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The first murder on the Earth

habil's relationship with Qabil

By the real history of peoplePublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Habil (Cain) and Qabil(Abel) are considered the sons of Prophet Adam "peace be upon him" from Hawa(Eve), Hawa gave birth 20 times each time it was a Twin a boy and a

girl, her first pregnancy she gave birth in Qabil and his twin, then Habil and his Twin.

Qabil worked in agriculture and tilled the land, while Habil worked as a shepherd.

In the books of some commentators, Hawa had become pregnant with Qabil (Cain) and his sister in Paradise, and her pregnancy was easy and gentle. Hawa did not suffer from the difficult symptoms of pregnancy, such as fever and fatigue. As for her pregnancy with Habil (Abel) and his sister, it was after they descended to earth after they had eaten from the tree. She suffered from pregnancy.

The sons of Adam would marry any of their sisters they wanted, except for their twin, who was born with them in the same womb. When Qabil and Habil grew up, God Almighty commanded Adam, peace be upon him, to marry Qabil to Buda, and Habil to Qalima. Qalima was more beautiful than Lubuda.

Qabil did not accept the command of God - the Almighty - and said: He has more right to his sister than Habil, for they were born in Paradise, and Habil and his sister were born on earth. Noting that this was mentioned in the books of Many scholars, but it has not been proven in the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Qabil and Habil make offerings to God

After Qabil refused to marry Habil’s sister, the ruling between them was that they should offer sacrifices to God Almighty. Whoever God accepts his offering from will be more deserving of marrying Qalima. God accepted Habil because he was pious and obedient to God.

Qabil's revenge on Habil

Cain's soul was adorned with evil for him to take revenge on his brother Abel by killing him, so he threatened him with death, Habil began admonishing him and telling him that it was not the reason for not accepting his sacrifice and that the reason for acceptance was: fear of God, and he tried to remind him that the killer would be destined for Hell and would be among the losers. In this world and the hereafter. Qabil did not accept his brother’s advice to him, and he killed him, and he was confused about his brother’s body, what to do with it. Until God Almighty sent him a crow to teach him what to do. This crow fought with another crow and killed it. He dug a hole in the ground and buried him in it. Qabil quickly felt remorse for his action, and how he was unable to cover his brother’s body, and the crow taught him that, and he did not gain any benefit from killing him except that he incurred the wrath of God and the wrath of his parents and brothers.

Lessons learned from the story of Qabil and Habil

The struggle between good and evil is an eternal struggle, and it continues as long as life exists

Every human being is held accountable for his actions and what his hands have done. Even though Qabil, who committed the murder, was the son of Adam, this did not diminish Adam’s status

we should be content with what God has given us, and that we should not envy others. Qabil was not satisfied with what God had apportioned for him, and as a result, he regretted his actions and lost everything.

Envy is a destructive emotion that can lead to great harm. It is important to remember that everyone is different, and we should be grateful for what we have. We should not compare ourselves to others, and we should not envy them for what they have. This is the main reason behind Qabil killing his brother, as he envied him for marrying his sister.

Whoever commits a good deed will have a reward and everyone who does it, and whoever commits a bad deed will bear his sin and the sin of everyone who does it after him.

The creation of Adam


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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Very good and interesting! Good job!

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