Reason First: Should Kodak Black Start Snitching?

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Will the rapper begin telling?

Reason First: Should Kodak Black Start  Snitching?

At the prime of their lives, with women, riches and all the spoils that go along with shining in the rap game, why do rappers sacrifice all of that over poor decision making? In the case of Kodak Black who is serving close to four years in prison already, he may find himself behind the wall for an additional three years stemming from a gun charge.

He is a classic example of an artist turned criminal just when his star began to ascend. Now, with these possible tacked on years, he faces a reality that is far different than his life in the real world. By dismissing his talent in favor of a prison cell, Kodak Black shows how he is an unthinking individual. Had he used reason to confront his problems, then he would be making music, going on tours, and linking up with other artists.

No, instead, he’s locked up with no prospects save a full commissary and potential extra time in the day room. He might be exercising and writing rhymes, maybe even a few albums during his stint. But he has so many limited liberties (rightfully so) that he should realize that his vicious behavior will not be tolerated.

Kodak Black symbolizes the young, out-of-control rappers who feel instead of think. He emoted and that is what brought him to this lowly state. Though he smiles in mugshots, the pain of not seeing family and friends on the outside or creating wealth with his talents, might sting. He has demonstrated that there is no skirting law enforcement. He is behind bars because of his inability to face reality and use reason. The faculty that supports the choice to do something should have been on Kodak Black’s mind.

So, let’s just conjecture here. If Kodak Black knows something about the person who gave him the Mini Draco, he should be telling. Yes, snitching is a virtue. And if he has the opportunity to get years taken off of his sentence he needs to be naming names and pointing fingers in court. This is the only honorable way to go. Because of his high profile status, he should be able to direct attention to the supplier of the weapon. This snitching approach may prove to be a profitable venture in terms of Kodak Black reclaiming his freedom. He may be compelled to bring down black market gun owners who put firearms in the hands of rappers.

Snitching is the most ethical way of preventing even more crimes. To tell on your compatriots is the most upstanding action that an individual can take. By surpassing all of the nonsense about how “snitches get stitches” or worse, Kodak Black should seriously consider this as an option. By reducing his time, he will be able to get back into the world and continue on his journey of being one of the hottest talents on the hip hop scene.

With him telling, he might be able to understand how the judicial system works. He might reap the benefits of informing on his “friends.” The heavy charges have been reduced to second-degree criminal possession of a weapon. Now is the chance for Kodak Black’s legal team to consider the idea of the rapper to start snitching. With all of the hoopla concerning “stop snitching” “stop stop snitching” and the like, it is imperative for Kodak Black to know that he has everything in his power to sing like a 1950’s crooner. He should be enabled to take the stand and extend his index finger at the direction of his associates.

Kodak Black ought to snitch for nobody and nothing else than his own selfishness.

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