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The Facebook live murder

by Dr. Shakira 26 days ago in guilty
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She was shot dead on Facebook live

Remembering Rannita Williams Facebook Page

The Murder of Rannita Williams

April 2018, Rannita Williams, her mother, and her brother are at home enjoying the day. They hear wheels screeching to a halt in the driveway. There is a loud knock on the door and it is her ex-boyfriend (Robinson). He is insistent that she open the door. When she refused to open the door, he kicked the dead-bolted door in. (Robinson) is there to confront Rannita for previously going on Facebook live to belittle him and his girlfriend (Taylor). There was an ongoing social media dispute between the two women he has been dating at the same time. The two women were on social media to negatively post and go on Facebook Live to fight over him. He is particularly distressed that his girlfriend (Taylor) is upset and he demands a public apology from Rannita to her.

Rannita expressed to him that neither woman deserves his two-timing and cheating ways. She yells at him to leave her house. This enraged (Robinson), he left the house and returned with a loaded AK-47. He announced that he is going to make her famous since that is what she really aspire to be. Her mom was in the kitchen and tried to defend Rannita and her son. He shot at her causing her to run out of the door. He proclaims that he is not afraid of the police, he will shoot them and everyone in the house. Her brother was still in the house and (Robinson) demanded that he give Rannita his phone so she can apologize to (Taylor) on Facebook Live. Meanwhile, her mom ran to the neighbor's house and called the police for help. Her brother handed Rannita the phone and she found out that her Facebook is blocked again for offensive language. She was unable to log on. This infuriates (Robinson) as he towered over her pointing his AK-47. He then ordered that she log into Facebook on her brother’s account.

Meanwhile, police were racing to the scene as (Robinson) calls (Taylor) and tells her to log on to Facebook Live for the apology she is due. (Taylor) told him to leave and not to do anything to Rannita. She said that she doesn’t care about the situation that much for all of this to happen. She begged him to let her speak to Rannita so they can squash any ill feelings. Her cries went unanswered and Rannita proceeded to go on Facebook Live to apologize. Rannita tells the followers that her account is blocked and she wants to apologize to (Taylor) for her behavior on Facebook. (Robinson) then shoot her in the knee and she was crippled on the floor, still apologizing and explaining the blocked situation. Rannita was following every command from (Robinson) as she realizes that he is at the point of no return. The police approached the house to try and save Rannita and her brother and are met by gunfire. Rannita begged for her life as he shoots her dead on Facebook Live. His last words were, “Game over, Bitch”. Her brother manages to escape and is shot at by (Robinson), the shots miss. Police prepare for a takedown and shoot-out. For almost an hour negotiators tried to convince him to come out of the house and surrender. Eventually, his ex-girlfriend (Taylor) convinces him to turn himself in. (Robinson) is sentenced to life in prison plus 100-years without parole.

Remembering Rannita Williams Facebook Page

Two-Years Before the Murder

Caddo Heights-Shreveport, Louisiana, Rannita Williams was a 26-year-old devoted mother of three kids. She was affectionately called “NuNu” because she was always in a new outfit from head to toe. She was a hard-working, self-employed interior decorator. Her business went viral and her income started to bloom. She was respectively known as a social media influencer, who was not afraid to speak her mind. She used social media to express her likes, opinions, to gain business exposure, and to post her daily life. “Hated by many, confronted by none” was her motto. She was dating a man named (Robinson) and he was also dating another woman (Taylor). Both women knew about the other. (Robinson) lavished NuNu and her children with gifts and was a father figure. He was back and forth from Louisiana to see her and in Texas, he lived with (Taylor). The two women often engaged in a social media battle over (Robinson). They would both go on Facebook Live and post to talk negatively about each other. NuNu gets weary of being in a love triangle and she ends the relationship with (Robinson).

NuNu changed her Facebook status to single and proceeded to take her life back. At a birthday party, she meets a new man and they eventually start to date. She expressed to her family and friends that she was happy and excited to have met someone else. (Robinson) noticed that she was pulling away and repeatedly tried to reel her back into the love triangle. Rannita was done and had no interest in going back to him. (Robinson) came to a club that she was at and demanded to talk to her. When she refused, he choked her. Her family expressed to her that she needs to get away from him because he was very dangerous. She felt like he was stalking her. The online war between Rannita and (Taylor) has intensified and neither is backing down. After (Taylor’s) latest Facebook Live rant, Rannita goes on with more than 400 people logged on. She belittles (Robinson) and (Taylor). (Robinson) was unable to cope with Rannita moving on with another man and it results in him murdering her.

Co-Dependent and Domestic Violence Relationships

According to Healthline, a codependent relationship is when everything you do is in reaction to your abuser’s behavior. They need you just as much to boost their own self-esteem. You’ve forgotten how to be any other way. It’s a vicious circle of unhealthy behavior.

You might be codependent if you:

  • are unhappy in the relationship, but fear alternatives
  • consistently neglect your own needs for the sake of theirs
  • ditch friends and sideline your family to please or be with your partner
  • frequently seek out your partner’s approval
  • forget about your own goals and dreams
  • things you love to do, you do not care about and/or do anymore
  • critique yourself through your abuser’s eyes, ignoring your own instincts
  • think that actions such as money and gifts take the place of true love
  • the relationship is not moving forward ex, moving in, marriage, kids, etc
  • you are missing out on life’s milestones such as children, marriage, career, etc
  • make a lot of sacrifices to please the other person, but it’s not reciprocated
  • they consume your life and your only daily goal is to be with them
  • would rather live in the current state of chaos than be alone
  • bite your tongue and repress your feelings to keep the peace
  • feel responsible and take the blame for something they did
  • defend your abuser when others point out what’s happening
  • try to “rescue” them from themselves
  • feel guilty when you stand up for yourself
  • think you deserve this treatment
  • believe that nobody else could ever want to be with you
  • change your behavior in response to guilt; your abuser says, “I can’t live without you,” so you stay
  • when you try to leave or have left the relationship, they claim to have a life-altering situation and you stay or come back
  • if you threaten to leave the relationship, they threaten with action-” If you do this or that, then I will do this or that”
  • What to do

    If you’re being mentally, physically, and emotionally abused, trust your instincts. Know that it isn’t right and you don’t have to live this way.

    If you fear immediate physical violence, call 911 or your local emergency services.

    If you aren’t in immediate danger and you need to talk or find someplace to go, call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 800–799–7233. This 24/7 hotline can put you in touch with service providers and shelters across the United States.

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    Full Healthline Domestic Violence Article

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