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by Alexander J. White 4 years ago in fiction
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Boston Underground

A five-star restaurant takes place for Jill and Dave’s date. It was a very big event for them both. They spent hours together beforehand preparing for the night. Everything about the date had to be perfect.

The waiter had just taken their order.

Jill says, “You know how to pick nice places.”

Dave replies, “You know I’d go to lengths for you, honey. You are the love of my life, after all. I would jump in the deep end just to see you again.”

Jill smiles sweetly, saying, “You’re too kind Dave. Really, it feels like we just met yesterday to me, and I think you are just an astounding guy. I sure am lucky to have you even if it’s but momentary in all of time.”

Dave blushed very brightly at this and began to fiddle with his napkin while staring into his water glass… “Where is the wine?” was what he nonverbally said. For a while, Dave sat there like that. He seemed to be in his own little world after a few minutes, and still the smile that Jill’s comment aroused remained. It was almost as if her words put him under a spell… Maybe Jill’s a witch!

Totally kidding. No spoilers for you, My Reader.

Instead of wicked wizardry, Jill kindly reached out and light like a feather touched Dave’s hand. Her touch was smooth like butter and as gentle and harmless as a baby’s fist. Dave snapped out of the spell and looked up into her eyes, her bright blue eyes that he loved ever so dearly. How oft would he compare them to the Caribbean Sea. Those lips he longed to kiss in public, and always did (when he could afford the time) in private. Her blonde hair shimmered despite the dimmed lights of the five star restaurant. She wore a really tight black dress that made the rest of her beauty pop out at every angle. Whether it be the jaw or the body that makes a man’s formerly stated part drop. All in all she was the perfect girl in Dave’s eyes.

She was a pretty good catch for Dave as he was nothing more than your average, middle class, White American schmuck. He liked to wear fancy suits around all the time because “it made him look more professional” when out and about, so he was wearing your average schmuck suit at this high-end WASP spot… I don’t get schmucks.



Dave was speaking in a rather rushed tone, and seemed to be getting fervent with Jill. “I really love you with all of my heart, Jill. I promise one day we’ll travel the world just like you always wanted to. I’ll save up a whole lot of money at my job, and we’ll retire and see the world! Everything from Rome to Paris to London and Australia, Africa, Asia, Antarctica, and everywhere and anywhere we can go! Just like you always wanted to, Jill! How do you like that?”

Jill looked a little bit skeptical as she sipped her drink with a smile and replied back nicely, “That sounds nice, Dave. Maybe one day if you have enough money, and quite a lot of money it would be, we can do that.”

“I love you, honey,” Dave replied dreamily.

“And I love you in any and every way you wish, sweetie,” replied Jill.

They sat together eating their dinner, smiling at one another. Each one smiling much more than the other, or at least it appeared that way.

Jill whispered in Dave’s ear in a seductive tone, “Let’s get out of here, and take this outside. I might even have a special present for you if you have the time.”

She concluded this sentence with a wandering tongue in and around his ear.

Dave looked ahead blankly but blatantly aroused (the people around him could tell, it wasn’t hard to).

Looping his arm around Jenny, they slowly walk out into the busy streets of Boston. It was raining heavily and Jenny started shaking. Dave went to put his arm around her, but got welcomed with a very unfriendly push.

“I’m fine,” she replied. “Dinner’s over now. Do you have the time to keep going on?”

“Well, I didn’t want to ruin such a nice dinner with sex…” Dave said.

“Then give me the money, and we’ll part ways.” she replied.

Dave looked suspect for a moment, and then said in a forced tone, “Okay, but I only have half of the money right now.”

So Dave and Jill took a walk to the ATM.

I wasn’t far behind them. Who am I? I’m Jill’s half-brother, half-pimp who’s been making money off of her for years now. I’m also the same person who called Dave a shmuck earlier on. You see, I always tagged along on these kind of dates to make sure things went smoothly. Right now, it wasn’t.

“Get your meaty paws off of me, creep. Just give me the money and get the hell out of here. Don’t make me get George here. He won’t like the way you’re treating me. That’s for sure.” Jill bursted out in fear and agony.

But Dave was not having it. He threw her in an alleyway and had her on the ground with a gun to her head. He was manic.

“I love you, you blasted whore! Why can’t you see that you’re filth, but gold to me? Damnit, please see!” Dave was crying out to her, tears in his eyes.

Jill looked over and saw her brother George running up behind Dave. She locked eyes with him and realized that she finally had her way out of the pimp life her brother made for her.

She grabbed Dave by his collar, and whispered, “I love you too, Dave.”

She attempted to bring him in for a final kiss, but he thought it was an attacking attempt to assault him, and shot her. George shot them both. Clocks strike Midnight.


About the author

Alexander J. White

GOOOOD MORNING DORKS AND NERDS!!! Breaking news: the Pope is Jewish, cougars are ultimately deadly (both the animal and human species), idiots can now run for president (and win), pigs CAN fly, and music has decided to commit suicide. TBF..

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