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by Angelique Pesce 2 years ago in fact or fiction
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As a law professor it is important to me to expose the standards and definitions used in the law to judge our actions.

What is a crime?

Who defines that?

What if the law does not recognize an ill behavior as a crime? What does that mean? Am I more squeaky clean then the law? Is that possible? What does that say about the law? What does that say about me? Where do we go from here?

To Law School. That’s where I went.

Law school was where they told me that hate crime legislation would never come to pass...they were wrong and I was right because after studying law I knew it had to pass based on definitions of “human” and “humane treatment” that came from neutral sources like science. And if the law did not incorporate the same standards and definitions then guess what? They were the criminals.

In law school they said same sex marriage would never be legal and I said it would because of the the same now built in scientific meanings and protections I just discussed above. And guess what? Again...they were wrong and I was right. We now had reliable definitions to use when we read the Constitution. We have protections and if the law does not use these definitions to protect us then they are criminals. Home at last I thought. We can all check and balance crime. The government and the citizen alike. Thank you Dr King. France and Africa would be proud I thought. How could we ever have gotten any of the words in the document known as the Constitution so wrong in the past...two reasons: no witnesses and greed. Be a witness in your community, in your government and as a civic person and say “never again.”

They also told me in law school working at the UN and in Puerto Rico had nothing to do with becoming a lawyer. They said international, maritime, laws in government by continent or country had no right to earn me a credit in law school...they were wrong and I brought the science of human rights home--to my State--New York--and to my Country--USA--and to my law school located in it. I earned me the credit and the school never said it again to any other student who wanted to go where I did, the UN. Where do we go from here? Further. Towards progress.

Now out of law school where they said hate crime would never be legislated, where they said same sex would never be legislated, where they said the UN had nothing to do with our laws, I saw that I was right and they were wrong. Hard to be a student at that time but then I became a professor and taught each and every student what I learned and how I saw the future based on definitions I kept accurate about even when others couldn’t because of how they were taught or trained to read the law made them criminals.

Today on the street, in our society I see a new need forming. A new definition admitted to under the law about words and assault. They say I am wrong but I am right.

Under the law your words alone do not equal assault they equal speech. But that is ONLY because words effect on the mind is not recognized absent what is coined an additional “physical component.” I have to be in a “domestic relationship” otherwise my neighbor can torture me verbally without consquence so long as no cross is burned or swat stika sprayed because those are “physical components”….Wha?

Isn’t the brain a part of my body? And didn’t your words just “hit” it? Scientifically? FYI your words effect on the mind do not count as crime. How could that be? When kids spend hours in doctors chair because of the words their parents use about them without any racism? When there is eons of money being spent to correct the effect of words from strangers about racism in affirmative action? Isn’t that proof that words cause permanent assaulting harm?

BUT to date the law will not recognize the need to fiscally repair the effects of that speech as crime but it will recognize a book in your hand, or a cell phone in your hand as a part of your body. Wha??? The brain is already born inside my body. And the money you spend to protect it or repair the damage to it as the case might be is proof. Why not recognize ill words thrown at the brain as assault. What’s the matter, don’t understand science?

When it comes to words the law never saw the brain as a part of the body, they never saw words effect on the brain as injurous. But then they went and spent a billion plus dollars to affirmatively repair the words effect on the brains in society. Is that not proof that the brain is a part of the body words can cause damage to?

Under the law the brain regardless of affirmative action is still a non equal part of the body. The brain needs to be seen as equal under tort law.

Average citizens cannot seek police protection when assaulted by psychologically harmful words alone but the federal relief funds can be spent on the damage citizens cause to it. This is a disparate practice under definitions and science. Focus on the progress the average citizen could use here... It's the most important.

Hundreds of jobs out there in the medical profession are devoted to that part of the body. Some even treat the damage words cause it as a profession. We should be afforded a class of crime where we can call the police when someone assaults us with these words because at long large length their effect on the brain of a person young and old does cost the government MONEY and makes doctors MONEY. What does that mean? Isn’t that an injury?

