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Remains Found In Remote Utah Desert Confirmed To Be Dylan Rounds After Missing 2 Years


By Based On a True StoryPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Just a few hours ago, Utah authorities announced that the remains of Dylan Rounds, the 19-year-old who had been missing for several months, had been found in a remote area.

Dylan was born in Idaho but moved to this state to be able to have his own farm. Everything was going well until he mysteriously disappeared on May 28, 2022 after talking on the phone with his grandmother.

Candice Cooley, his mother, discovered on May 30 that no one in the family had spoken to Dylan since then.

"I spent three or four days without talking to him and then I talked to him five days in a row," he told PEOPLE in June last year. "But he was always in contact with someone. So, when we all met so that no one could talk to him, that's when we all went to the farm."

According to the investigation, in 2023 the police arrested James A. Brenner, a 60-year-old man who occupied a property near the boy’s farm.

The same year of his arrest, James was accused of murder, abuse and desecration of a body, after during a search of the child’s property, his DNA was found in the victim’s boots.

After this Candice declares the following:

"For us as a family and for Dylan, this is a great victory. This can't be hidden under the carpet. It's there, charges are presented and we can start moving forward.”

As if this were not enough, the agents also found Dylan’s phone inside a pond that was near his property. On the device there was a fast camera video with the date and time approximately at the time of his disappearance, which showed James with blood stains on his arms and shirt while cleaning a gun.

It is known During a search on the Brenner trailer on June 16, the authorities found ammunition, ignition covers, black gunpowder and speed loads "all related to the 'avant-load load'," the complaint states. In another search on June 21, the authorities confiscated boxes of ammunition and a forward loader.

On June 20, a friend and neighbor of Brenner told the authorities that after the teenager disappeared and Brenner was interrogated by the authorities, Brenner allegedly brought three black gunpowder pistols to his house and "asked him to 'keep' them," according to the report. federal complaint.

"When [the friend and neighbor] asked 'why', Brenner said that he needed to do this for 'his own safety' and that 'the last time he had problems with the law they took everything from him and he didn't want the things he had left to be taken away again," the complaint says.

After an exhaustive search, James’ shirt was found and Dylan’s blood was found in it.

It seems that the suspect was finally the one who took the officers to the body.

The County Sheriff stated the following:

“El FBI ayudó a la Oficina del Sheriff del condado de Box Elder procesando el área en busca de evidencia y recuperando los restos. Los restos están en posesión de la Oficina del Médico Forense de Utah para confirmación de identidad. “Nuestros corazones están con la familia de Dylan Rounds. Ofrecemos nuestro más sentido pésame por la pérdida de su familiar. Entendemos que el dolor de su pérdida es inmensurable y queremos expresarles nuestro más sentido pésame. Tenemos la esperanza de que puedan encontrar la paz en el futuro”.

The authorities have declared that the investigation is still open and that for the moment they will not release more information.

For her part, Dylan’s mother, Candice Cooley, told the media the following:

“We thank everyone for their support and love. We are grateful to have Dylan’s body now and to be able to bring him home while we continue our fight for justice.”

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