Reason First: Will 6ix9ine See Freedom Soon?

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With more and more guilty pleas, the New York rapper might view liberty at an earlier date.

Reason First: Will 6ix9ine See Freedom Soon?
How early will 6ix9ine see freedom?

With the emotion-driven climate in which we live, it appears that there will be more and more cases of violence and mayhem in the genre of hip-hop. 6ix9ine’s chances of coming home earlier than expected hinge upon the words of his former associate. For his feelings before thought lead to actions that occurred on April 21, 2018 at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York; Fuguan Lovick shot into the air, while his Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods against Cassanova’s 2X’s gang squabbled.

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6ix9ine attempted to usher boxer Adrien Broner into the arena. Before that could even take place, the melee involving at least 70 people took place. What is interesting is that Lovick plead guilty to violent crime in aid to racketeering and a firearms charge.

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This spells for 6ix9ine the possibility of coming home sooner than expected. He has the opportunity to make his case by the guilty pleas of his associates. As more and more of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods plead guilty, 6ix9ine may be spared a trial altogether.

A case such as this with a young man with wealth and the most powerful commodity on Earth, influence, points to the sad, ironic state in which we live. Had he have been just a derelict nobody with not one song in his catalogue, maybe he wouldn’t be getting these breaks. But since his fellow gang members are now entering guilty pleas, the “GUMMO” rapper might just get off with time served.

But the darker, more sinister truth is that this case will haunt the hip-hop artist like a dreaded zombie craving for his mind and everything that he has produced. If he is let out early, then one can suspect that he will bounce back and become a productive, life-loving individual. That’s only if he values a set of principles that will keep him free and away from the bars that confine him.

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The “feel first, never ask questions” era of today has distorted the meaning of the word snitch. The term means to inform. This could mean to tell the truth about a shooting that killed a smart-working mother, father, sister, or brother. By informing, most find it to be extremely noxious to the character of on who tells.

But the truth is that snitching to avoid jail time or other punishments ought to be viewed with a similar lens. If you value that family member that was gunned down, then it is a moral imperative that you snitch. The same goes for the instance where a man or woman is looking at football numbers with the idea of being called a filthy rat or to reclaim their freedom and avoid years of drudgery.

6ix9ine is poised to become one of the few artists to ever snitch and could become immortalized in the genre of hip-hop. This chance to forgo trial means that he won’t have to wait as long for his release to be set in motion. But what did it take? Lovick’s plea of guilty along with the other co-defendants could just seal 6ix9ine’s placement in the annals of rap lore.

For his “cooperation agreement with authorities” he may be released and embraced by a generation that yearns to glimpse redemption. This ought to be a boon for 6ix9ine. He has the position and status to make even larger moves once he gets out of his lockdown reality.

He has the opportunity to own his masters, ask for larger deals, engage in endorsement deals, and become the hip-hop star that he experienced just hints of before his recent incarceration. As the guilty pleas mount, 6ix9ine just might be okay in the eyes of the law. Because he snitched, the rap world might take him in as waif to a hip-hop orphanage.

His prowess on the mic might alter the feelings-first dominated sphere by allowing thought to reign as the supreme force in all human relations.

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