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Review of 'Dexter: New Blood' 1.3

by Paul Levinson 13 days ago in tv review

Fathers and Sons

I'm really enjoying Dexter: New Blood -- the internal commentary from Dexter, his combination of good luck and cleverly getting out of incriminating situations, his capacity to deal with total wild cards that come his way -- all are in appealing abundance in this new series/season of Dexter, and in fine display in this past Sunday's episode 1.3 on Showtime.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

The big question that looms up at the end of the episode is why is Matt's father lying about getting a phone call, FaceTime, no less, from his slain son? Either (a) someone somehow impersonated Matt on the phone (someone with superior knowledge of digital media, like perhaps Harrison?) or (b) Kurt Caldwell is lying for some reason. The second option seems more likely -- but he couldn't be lying for Dexter's sake, because Kurt was already drunk and had no idea Dexter would be driving by.

And speaking of Harrison, we now know that he's highly intelligent and physically dexterous -- pardon the pun, just like his father Dexter. And also like his father, Harrison is a charmer with the ladies, and someone who is prone to confront bullies -- of other people. Should be fun to see how this plays out in this new series.

And last but not least -- because this character is sure to come within Dexter's deadly focus -- we have the question of who is the sicko who killed and then drained the blood of that poor girl? I said last week that I thought it was most likely Kurt (maybe that's why he was so happy at the end of this episode), but now I'd also add the rich guy Edward Oleson. (My wife says it's not Oleson, because the killer looks to be bigger and more imposing). All we know for sure at this point is the killer has watery blue eyes.

See you back here next week with my review of the next episode of this excellent reboot.

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