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Diao Aiqing Was Chopped Into 2,000 Pieces

Diao's gruesome murder remains unsolved more than 30 years later

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On January 19, 1996, a sanitation worker at Nanjing University in Jiangsu, China, found what he believed to be a bag of meat, pork most likely. He took the bag of meat home and began preparing it for his family when he suddenly found three human fingers in the pot. The sanitation worker was unsure what to make of the discovery, but immediately notified authorities.

2,000 Pieces

Police were puzzled by the discovery. Who did the fingers belong to? Why were they severed from the hand? And what kind of meat did the sanitation worker actually prepare on his stove? Was it human flesh and organs? As the days passed, police would soon learn the shocking answers to those questions.

aEight packages of "meat" were found at various locations across the university. Of course, the 'meat' was actually human remains. Each package contained various organs and body parts, including a heart. In total, the packages had more than 2,000 pieces of human remains packed inside them.

Police later confirmed the packages contained the human remains were those of Diao Aiqing.

After finding Diao's dismembered body parts, police also discovered her clothing and her severed head scattered across the university. The items were found over a 10-day period. Diao's face was unrecognizable; her family identified her by a mole on the right side of her face.

Her liver and several other major organs were never located.

Police determined that her head and internal organs had been boiled for “several days.” The precision of the cuts led police to suspect that someone with a background in surgery or meat cutting was Diao’s killer.

Diao had disappeared nine days before her remains were located.

Why would anyone want the first-year student at Nanjing University’s Adult Education College dead? She was described as quiet and introverted, someone who rather not engage in conversations with other people. And why would they kill her in such a brutal way? Police were baffled and again left with many unanswered questions which remain that way 18 years after the incident.

Diao Storms Out After Argument; Never Seen Alive Again

Diao had recently arrived in Nanjing from her home city of Taizhou, Jiangsu, in October 1995, majoring in computer applications. She had limited contact with her family since they believed regular phone conversations would interfere with her studies. The family was so intent on Diao’s educational success, never notifying her that her sister had married or about the death of her grandfather.

On January 10, 1996, Diao and her dorm roommate illegally used an electrical appliance, resulting in disciplinary action against them. Diao argued with the dorm managers, stormed out of the building, and was never seen alive again.

Police suspected students and teachers had murdered and mutilated Diao, although never found anyone that matched the description of the last person seen with Diao. Police were unable to find any additional information that could help them locate a suspect in the case. Like so many other cases, Diao's went cold -and remains in that category decades later.

Diao was brutally murdered and dismembered as she attempted to better herself and her life. Sadly, the case remains unsolved more than 30 years later.

The case remains unsolved more than 30 years later.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 3 months ago

    Poor Daio! Good work!

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