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Chris Watts: The 2000 Page Discovery

The Shocking Case of Chris Watts and the Murder of His Family

By Sally APublished about a month ago 5 min read


The case of Chris Watts is one of the most haunting and discussed crimes in recent American history. It involves a seemingly perfect family, a secret affair, and a shocking murder that captivated the nation. This article delves into the detailed 2000-page discovery document that sheds light on the events leading up to and following the tragic murders of Shanann Watts and her two daughters, Bella and Celeste.

Meeting and Marriage

Shanann Watts met Chris Watts in North Carolina. At the time, Shanann was recently divorced, having ended her first marriage, which was brief and not widely documented. She and Chris dated for two years before marrying in 2012. In 2013, the couple relocated to Colorado for a job opportunity, and by December of that year, they welcomed their first child, Bella. Chris started working for Anadarko Petroleum in January 2015 as a field coordinator. By July of the same year, their second child, Celeste, also known as CC, was born. Shanann initially worked at a children's hospital but later left her job, presumably to become a stay-at-home mom. She subsequently joined a multi-level marketing company called Lavelle, where she excelled and frequently shared her life and work on social media.

Life in the Public Eye

Shanann was highly active on Facebook, often going live to promote Lavelle products and share aspects of her personal life. Her openness on social media drew mixed reactions; while some admired her transparency and business acumen, others criticized her for broadcasting her private life. Despite the criticism, Shanann appeared successful and content, frequently featuring her husband Chris in her videos. Friends and family described their relationship as strong, with Chris being an attentive and loving father. However, beneath the surface, tensions were growing.

Signs of Trouble

In May 2018, Shanann announced her pregnancy with their third child. She even shared Chris's reaction to the news on Facebook Live, capturing his seemingly indifferent response. Although Chris's behavior could be attributed to his introverted nature, Shanann began to sense something was amiss. In June, they went on a company-sponsored trip to San Diego, where Shanann continued to share their experiences on social media. However, shortly after, she and her daughters left for a six-week vacation to visit family, leaving Chris alone.

During this time, neighbors reported hearing arguments between Chris and Shanann, and Shanann confided in friends about Chris's distant behavior. On July 7th, Chris received a call from Nicole Kessinger, a coworker with whom he was having an affair. This call marked the beginning of a series of deceitful actions that would ultimately lead to the tragic events of August 2018.

The Affair

As Shanann and her daughters were away, Chris began spending more time with Nicole Kessinger. Phone records and computer searches revealed frequent communication between the two, including intimate photos and discussions about future plans. Shanann, unaware of the affair, grew increasingly concerned about Chris's lack of communication and emotional distance. Despite her efforts to reconnect, Chris remained evasive and detached.

By mid-July, Chris had told Shanann that he no longer wanted to be with her and did not want their unborn child. Shanann suggested marriage counseling, but Chris refused. Instead, he continued his affair with Nicole, even taking her on a romantic getaway to the Sand Dunes.

The Day of the Murders

On August 13, 2018, Shanann returned home from a business trip in the early hours of the morning. Security footage captured Chris loading his truck with various items, making several trips between the house and the vehicle. Later that morning, Chris called the school where Bella and Celeste were enrolled to inform them that the girls would no longer be attending. This was an ominous sign that something was terribly wrong.

When Shanann's friend and coworker, Nicole Atkinson, couldn't reach her later that day, she grew concerned and went to the Watts' home. Finding the house locked and Shanann's car in the garage, Nicole called Chris and eventually the police. When Chris arrived home, his behavior seemed odd; he was unhurried and uncooperative. Despite this, police conducted a search and found Shanann's phone, keys, and purse, but no sign of her or the children.

Investigation and Confession

As the investigation progressed, Chris's lies began to unravel. He initially claimed that Shanann had taken the children on a playdate, but this story quickly fell apart. Chris failed a polygraph test, and the mounting evidence against him became undeniable. Eventually, Chris confessed to his father that he had seen Shanann strangling their daughters on a baby monitor, prompting him to kill her in a fit of rage. This confession, however, was a desperate attempt to deflect blame.

The truth emerged when drone footage and GPS data from Chris's work truck led investigators to a remote oil field owned by Anadarko Petroleum. There, they found Shanann's shallow grave and the bodies of Bella and Celeste submerged in oil tanks. The autopsies revealed that Shanann had been strangled, while the girls had been smothered.

The Aftermath

Chris Watts was arrested and charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder. He eventually pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty and was sentenced to five life sentences without the possibility of parole. The case drew widespread media attention, with many people horrified by the cold-blooded nature of the murders and Chris's apparent lack of remorse.

Nicole Kessinger, the mistress, faced public scrutiny as well. Her internet searches revealed a morbid curiosity about high-profile murder cases and inquiries about potentially profiting from her involvement in the case. However, she cooperated with the investigation and was not charged with any crimes.


The Chris Watts case remains a chilling example of how a seemingly perfect life can hide dark secrets and unthinkable actions. The detailed 2000-page discovery document provides a comprehensive look into the events leading up to the murders, the investigation, and the aftermath.

Shanann, Bella, and Celeste Watts are remembered by those who knew and loved them, and their tragic deaths continue to resonate with the public. The case underscores the importance of addressing underlying issues in relationships and the need for vigilance in the face of potential danger. As the story of Chris Watts fades from the headlines, the lessons learned from this heartbreaking case endure.

Legacy and Lessons

The Watts family murders have left an indelible mark on true crime history and have prompted discussions about the warning signs of domestic violence and the psychological profile of family annihilators. The case has also highlighted the importance of thorough investigations and the role of technology in solving crimes. The detailed records of phone calls, text messages, and internet searches provided crucial evidence that helped unravel Chris Watts's web of lies.

In the aftermath of the case, many have reflected on the pressures and challenges faced by families, particularly those portrayed as perfect on social media. Shanann's life, shared so openly online, serves as a reminder that appearances can be deceiving, and that everyone faces struggles behind closed doors.

Final Thoughts

As we remember the lives of Shanann, Bella, and Celeste Watts, we must also acknowledge the broader societal issues that their tragic deaths bring to light. The Chris Watts case is a stark reminder of the potential for darkness within seemingly ordinary lives and the importance of vigilance, compassion, and support for those who may be in distress.


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