Reason First: Is A-Wax the Bay Area Killer?

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Is the rapper involved in a murder?

Reason First: Is A-Wax the Bay Area Killer?

The coronavirus may be the top story for the coming days and weeks, but that disease shouldn’t overshadow murder cases. Bay Area rapper A-Wax has been charged with homicide for a case that allegedly, and strangely, dates back twenty years ago. Deputy district attorney Jen Tompkins dispelled this as a fallacy and said that the crime took place recently. As investigators prepare an airtight case, A-Wax has been taken into custody where authorities found firearms and plenty of ammunition. This all stemmed from a weapons charge that seems to be unrelated to the homicide.

A-Wax needs to start snitching. He might be given a vaporizer and a can of Coca-Cola Energy in an interrogation room. Once he is in such a situation, he should be able to pour out his guts like a grape Swisher Sweets. A-Wax should be writing down the names of other criminals related to this murder case. He may know someone that is also involved in criminal activity. He may know the whereabouts of these shady figures. What is so striking is the fact that A-Wax has been in the rap game for over two decades. And the notion that this case is an old one still rattles the brain.

By snitching now, A-Wax may have the opportunity to extend his rap career rather than trade bars with felons behind bars probably for the rest of his life. To not acknowledge the seriousness of this particular case would be a grave error. A-Wax has positioned himself in a precarious situation. While the gun charges could pose a sentence that could be significant, the murder charge will carry with it an even heavier burden. All the rapper has to do is tell the truth. If he in fact did do the crime, he should be tried and considered a convicted felon. He already has two strikes against him. One comes from a manslaughter before he was an adult and one for burglary after he turned twenty.

So, again, why do people in the limelight, no matter how bright, become involved in alleged nefarious activities? Why can’t they enjoy the trappings of being figures in the camera eye? A-Wax seems to be another male who acts up and out against authority. His willingness to be a gun carrier is not the problem. Plenty of people have thousands of rounds of ammunition. They stockpile it just in case they need a thousand rounds for two thousand clowns. (They shoot through people to save bullets.) The problem with A-Wax is that he possessed those weapons allegedly as a felon. The murder case only intensifies the idea that A-Wax is a target because of his past poor behavior.

What should take place after A-Wax’s bail hearing on March 27 is for the rapper to attribute his vicious ways to his irrationality. If he had used reason, he would not be in the predicament in which he finds himself. His selflessness and self-destruction are but a two headed python ready to strike. If he had just employed his ego, he would not be in this low position. He should take extreme care and listen to his lawyers. He should be able to face reality with candor and clear-headedness.

With the option to be clear about the gun charges and to be completely transparent about his supposed association with the murder charge, A-Wax will have the chance to explore his options. But nothing is more important than his role in taking responsibility as an adult. As a grown up, A-Wax should possess the mind that should permit him to act in accordance with his values. If freedom is one of them, then he should be primed to snitch.

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