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Not You Again

One Reoccurring Dream and One Question, Why?

By Hailey MPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

I thought at first he was charming, my dumb teenager side took over and I was hooked. Well it turns out just like I was in algebra class, I was wrong. I would see him bounce around the school, always flirting but I guess never finding anything worth while. Being an exchange student he found his way to popularity, making it even harder to catch. We shared one class together, I always sat in the back quiet, I don’t think he knows I even exist. Again, I was very wrong!

Week 1:

Day 2- Everyday I had my normal routine, go in, put my stuff down in the first period class, and go to the music room where it was quiet, and then read. I had checked everything but reading today because I got a little distracted by the company I got. You will never guess, it was him, Stephan, and all of his charm locking eyes with me.” I was told I could find you here,” he said staring at me as I stood in the safe shadow of the door. “Well congrats, you found me, what do you need?” I managed to spit out, trying not to show my fear. “ Well, I kinda, um, needed you.” I stood in shock from the words that came out of those graceful lips. Finally after a awkward silence, through the shadow I stepped forward and said,” Alright, I’m yours.” I had thought my dreams had finally come true until awful words stung my joy,” I needed help with my project before class begins.”

Day 3- Well now feeling like an idiot, I decidied to read in the Library today. I got no distraction, shocker, I know, but at least he got an A. I think he thinks positively about me, just not in the way I hoped.

Day 4- I feel really weird today, I can’t explain it, it started ever since I noticed he was missing. I decided even though its weird I would look for him since he was in the hallway 5 minutes ago. I started by the patch of woods behind the field where kids made into a hideout for small day parties or an occasional smoke. And yes, I found him, standing over a dead body, with a knife in his hand. I screamed as I bolted for the school scared of what he might do to me.

I got about halfway back when I heard his voice,” No, Stop, It’s not what you think, I can explain,” when that didn’t work with a last effort he screamed,” I LOVE YOU!” I stopped paralyzed by his words, I knew he wanted me to stop to explain and he didn’t mean it but it still felt like I had been put in a spell. He quickly caught up and explained that he didn‘t murder Mary but noticed she was gone and just like me, went searching. I didn’t know what to believe, but I was forced by passion to believe.

He pulled me up to my feet and I guess since then he wanted to be what I always hoped, and I fell for it. After a few months the memory was completely gone and we had gotten pretty serious. After school we still managed to stay together and eventually moved in together. All was great except one small detail, now I feel cold and scared when he’s around, it only happens on nights when I get that dream. I had forgotten what happened until the dreams started, but this time I forced myself to look at the logic.

Around everynight, I feel that weird feeling right before I went searching for him. I tell myself, “ I don’t want to see it again go back.” All these dreams made me feel stuck, with the same thing everyday and the same fears. I didn‘t understand it, why now? Why was this even happening, why?

It had been around a month now since we had moved in and he wanted to have dinner tonight, at a very uncommon place. I said yes making sure that he wasn’t left suspious. We had a great dinner, then afterwards he insisted we take a walk on the trails nearby. We had gotten about a mile in when he stops, pulls out a knife and try’s to stab me in the shoulder! I quickly dodged and tried to run for the restaurant only 2 miles away.

I understood everything then, I was trying to warn myself to see him for who he really is. I was disappointed that it took me 3 years to discover what was always right in front of me. I was lucky that I was one of the girls who could escape, not lucky enough to never cross paths again though.


Although put in a weird way, I want you to understand to take people for who they really are. Never judge whether you like someone by the appearances because they could turn out bad ( not always as bad as Stephan). Just please remember to always judge by ones heart. ;)


About the Creator

Hailey M

I am considered very mature for my age knowing and learning really hard lessons myself and from the world. I love writing and I want to teach and grow and help when I write, I want people to know that even if we have never met, I care.

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Comments (2)

  • Hailey M (Author)2 months ago

    Thank you! Have a lovely day.

  • Novel Allen2 months ago

    I hope that you are ok and keeping safe Hailey. Choose your friends very carefully. Better to be alone than have bad friends.

HMWritten by Hailey M

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