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Gang-raped by 4 men- Rohingya refugee woman case.

False case registered by the woman herself

By surya GPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

A case that shook the nation, where a Rohingya refugee woman had alleged being gang-raped by four men in the national capital, has now turned out to be a false case registered by the woman herself. The incident took place on February 22, 2023, and the woman had come to the Kalindi Kunj police station on February 26 to report the crime.

False allegations made to cover up a fight with husband

According to the police, the woman, who is a native of Myanmar, had left her house after a quarrel with her husband and had stayed at the house of her old neighbour in Madan Pur Khadar Extn area for two days. Upon returning, she concocted a fake story of her gang-rape as she was frightened by her husband and could not explain her absence of two days.

DCP shares details of the case

Sharing the details of the case, Deputy Commissioner of Police (southeast) Rajesh Deo said the woman was kidnapped from Kalindi Kunj Metro Station along with her 16-month-old daughter on February 22 by some unknown persons in an auto. She was taken to an unknown place where she was kept for two days and gang-raped by four persons.

Multiple teams formed to crack the case

During the investigation, the police formed multiple teams to crack the case. The investigation involved five locations, including the house of the maternal uncle of the complainant’s husband, the Metro station where the alleged crime started, Budella (Vikaspuri), and the Refugee Camp in Kalindi Kunj where the complainant had allegedly visited from the date of the incident till the reporting of crime, and an unknown place (room) where the victim was sexually assaulted.

Delhi Commission for Women takes cognizance

The Delhi Commission for Women chairperson Swati Maliwal also took cognizance of the incident and issued a notice to the Delhi Police seeking a detailed action report on the matter. However, during the investigation, it was discovered that the motive of the false registration of the FIR of gang-rape was to save the family of Akbar Ali who had given shelter to her for two nights as well as to avoid further fights with her husband.

False accusations a setback for genuine cases

Cases like these not only waste the resources of the police department but also dilute the impact of genuine cases of sexual violence against women. It is important to understand that false accusations have a severe impact on the accused as well as the justice system as a whole.


In conclusion, it is essential to understand that the case of the Rohingya refugee woman falsely accusing men of gang-rape in Delhi was a false case registered by the woman herself. The motive behind the false registration was to cover up a fight with her husband and to save the family who gave her shelter for two nights. False accusations of this nature are detrimental to the accused as well as the justice system. It is vital to be careful while registering cases and to ensure that they are genuine.

women harassment is a serious and widespread issue that needs to be addressed on various levels. It is unacceptable that so many women are subjected to unwanted advances, sexual comments, and physical assault in their everyday lives

e must create a culture of respect and equality, where women feel safe and empowered to speak out against harassment. This requires a collective effort from individuals, organizations , and governments to enact policies and practices that support victims and hold perpetrators accountable.

Only by working together can we end the pervasive and damaging impact of women harassment and create a better future for all.


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