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My Hacker chpt 2

A story of unexpected love

By Abigail LylePublished about a year ago 5 min read

Chapter 2: Strange feelings

"Of course, it just had to be pouring rain tonight-" I grumbled as I snuck along the dark road in my four-wheeler. I had kept the lights off and put on my night-vision goggles, so I was almost undetectable. The mud got worse as I rolled up to the little shack. I slipped out through one of the back doors, then snuck closer. I was on high alert, looking for the man who had managed to hack into top-secret government files. I was soaked when I finally located the little door at the back of the shack. I slipped inside and looked around, there were two levels, the lower one was mostly empty, all except for a small table and chair. The table was littered with papers and what seemed to be food wrappers. Stairs lined the left side of the wall, and a soft blue glow was coming from the top. I took a gun from its holster on my hip and headed up the stairs, but every other step creaked, so I started skipping steps. The second level was much different than the floor level, with tables everywhere, and computers, laptops, papers, and weapon boxes littered the tables and floor. "What is all this?" I said, I looked around, then I went to the nearest computer and sat down in a large cushioned chair. I hit the space bar to wake it up, and the screen opened and glowed the soft blue I had seen before, I was about to set my fingers on the keyboard when I heard a noise behind me. I reached for my gun, but I was too slow, he was already there. He tossed my gun to the floor and knocked me to the ground, I got up pretty quickly, but he charged at me, pinning my arms above my head against the wall. I kicked and wiggled, but it didn't seem to do anything, he just smiled at me with his pearly white teeth. "Little bird~ You're here, I was starting to worry you wouldn't come~" His voice was deep and calm, it seemed to slither in and out of her ears. "Why are you trying to steal info from us, what are you going to do with it?" He chuckled, "why, money ofcourse, I'm going to sell it for a good amount of dough." I tried to wiggle free again, but he only gripped my wrists harder, he leaned closer, our noses were almost touching, and chuckled. "You can't sell our information! You'd be putting hundreds of lives in danger!" his smile flickered, but he kept his gaze on me. "You can't be that cold-hearted, to not care about the lives of innocent people-" I reached for my gun with my foot as I talked. "So, just let me go, and we can help with whatever trouble you're in, give you protection, you don't have to do this." He wavered for a second, then his grin returned, and he leaned closer to my ear, barely brushing it with his lips. A shiver shot down my spine, my chest felt warm, and heat crept into my cheeks, "you really thought I'd trust you that easily, little bird?" He let go of my wrists and put his hand on the side of my head, I needed to fight him, escape. I couldn't move, my body refused to listen to my head, I gasped softly, he had kissed my neck. I was about to hit him in his stomach when his big hands wrapped around my head, I tried to glimpse what he was doing, but everything went black. I woke up an hour later on the floor of the shack, my head was pounding. I stood up slowly, pain shooting down my spine from my head, I walked to the chair and sat down heavily. I rubbed the bump that was forming, and looked around, "what!?" gone, everything was gone! The computers, the papers, even the tables, the only thing left was the chair, and a little board hanging on the wall, "wait-" there was something on the board. There was a low rumble, a car was being revved outside, I jumped to the nearest window just in time to see the hacker drive off in my four-wheeler. I cursed, kicked the chair, and started pacing, "how the hell am I gonna get him now!?" A little yellow paper on the board caught my eye, I tripped as I made my way over to the little note. I pulled it off and read it, note: "Thanks for the car Little Bird, I can't wait for your next visit, I do hope the caves are nice this time of year~" I growled in frustration, crumpled the note, and called for a pick-up. Thirty minutes later a mini-van pulled up to the shack, I climbed in and they drove me to my house, "Thanks max-" The short blond boy nodded and drove off. I walked into my house and sat heavily on my couch, the sun started rising slowly, and I dozed off where I sat, utterly exhausted. There was a shuffle to my right, I opened my eyes and was startled to see the hacker hovering above me, grinning that pure white smile of his. I panicked for a second, but then our eyes locked together, and his bright blue eyes stared into mine. My breath hitched in my throat, and I didn't want to move from that spot, he started leaning down towards me, "No, he's an enemy, bad guy, big no no!" was going through my head. I didn't care, he got closer, slipping a hand under my chin, he lifted my face, his lips brushed mine, just a little closer and... I woke up. I sat there on my couch, the sun now shining through my window, "what the f-" Heat crashed into my cheeks, turning them red. What was wrong with me, he's the enemy, why the hell was I dreaming about him!? I went to the kitchen and splashed cold water on my face, "focus, he is a threat that needs to be eliminated-" I grabbed my gear and headed for the base. I needed to get another vehicle, and I needed to get to the mermaid caves. I have one mission, find the hacker and stop him, and that's what I'm going to do-


About the Creator

Abigail Lyle

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'm pretty new to vocal, I hope ya'll will enjoy my stories! hmm, a little bit about me, I love pickles, swimming, wolves and panthers, reading, writing, art, and music!

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