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Furry Convention Reported As Neo Nazi Scam: Twitter Posts Claim.

South Carolina Furry Convention reported as a Neo Nazi Scam.

By ZoonibroPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Soda City Furcon Run by Shadow Lerawr

Many conventions in the furry fandom come and go and this one was no suprise! In a shocking turn of events, the highly anticipated Soda City Furcon has been abruptly canceled following explosive allegations of neo-Nazi ties. The accusations surfaced on Twitter through an account named "NaziFur Receipts," which presented a series of screenshots purportedly linking the convention to individuals associated with neo-Nazi ideologies.

A Twitter thread led by NaziFur Receipts.

The account, known for exposing instances of extremism within the furry community, quickly gained attention as it disseminated compelling evidence suggesting the involvement of Soda City Furcon in activities that raised concerns about its affiliations. The screenshots, allegedly showcasing conversations, posts, and images, provided a damning narrative that fueled public outrage and called the convention's and its leader Shadow Lreawr's reputation into question.

The organizers of Soda City Furcon were caught off guard by the sudden onslaught of accusations. In response to the mounting evidence, they released a statement expressing shock and concern over the allegations. The statement acknowledged the severity of the situation and emphasized a commitment to investigating the claims thoroughly.

As the controversy gained traction on social media, the convention's reputation took a nosedive, prompting attendees and sponsors to distance themselves from the event. Many prominent figures within the furry community expressed their disappointment and condemnation of any potential ties to extremist ideologies.

NaziFur Receipts, the account behind the allegations, remained anonymous, leaving some to question the legitimacy of the claims. However, the thorough documentation and the substantial amount of evidence presented in the screenshots raised serious doubts about the convention's innocence.

As the dust settles, the furry community now faces the task of rebuilding trust and addressing concerns over the potential infiltration of extremist ideologies within its ranks. The Soda City Furcon incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and accountability in maintaining the community's values and safeguarding against any potential affiliations with hate groups. The fallout from this controversy will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on future furry conventions, prompting organizers and attendees alike to be more vigilant in ensuring the safety and inclusivity of their spaces.

More evidence soon takes the surface of cyberbullying and stalking as well as rape from the convention owner towards members at other conventions such as Megaplex and Furry Weekend Atlanta where Shadow Lerawr apparently slapped a young man on his backside inappropriately during the event in 2023. He was soon fired from Megaplex in 2022 after evidence of sexual misconduct arose. Later on, Shadow Lerawr would soon have ties to the Orange County Court case involving Lucky Elephant or Anthony Stewart where threats were posted to Megaplex and IFC involving a Pipe Bomb and AR-15 assault rifles in January that same year.

Faced with a growing public relations crisis and a diminishing support base, Soda City Furcon organizers reluctantly announced the cancellation of the event. In a statement released on their official website, they cited the need to "protect the integrity and reputation of the furry community" as the primary reason behind the decision.

The sudden cancellation sent shockwaves through the furry community, leaving many disappointed and frustrated. Attendees who had been eagerly anticipating the convention were left without answers and expressed their discontent on various social media platforms. Some questioned the speed at which the organizers decided to cancel the event, while others lamented the tarnished image the convention now carried.

The furry community has long been known for its inclusivity and acceptance, making the allegations of neo-Nazi ties particularly distressing for its members. The fallout from the Soda City Furcon controversy has sparked discussions within the community about the importance of thoroughly vetting events and organizations to ensure they align with the values of inclusivity and diversity.

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