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Caylee Anthony Would Have Been 15 Years Old, This year.

Born Aug 9, 2005..Little Caylee Anthony would have been in High School.

By Jasper WolfPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Caylee Anthony

This is 2020. Many things have happened this year that this world has never seen the likes of before. A virus that hit world wide, wearing masks to do everyday things, Earthquakes, Meteors, and even two hurricanes hitting the same spot.

One other thing that would have happened this year is little Caylee Anthony would have turned 15 years old. Caylee was found murdered back in 2008 at only 2 years old. With tape over her mouth which had a heart sticker on it. Her mother, Casey Anthony, was determined not guilty at the murder trial. There are no other suspects and the case has gone cold.

Evidence shows that while Caylee was missing, her mother Casey went out and lived, "a party girl life". He mother called 911 and stated that her 2 year old daughter had been missing for 31 days. Mind blowing right?

Casey Anthony Partying

December 11, 2008, Caylee's skeletal remains were found in a laundry bag on the side of the road. Just near a wooded area not far from the Anthony home.

The duct tape near the remains in the bag is the reason the medical examiner ruled it a homicide.

Casey stuck to the story that her daughter had accidentally drowned in a pool, but the story didn't make sense. If her daughter had accidentally drowned in the pool, why wouldn't she just call 911? Why was her remains in a bag in a wooded area? Also, why did she way 31 days to even report her missing? So many questions were unanswered.

The trial made national news. People were following the case closely to see whether the mother would be charged with her daughter's death. The amount of inconsistencies in her statements and her parent's statements were too much to ignore.

After a lengthy and out of this world trial, Casey Anthony was acquitted of the charges of murdering her 2 year old daughter.

After being acquitted and released from jail, Anthony went into hiding. She knew that after she got out of prison that she would become a target for angry people.

Reports said she was hiding in a Florida church where she also altered her looks, so she would not be easily recognizable.

Casey Anthony while hiding out

Also, after the trial in 2013, Casey Anthony reportedly filed for bankruptcy due to all of the court fees she could not pay back. The total amount was close to $800,000.

The filing also mentions several civil suits against Anthony. One being, when her daughter was missing, she stated her daughter had been kidnapped by the nanny, Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. Authorities stated the woman did not exist. Come to find out, there is a Florida woman with the same name and she filed suit against her. According to Gonzalez, due to Anthony's fictitious tale, she lost her job. They did not know eachother.

Casey is 32 now and is living with a private detective from her defense team and she works for him as a researcher. Word is, she is dating and is planning on having another child.

Recent photo of Casey Anthony

Sure, Casey is living a "great life". But poor Caylee cannot. All of America wants to know what happened to Caylee? When will she receive justice? She was 2 years old and was unable to defend herself. Now she is unable to tell her story.

We have had recent deaths of children killed by their parents, over the past few years. Every story will tear your heart apart.

Well, Caylee would be 15 years old today. Probably getting ready to start school. Buying a new backpack and school supplies. But someone took that from her and she deserves justice. Somebody knows something. What will it take to tell the truth?

This case is still cold. More investigating needs to happen. But if her mother really did kill her, then there is no way to charge her and find her guilty due to double jeopardy, so it's out of our hands. We can only pray, something will come up.

Justice for Caylee.


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