Science proves it is clearly and it's time for the law to include the brain’s intellect in the definition of “body” which it currently does not and to damage to it as an injury --if you want to cause change in the world, first cause it in the minds of men and women. If you can cause change in the world through the mind you can certainly injure the world through it as well and cause injury to it.

The changes you want in the world come first in the mind its time to include the damage to it as an injury.

With the acceptance of hate speech and hate crime as a crime at all of a different class “on the books” definitions of what a crime is became more accurate. Let’s not stop there--”hate” crime requires a “physical act” that occurs outward of the self, beyond just assault on the brain because of the misunderstood definition of “speech.” But if eons of ill speech caused affirmative action, caused outward manifestations of miseducation that affirmative action has had to rebuild in businesses, schools, churches, temples, and homes then ill speech’s effect on my body, inclusive of my brain, it’s intellect, should be recognized as a crime.

Is it really speech plus a physical act like speech plus a tree lynch, speech plus a fist, speech plus a cross burning, speech plus a sprayed swastika that is the only harm recognized caused on the body? Or isn’t the speech a punch enough? It takes a lifetime effect on my brain, a member of my body and has the same effect a skin hematoma has on my dermis. And a hematoma lasts shorter then mental pain and suffering doesn’t it? How can the law not recognize that. In law school they would say because it's hard to prove, but is it? Look around--isn’t the proof of that kind of damage everywhere? Thank God it is. The citizens and legislatures that see it are doing the right thing. Where do we go from here?

Pay attention--if a burned cross touches only your brain and it is speech then words saying the same thing without a fist or cross touching your body causes the same harm. You know why? They all equally attack the brain. It's time for the law to crawl out of its false definitions back to cro-magnon definitions if need be of the cerebellum. Whatever will work. The wrong standards and definitions inhibit the laws progress and puts a lot of citizens ahead of them--time to merge files. That has to happen in the law and nothing else. No hidden secrets or agendas only an accurate unfolding consciousness and acceptance of definitions and standards of humane treatment of others needs to be recognized, protected, and practiced in the field of law. Nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud to change.

Understanding that got the law too many times in our past in race equality and same sex equality. Now that the law recognized their errors in these categories I got them right where I want them and I will not let them get past me….It's okay law to be young. It's okay law to be wrong. It's okay law to be learning yourself. My brain counts and a person's words are damaging to my brain...the brain is a part of my body...affirmative action must “repair” the negative effects these words have had on other brains….and it costs everyone money. The end. Don’t be afraid to admit it and see it.

Brain assault is a skinjurous crime. We do not need fists, trees, or crosses burned. The proof is in the government repair through affirmative action that the damage to the brain--a skintellect--exists.

Where do we go from here? My advice--don’t stop. We must continue to recognize as illegal the harm assaulting words cause on the brain without hearing a free speech defense. Why? The brain needs to be an equal part of the body under the law capable of protection under the law and also in society. The bottom line is: If your cell phone can be protected as a part of your body your brain should be too.

Thank you for your drums located in your ears. Keep pounding them to the pavement. Make a change. Be the change. Be the future. Be right. Be beautiful. Do not be afraid. Do not be violent. Use your words, insist on their definitions. They were always there. They were always correct. And you have proof of that from Oxford, Howard, Harvard, Webster, Rogets, and maybe even Wikipedia. From scriptures, sculptures and negotiators of Africa, architecture and philosophers of Greece, engineers, linguists, economists of Europe, hieroglyphics and lawmakers in the Middle East, deserts and builders of Australia, snow accumulations of Antarctica, farming and forests of South America, languages and meditations of Asia, peacekeeping and anti-violence histories of India, heroism across the continents holding safety and security practices from ancient civilizations of Israel, Palestine, and now North America, mammals in the deep sea, asteroids in space, oxygen on planet earth... the point is ONE LOVE. MAKE THE BRAIN COUNT AS AN EQUAL PART OF THE BODY.

Be safe out there...

fact or fiction

About the author

Angelique Pesce

Author,Lover,Scientist,Political Commentator,Humanist. Working on Art and Law is my life. Whether producing a doc, designing a pair of jeans, writing books, sailing at sea, singing out loud, knowing my audience...all of it makes me happy.

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