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The desire to marry the elephant

by Zarinabanu Zarinabanu about a year ago in fantasy
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Mulla and ordered him to come and meet him.Mulla went to the palace and worshiped the king.

The king's desire to marry an elephant often went to cities, destroying crops and crushing many people.When some of the victims complained to the king about this, the king did not consider it a big deal.He rebuked some for making vain complaints about his elephant. So no one dared to complain further about the elephant's barking.They met Mulla and told him about the harassment caused to them by the king's elephant and asked him to do something. Mulla said to those who came to him, "You gather everything together and tie the elephant to a tree."Alas can the king's elephant be tied up and returned? King harsh penalty, "the fright, said local people.You just stated, do. King's someone came in and asks mulla That's it elephant hug carry as saying by telling her to let Mullah said.The affected people all together with great difficulty elephant holding a large tree and tie back.Learning The king sent a man to .Mulla and ordered him to come and meet him.Mulla went to the palace and worshiped the king."What cartoon did you tie my elephant to? Where did you get so much courageous?" He asked angrily. Mulla politely said to the king, "The king has come to our side and started.shouting that he wants to see a woman and marry him. Is n't it our duty as citizens to fulfill the wish of the king's elephant! So we are looking for a female elephant for their elephant. We just want to make sure it doesn't get caught up in anything. "What? Asking an elephant to marry him! Who are you playing with? ”The king asked angrily.King himself does not consider it difficult to come to our town once and inquire about their elephant. "I will accept whatever punishment is given to me if I have lied about anything," Mulla said.The king took Mulla with his entourage and went to the area mentioned by Mulla.He was shocked to see the devastation caused to the orchards and fruit trees along the way. He also realized that his elephant was responsible for the disaster. He also understood the trick used by Mulla to bring himself to those areas.The king immediately summoned his officials and ordered them to pay generous compensation to those who had been severely damaged by the elephant and then to take the elephant and tie it up in the palace.The villagers thanked Mulla and greeted him. DID NOT LIKE ; Mulla Nasrudin had a close relationship with the king, which was not liked by many in the royal court.Once when Mulla went to a friend's wedding, he said in the speech that all the scholars in the country are confused and unable to say anything definite and conclusively.Knowing this, Mulla's enemies went to the king and provoked those who did not like Mulla to tell the king that Mulla was distorting the king by saying that he had confusers instead of having scholars and that the scholars who did not know how to make the right decision were listening.He also brought together philosophers, religious scholars, legal experts, and intellectual ministers. Then he said to Mulla, "Did you say that they are all confused? ... Why did you say that? Can you prove that they are confused?" He asked. What it has become arrogant, do you see me stuck with what I just said, then you are confusing, I thought it would be scary to install it, "Oh my God, I can prove it," said Mulla gave a sheet to everyone.Then he said to them, "Scholars ... I am going to ask only one questions. You have to write the answer in this paper."Then, he gave them a sheet, in which he said, "What is bread?"Everyone wrote on the answer sheet and gave it to the king. The king began to study.Someone wrote that bread is a nutritious commodity.The second - mentioned that bread is a food.Third - the bread given by the Lord.Fourth - Bread is baked goods.Fifth - Bread is a mixture of flour and water. The king read that it was written that the sixth person - the bread that gets the taste and shape according to his will - the seventh person - no one knows the exact meaning of the bread .....Mulla waited patiently until the king had finished reading all the answers, to my simple question, "Oh king! ... What is bread?" All of them gave different answers.Did you see whose answer did not agree with each other?. That is why the scholars in our country are confusing. "The king was astonished at Mulla's knowledge and dismissed the accusation against him.


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