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How Ryan Haase Tried to Destroy Lindsey Arp's Beauty and Life With Boiling Oil

Inside the Sad Story of Lindsey Arp

By Rare StoriesPublished 3 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read

He wanted to deform her; he wanted her so maimed that no one would even want her.

Before the tragedy that struck Lindsey Arp, she was a beautiful mom of four who took pride in her beauty. In April 2011, her glamor was turned into scars after her then-boyfriend whom he had just broken up with, poured a container of boiling oil on her. She saw her skin and flesh burn; she saw her life flash before her eyes.

The Beginning

Life is not a bed of roses, we all know, but Lindsey Arp had a few things she was grateful to God for, one was her beauty. Sadly, the event that would take away her beauty started in 2006.

In September 2006, Lindsey met a man at her place of work in Lewisburg, Tennessee. Just three years prior, she had broken up with the father of her oldest son. This new man was persistent; he seemed like a nice, larger-than-life kind of guy. The man was Ryan Haase. Ryan was persistent in his seeking a relationship with Lindsey. She turned him down a couple of times before finally accepting his first date proposal. Sadly, this date would later put her life on a roller coaster.

The couple before

Initially, Ryan treated her right, but after she gave birth to their first daughter in 2009, his attitude towards her changed for the worse: he became possessive and abusive. He felt like he owned Lindsey.

In August 2010, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Brooklyn. Following the birth of Brooklyn, Ryan's controlling behavior became worse with him stalking her and being verbally abusive. He would shout at her and insult her, "stu---- fu**** * Bi***" he would call her.

By March 2011, she was fed up and decided to get rid of the menace that had plagued her life. She told Ryan she was done with the relationship and wanted him out of the house by the following month, April.

Initially, he acted like he was cool with the break-up. But four days later, his pent-up emotions spilled over. He suddenly flew into a manic rage and slapped Lindsey across her face with a resulting black eye.

Five days after the physical abuse, on April 9, he told her he was ready to move out, but she had no idea he had a sinister plan up his sleeves. Early in the morning on April 12, he entered Lindsey's kitchen to get a pan of hot oil from the stove before entering Lindsey's room.

Lindsey after the burn

He went over to where she was sleeping and poured the oil on her face. She screamed and ran out of the house to their neighbor's house, she had been so burned, that the neighbor could not even recognize her.

The right side of her face, chest, arms, and body was burned. The neighbor called for help and Lindsey was quickly taken to the hospital where she fought to stay alive.

Lindsey's hand after the burn

Lindsey had a deep third-degree burn that covered about 45 percent of her body.

She was in the hospital for 148 days, she needed 38 different surgeries, and several skin grafts. She lost her right eye and ear.

Lindsey after her recovery

In July 2012, Lindsay watched in court as her attacker was found guilty of attempted first-degree murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

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