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Reason First: Camera System Shows Robbers of a Homeowner

How effective are those home surveillance devices?

By Skyler SaundersPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Ring is good for something. The surveillance device captured the prelude to a robbery in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Four masked males accosted a victim, and demanded that he open the door or risk being shot by their firearms. The vicious video demonstrates how second-handers who can’t make their way in the world must resort to brute force. The man showed blood on his forehead like the blood of the Lamb. The gang knocked him upside his head. He would have been sacrificed, however, his ability to possess situational awareness, and realize that his Ring setup would broadcast the figures worldwide, and possibly lead to arrests, saved him.

The man in the video who was assaulted by the mini-mob appeared shaken yet composed due to his knowledge of his security system. The Fayetteville resident may be able to provide enough information based on the video to help catch the assailants. As blood trickled from his forehead, he rushed up the stairs to his abode with nervousness and a purpose. With the knowledge that his security camera would capture these cowards, the man weaved his way up the stairs, while the guilty party milled about waving their weapons.

This is a clear-cut example of the little children that never grew up. Sure they might be in the form of adults, but truly, they’re overgrown adolescents. They had opportunities to be fine, upstanding, rational individuals. They had the chance to be productive and happy. Now, all of that is in jeopardy. Their happiness cannot be restored by taking from innocent others. Their den of thieves does not run on honor, but an ugly set of rules and regulations that they set up for one another. The homeowner who was just trying to get to his house to be with his fiancée and children—so what if he might have had a little marijuana? It ought to be his right to utilize narcotics in the privacy of his own home. The cash, debit cards, lottery tickets, and phones can all be replaced. And if the dolts use the cards or the phones, the police will be able to track them.

The young wolves in these streets bare their teeth from time to time. This was one of those times. The homeowner might have made the mistake of showing his plate to some wolves that were hungry. This is not blaming the victim. His intelligence in having a security camera should show that he was prepared to challenge any threat against his life and property. Each of the robbers are stains on the bedsheet of society. Each one of them did not start out life like that. They had some morals and ethics instilled in them, either at home or at school.

They rejected those attempts to sustain their character. Again, the economy, (for now) is booming. UPS is hiring. Amazon is hiring. These places have excellent pay and benefits. What is the problem? Are these honorable positions such as driver, associate, or deliverer beneath this group of children? Every man has the right to make his way in this country. But he is not guaranteed a position. Maybe these boys turned to crime because they were denied these positions, because of past criminal activities. Does that provide an excuse for them to commit these ugly actions? No. If these were men, then they would be smart and able to find some sort of way to make a living legally and ethically.

For the homeowner, he should have insurance in place that would be able to cover the stolen items from his household. This man ought to be applauded for his ability to employ his mind, and shield his girlfriend, and children. That has a nice Ring to it.


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