her trust but also made a deal with her. In the end, Kau was released on bail and was never prosecuted for the alleged crime.

For his part, in 2015, Alex the husband was accused of a gold scam. He wasn’t arrested either, but Abby asked him for a divorce.

Soon after, the woman met Chris Tam, whom she married in 2016. With him he had a son and a daughter.

Despite being divorced, Abby continued to financially support her ex-husband Alex and his family, not to mention that Anthony continued to be her driver.

At the beginning of 2023, 28-year-old Abby lived in Hong Kong with Chris and his 10-, 8.6- and 3-year-old children. At one point she decided to sell the house where her former in-laws were, which she told them. Despite the conflicts, the woman could not imagine that an unhealthy and frightening plot had begun to end her life.

The facts:

On February 21, 2023, Chris reported Abby’s disappearance. Apparently that day she had to pick up her little daughter from school but she never showed up. The last thing that was known about her was that she had gotten into her car with Anthony.

During the investigation of Abby’s disappearance, authorities discovered that her former father-in-law had recently rented an apartment in the Tai Po district. When reviewing the different security images, they saw how the old political family Abby removed the plastic containers from the apartment and threw them into a garbage container.

In addition, the vehicle in which Abby had been seen next to her brother-in-law was parked in the driveway. Inside there was blood that later it was known that it belonged to the woman.

Three days after the disappearance, the police searched the apartment and there they found a meat grinder, an electric saw, a butcher’s knife, a hammer, a raincoat, face shields and Abby’s bag.

But the most shocking thing was in the kitchen: inside a pot that was still boiling was the woman’s skull along with some of her ribs and her legs in the refrigerator. The rest of the body was not found.

The autopsy determined that Abby had a 6 cm hole behind her right ear that had occurred after being hit on the head with a blunt object.

The agents’ theory is that Anthony attacked Abby in the car and then took her to the apartment, where her parents and her brother Alex were waiting to kill the woman.

The apartment had no furniture except for a sofa and a table. The authorities believe that he was rented specifically to assassinate Abby, and that the mastermind of the crime was her former father-in-law, Kau Kwong.

Before her death, Abby told a friend that Kau threatened her. He told her:

“If you sell this place without arranging another place for us, I will kill you.”

After the macabre finding, the Hong Kong police arrested Alex, Anthony, his parents and a woman named Mrs. Ng who admitted to being Kau’s lover. According to reports, this woman rented an apartment where she hid from the police and her charges are unknown.

Kau, Anthony and Alex Kwong have been accused of murder. Shui-heong Lee, the former mother-in-law, who did not physically participate in the crime, has been accused of perverting the course of justice for having knowledge of the murder. The four have been denied bail and must appear before the court on May 8, 2023.

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