Reason First: Harvey Weinstein Stricken with Coronavirus, What Now?

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How would you like to see Harvey Weinstein die?

Reason First: Harvey Weinstein Stricken with Coronavirus, What Now?

Just when you think that the COVID-19 virus would overshadow every other news item, it once again became part of another story. Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein contracted the novel coronavirus while imprisoned. Will the world weep? With this creep still breathing, will anyone shed a tear or rush to his aid besides medical workers? Weinstein’s crimes remain some of the most vicious in Hollywood history. Make that American history. His 23-year sentence may still be too light for his evil actions. Now, with the coronavirus, maybe the story about how he abused all of those women will come to an even brighter spotlight.

He should be healed so that he can be ready to serve his term. Either that or he should be re-sentenced to death. That doesn’t seem likely. In his frail, pathetic state, Weinstein ought to suffer every miserable day of his remaining life. He should be allowed no provisions save for a prison housing unit, toiletries, clothes, and food. The virus should first torment him like the thousands of other people that have experienced its wrath.

For his misdeeds, Weinstein should have to remember every one of his survivors and what he did to them. All of the women who he raped should have at least the slightest satisfaction that he will most likely die in jail. Either from the virus or from natural causes or his other health issues, the women should feel secure in knowing that he won’t be able to harm another woman again. The coronavirus, which can be deadly for people of advanced age (Weinstein is 68), may prove to be more serious. If he does in fact drop dead from the virus, it will be only somewhat justice. With the onslaught of coverage of the coronavirus, his death would probably yield first page news...below the fold. His dastardly existence should serve as the epitome of any male who wishes to go against the letter of the law.

His accomplishments now mean nothing. When he chose to violate the trust of the women he sexually assaulted, that’s when he lost all sense of reality. His unreason in the face of the company of beautiful women proved to be his downfall. He felt instead of thought. He emoted instead of using rationality. His power, as so many liked to say, did not do him in during those times. Instead, it was his impotence that led him to commit such heinous crimes.

COVID-19 may just be the real judge, jury, and executioner in this case. As the virus courses through his body, Weinstein should writhe and twist and contort himself in pain. He should be given just enough medical care to keep him alive and able to know what trauma really feels like. As a convicted felon now in isolation, he will not be able to infect anyone. His testing positive for COVID-19 ought to serve as the means for him to realize just how much he messed everything up in his life. He had accolades, a gorgeous spouse, and tons of respect from people both in and out of Hollywood circles. He is synonymous with the reason for the #MeToo movement which benched or imprisoned dozens of males, mostly. His failure to employ reason showed itself when he said, “to hell with truth” and entered into the world of criminality and immorality.

If Weinstein survives this bout with the potentially fatal disease, he will still be remembered for his vices. No amount of tears or pleas for his release will aid him in his own self-destruction. Those that cry that he was selfish in his actions have no clue what “selfish” means. It is the concern with one’s own self-interests. Is raping women and ending uo in prison for a sentence of over two decades aligned with any rational man’s self-interest? No, Weinstein destroyed himself spiritually and he may be demolished physically because of the virus. Let’s see what happens.

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