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Jodi Arias

by Kate Adams 4 years ago in guilty
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If I can't have him, no one can.

First and foremost, my sympathies go out to the family & friends of Travis Alexander. So young with much life that no one will be able to continue experiencing.

I lived in Phoenix at the time Jodi "felt the need" in her demented mind to end the life of Travis Alexander, who was and still is greatly loved by family and friends. It would have been a pleasure for me to have met him and acquired a "new" friend had we not lived in different cities. Now we just have memories of who he was and what he meant to so many people.

I am sure many of you remember this story as it was widely publicized on every network across the country. Most appalling is the lies and wild tales Jodi chose to share, up to and including the web of lies she wanted the world to hear in her interview with 48 Hours. Like me, I am sure many people across the country wanted to reach through the TV and bitch slap Jodi for being so unsympathetic in regards to taking a human life. All for what, though? Did she honestly feel as though if she couldn't have Travis, no one could? Until Jodi acquires diarrhea of the mouth with truthfulness, I honestly don't think anyone will know.

What I do know is this... Jodi was living with her grandparents in Yreka California working on a photography career. She made a trip to Las Vegas for a work convention in September 2006, which is where she met Travis. According to articles I have read and memories of the trial, Travis & Jodi had a stormy long-distance relationship. Naturally, when one hears of a stormy relationship occurring, it begs the question of, "why not just break up?"

Well, that's exactly what happened on June 29th 2007; however, the couple continued to have sexual relations. Really? Was the sex that good or was Jodi, at this time, showing psychotic tendencies that scared the hell out of Travis? I do remember interviews Travis' friends held stating Jodi would show up at Travis' house uninvited, yet Jodi stated she was. Her behavior as well was noted as "disturbing" while hanging out with Travis & his friends.

I commend Travis' friends for picking up on cues from Jodi and did their best to permanently separate the two. But for whatever reason, Travis continued to have sex with Jodi, which created a "psychotic break" of "If I can't have him, no one can."

This leads to a return home Jodi made to her grandparents' house in California. While there, she stole a .25 caliber gun that her grandparents had for protection. The theft alone is intent to harm, considering the rocky relationship and breakup her & Travis had. At this time, Jodi knew exactly what she was going to do; it was just a matter of when, how, follow through and web of lies to tell so as to point the finger elsewhere rather than take sole responsibility for her own actions.

Which brings me to the crime itself. With Jodi being a photographer, she chose to take photos of her & Travis during their last sexual encounter. At some point during this time, Jodi just snapped. She not only couldn't deal with NOT being in a relationship with Travis but she had been rejected by him before. A female friend of Travis stated that when Jodi knocked on his door she was uninvited; Travis stated she (Jodi) won't go away, which led to the fateful day when Travis was killed. Due to Jodi not having coping capabilities & mental issues to boot, she chose to shoot, stab 28 times, and slit Travis' throat.

After Jodi chose to commit this hateful crime, she put her camera in Travis' dryer and made her way to another lover's house in Utah. It is unfortunate that a couple of Travis' friends who hadn't heard from him in a few days went to his house to check on him only to find the gruesome crime that Jodi left behind. Although Travis' friends & family knew who exactly was responsible for this, they also knew the state of Arizona also had the burden of proof to convict Jodi.

Once the crime scene was completed, information gathered from friends and Jodi's grandparents stating that their gun was stolen, the state of Arizona was able to obtain an arrest warrant for Jodi. I honestly can't remember if she was picked up in Utah or if she had reasons to return to Phoenix and was picked up here. What I can tell you is this: Jodi Arias is one hell of an actor.

Juan Martinez was the prosecuting attorney in the case of State of Arizona vs. Jodi Aries. I must say he did an outstanding job of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Jodi Arias is nothing but a psychotic mess. I certainly hope Mr. Martinez was given a raise and promotion for studying the information and holding his ground through this trial while it was nationally broadcasted by various news outlets.

I write about this case in hopes of saving another person's life who finds themselves under the same circumstances that Travis Alexander did. He did not deserve to die and neither does anyone one else. Be wise to the fact that when a relationship ends, it ends. Don't keep having sex with the person no matter what the underlying circumstances are. Above all else, when a group of friends tell you to get rid of someone permanently... get rid of them. Plain and simple. As long as credible documentation is provided to the courts, a restraining order can be obtained.

Be safe, think clear, and God bless.


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Kate Adams

I have worked in the Medical field for 13 years before continuing on to working in several business offices as an Administrative Assistant. My passion though is writing; with the hardest part, for me is what to write about.

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