Reason First: Is Kim Kardashian-West the Unlikely Aid to Emancipation?

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Kim Kardashian-West has chosen a cause she deems as noble. Is she in the right for it?

Reason First: Is Kim Kardashian-West the Unlikely Aid to Emancipation?

What Kim Kardashian-West is doing in terms of laying the groundwork for releasing non-violent “criminals,” who are serving time for drug charges, could speed the end of the narcotics prohibition. Her willingness to not only sacrifice her time and money, but to invest her resources in a cause that she is selfishly involved, is a plus. For a young woman much maligned for her vanity driven nature, Mrs. Kardashian-West has displayed a genuine and proper interest in seeking justice for these individuals.

Intent on Freedom

She thought to clear the names of those locked up behind bars.

As preposterous as her family tends to be, it ought to be said that she is on the vanguard for doing right by people who perpetrated victimless felonies. Her mission that permitted at least 17 prisoners to walk free in 90 days is a testament to how serious she is about her ideals. Though not as objective as one would like, her goal is at least admirable.

Thinking of a Plan for Liberty

Intent on Drawing a Different Kind of Attention

While she studies to become a lawyer in her own right, Mrs. Kardashian-West is at least trying to make an effort to bolster the many too many voices that have been squelched behind bars. While some may laugh at yet another Kardashian family news story to fill up blog posts and newspaper columns, she seems sincere in her approach to scrub the system of folks who don’t need to be locked behind the wall.

Facing Away

Thoughts of Liberty

Her journey continues in her efforts to emancipate prisoners who committed acts that did not violate individual rights. She has honed in on the judicial system, and has by her side her personal lawyer, Brittany K. Barnett and MiAngel Cody, a member of The Decarceration Collective. And their resolve seems assertive and relentless. There are lives that in some cases, received life sentences over drugs. This signals the distortion that is found in the law courts. Murderers and rapists might get lesser time for their offenses than those who trafficked cocaine, for example.

The Address to the Press

The Future Lawyer

It is quite the turnaround for the pornographic actress, the bizarre activities with her family, and the otherwise weirdness of the entire clan. It stands to reason to show that Kardashian-West is enabled through her financial means to help out those who seek justice on a legal system that is only somewhat objective. Kardashian-West may not know the capacity of her virtues. She may not see that she is a beacon for freedom to release the men and women deemed by society to be menaces.

Mrs. Kardashian-West at Her Best

Kim Considers the Cameras

For her to take it upon herself to recognize the ignobility of parts of the court system is not a selfless act. Her self-interest is a good that has propelled her to fight for the lives of those who once stood as voiceless.

Her designs to release even more people from the clutches of the system demonstrates a young woman capable of being a boss lady. Where men have failed to accomplish the task of freeing inmates, Kardashian has helped to free prisoners in a relatively rapid amount of time.

For her work, a Nobel Peace Prize may be in order. While most celebutantes busy themselves with partying and fashion (which Kardashian-West still dabbles in from time to time) she has transcended from the role of being a media whore who just seeks attention. She has grabbed it, grasped it, and held it up for all the world to see. She then put that side of fame down (for the moment), and sought to make her own world better. Her greedy approach to free as many of these individuals as possible should be commended. For her ability to continue to seek justice for people who are considered valuable to her, is the most selfish, and profound activity in which she could take part.

These men and women mean something to Kardashian-West. And for future inmates with similar sentences, it doesn’t appear as if she’ll stop until they’re free. With a net worth of $350 million, Kardashian-West cannot only put in the time, but the finances to seek the liberty of those who yearn to live outside of the barbed fences.

How does it work?
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