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She Got Pregnant With A Serial Killer And Ended Up Murdered — Ashley Parlier


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Today’s case takes us to Battle Creek, a city in the state of Michigan where in 2005 21-year-old Ashley Parlier lived with her family.

Her sister Nicole says that Ashley was not like most young people her age since because of her mental disability she was like a 12-year-old girl. Because of this, she was very naive and had very few social skills.

Despite her difficulties, Ashley studied in high school and eventually found a job in a Taco Bell in Battle Creek.

Before the events, she started dating a boy, but when Ashley told her that she was expecting a son from him, she abandoned her.

In July 2005, Russ and Sharie, Ashley’s parents, discovered that the girl was pregnant and after an argument they never saw her alive again.

The facts:

The morning of June 12, 2005, Ashley’s parents decided to talk to her because they suspected she was pregnant. The girl was extremely thin and they had been noticing for days that her belly had grown.

Ashley confirmed her pregnancy and although her parents were not angry, they were worried about the fetus. The couple wanted their daughter to go to the doctor to receive prenatal care and also to be guided in case she did not want to stay with the baby.

However, it all ended in an argument and Ashley grabbed the 700 dollars she had in her room and left the house slamming the door. From here, no one else heard anything about her again.

The hours passed without news of the girl. Russ and Sharie were very worried because they didn’t have a mobile phone or credit cards. The first thing they did was call her friends to see if she was with any of them but to their surprise everyone told them that Ashley had lost contact with them for months.

Ashley’s parents reported her disappearance to the police. Given the lack of clues, the agents and not knowing where to start, the agents decided to test the girl’s father a polygraph. Proof that it happened by the way.

Then they tried to do the same with the mother but the relatives refused since the woman had just shown the first symptoms of Huntington’s disease, which for those who do not know it is a disease that produces spasms and involuntary movements.

The family never lost hope of finding the girl alive and to make the case known they created a Facebook page called Bring Ashley Prlier home. Unfortunately, this was of no use and in the spring of 2020 Ashley’s parents died without knowing what had happened to their daughter and unborn grandson.

Joel Case, Sergeant of the Battle Creek police, stated the following about the case:

“From the moment of her disappearance, there were people of interest but no suspects. We believe that some of her immediate relatives were aware of what happened to her, but they have already passed away.”

Serial killer:

In early 2021, the Calhoun County police received an unexpected call from the Pennsylvania authorities. Apparently they wanted to talk to them about Ashley Parlier’s disappearance.

During the conversation they said that they had in custody a man named Harold David Haulman suspected of killing Tiana Phillips, 25 years old and Erica Shultz, 26 in 2018 and 2020.

To this they added that in one of the interrogations the man had given details of Ashley Parlier’s disappearance and had also provided the possible location of her body.

Harold said that the girl’s body was in the northern section of Newton Township. The agents went there and searched a wooded area with the help of other agencies but found nothing.

Detectives from Calhoun County toured different states to interview potential witnesses in this case until they finally went to Pennsylvania to talk to Harold.

Of this individual it is known that his family worked for the United States government and that for this reason he was living in other countries. In May 1999 he left a prison in Ramstein, Germany, where he served his sentence for the death of a man and from 2002 to 2009 he resided in Battle Creek.

While investigating the crimes of the Pennsylvania girls, the agents of this state discovered that this subject had searched through his social networks for issues related to serial killers and grave thefts.

During the interview with Calhoun Harold’s detectives, 42 years old, he confessed several things that left them shocked... To begin with, he said that he was the father of the son Ashley was expecting. He added that on the day of his disappearance, he met the girl in a house in Emmett, a municipality that is about 11 minutes by car from Battle Creek, and here he had relations with her.

Then they started arguing and at one point Harold assaulted the girl until he left her unconscious. A few hours later he took her to a wooded area in the municipality of Newton where he hit her in the head with a piece of wood until she died. He also stated that two months later he returned to this place to check if she had been found, but to his relief there were only remains of the skeleton.

After his confession, Haulman was extradited to Michigan to try to locate Ashley’s remains with the agents, but he did not succeed. Even so, the Calhoun County prosecutor’s office formally accused him of the girl’s murder.

The sentence:

In August 2021 and so that they did not request the death penalty, Harold accepted from the Pennsylvania prosecutor’s office an agreement to plead guilty to the murders of Tiana Phillips and Erica Shultz.

As a result, he was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. In the reading of the sentence, he did not express any remorse for his actions and refused to address the court. Months later he was transferred to Calhoun County to be tried for the murder of Ashley Parlier.

Ashley’s trial began on December 14, 2022, and on February 1, 2023 Harold pleaded guilty to her death. For this reason, he was sentenced to another 60 years in prison. Unfortunately, the authorities still can’t find the girl’s remains.

Nicole, Ashley’s sister had the opportunity to speak in court and addressing Harold:

“You murdered my sister, but you killed so much more. You stole a piece of us every day since the day she went missing, until the day we all die.”

Tiana Phillips’s sisters and Erica Schultz, Haulman’s other victims, attended the sentence to support Nicole.

“There is only two other girls in this entire world that know exactly how I feel,” Toshia Feaster, Phillips older sister said. “Knowing that I’m not alone gives me a little bit of comfort.”

Currently Harold, classified as a serial killer, is serving his sentence in a prison in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

He never wanted to give the exact reasons why he did what he did, but what he did say to a media outlet that interviewed him is that in Germany he killed a man to know what he felt like. In addition, he described that killing people was a pleasure that made him feel in a way that no drug could ever.

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