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Consecutive killings

10 journalist murders!

By Zarinabanu ZarinabanuPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

1. Naveen Nissal; He works for the Dynek Bhaskar newspaper in Bihar and has uncovered many facts through live reporting.He was killed on March 25, 2018 when he was traveling in a two-wheeler with his colleague when a car mysteriously collided with him.His case is still pending.
2. Sandeep Sharma; Before the assassination of Sandeep Sharma, who was collecting news related to corruption in the state of Madhya Pradesh, he had published an article on sand robbery with evidence.He was assassinated shortly after the article was published. He was killed in a truck collision. Call the truck driver and see if it's murder,The case has been transferred to the CBI for investigation into the suicide. The investigation has revealed that he has already received death threat letters.
3. Chandan Tiwari; Chandan Tiwari has exposed the financial frauds of Singh, who is close to Maoist-linked groups in Jharkhand.Articles about it put Singh in crisis. Tiwari's body was recovered a few days later in the jungle in October.It is noteworthy that there was already a disagreement with Singh. Singodu arrested 4 people on suspicion of being involved in the murder. Then Singh Was only released. From the outset, the police have not investigated the complaints lodged by Tiwari against the corrupt Singh.
4. Sujath Bukhari; The editor of 'Rising Kashmir' newspaper was shot dead by three mysterious persons when he came out of the office after the Iftar dinner. It was said that there would be a link between the militants in the background No other details about the murder have been released. Later, Jitendra Singh, who is in the Prime Minister's Office, identified himself as a Pakistani spy . The investigation was also conducted on the basis that the news release may have been due. So far the culprits in this case have not been identified.
5. Jamal Kasoki; Jamal Kazouk, a journalist from Saudi Arabia, traveled to the United Arab Emirates in Istanbul on October 2. Then he never returned.Kazoku, who has continued to criticize the Saudi prince, has been accused of plotting to assassinate him by order of the king.It is said that a group of 15 people came and killed him and dissolved him in acid. Due to this, the US has imposed sanctions on Saudi Arabia.
6. Abdul Menon Arkanth; The man, who worked as a reporter for Kabul Television, has been receiving death threats for reporting on the Afghan problems over the phone for over a year.April 25, 2018 He was traveling in a car in Afghanistan when 2 unidentified persons came on a bike and shot him. The investigation is ongoing.
7. Mire Hussey;. Mire Hussey was shot twice in the head in Eliza Bihaya, 17 km from the Somali capital.He is a morning news update as a radio journalist. The inquest heard that he had received phone calls asking why the radio was not working in the area where the revolutionaries were. No group has so far claimed responsibility for the October 27 killing.
8. Rip Hysson ;. He won a defamation suit against the editor of the US-based Capitol Cassatt. The losers stormed into the office in a fit of rage and shot him.He was killed on June 28. Police have arrested Gerard Ramos and are investigating.
9. John Kaushiak ; He lives 50 km from the Slovak capital and was shot dead on February 25 while out with his wife.He is said to have been killed for writing articles on tax evasion against the ruling party and for exposing the facts about many leading celebrities in the crime area. The case is under investigation as to whether he was killed by unidentified persons and who committed the murder.
10. Sohail Khan ;. Sohail Khan, who published an article about Musharraf Iqbal in connection with drug trafficking, received death threats. Sohail approached the police on October 16 when he was killed and asked for security. He was shot dead by mysterious people that day.Subsequent inquiries revealed that Iqbal was wanted in connection with his escape to Iran. Iqbal denied any involvement in the investigation. But the investigation is still ongoing as the evidence is against Iqbal.


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