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A Criminal Heart

Naive Vision

By KJ AartilaPublished 4 months ago Updated 3 months ago 3 min read
A Criminal Heart
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My step-uncle was a criminal, but I grew to love him greatly. And then, he disappointed me greatly, breaking my teenage heart - stomping on it with his combat boots and grinding it under the toe like a finished cigarette.

He had just returned from prison that summer, moving into the basement of his Mom and stepdad’s house - my grandparents. I also spent most of that summer at their house, caring for his young child. In a short time, my Uncle’s girlfriend also moved into the basement with him. I grew rather close to her, too. I didn’t realize their bonds were based on synthetics.

I remember one time not long after his return, wearing his camouflage pants and combat boots. We were outside and I was talking big. I challenged him to a foot race, determined I could beat him. The race never happened. I’m sure he was amused. I could not have beat him.

Another time, he trusted me with scissors, insisting that I trim his beard. I had never done so, but I did it and it was just fine. I didn’t snip him or anything!

I have good memories of his girlfriend, too. Though I can’t even remember her name now, I can picture her clearly. She became like a big sister to me. I never had a sister. She showed me how to slice a kiwi fruit, and helped me choose a swimsuit.

The three of us spent a bit of time together that summer, building a family relationship, while helping a man get back on his feet - or that’s what I naively thought. Secretly, the two of them were doing a lot of drugs, and the maturity of a grown man was not present.

Shortly after that summer of babysitting was a over, and I returned home more permanently as the school year began. I looked forward to the Holidays for the opportunity to spend more time with my Uncle and his girlfriend, whom I thought also had grown to care deeply for me. Maybe they did, but the pull of drugs was stronger. I understand that addiction now, but at the time, it was extremely damaging to my tender soul.

Originally, he had been discharged from the Army. I don’t know if it was by choice or not. His wife, or girlfriend, at the time gave birth to a baby boy, soon after, abandoning them both, The child ended up being raised by my/his grandparents. He had issues, not surprisingly.

During the fall, or winter, I really can’t remember, the two had succumbed completely to the grip of drugs, though they still lived with my grandparents and his son. There was snow on the ground.

At some point, they made a plan to rob the small-town Pharmacy. At gunpoint. His girlfriend drove the get-away car to leave the demolished scene. No one was shot. I believe a couple of their “friends” were involved also. I don’t know what happened to them all, only that my uncle ended up in a high-security prison within the state. He spent many years behind bars. My Grandma visited him often. I was shocked that he had done such a terrible thing. How could he? I loved him, lots of people loved him.

Soon after he got out, which was shortly after his son graduated highschool, the two of them moved far South of town, but still within the state, as far as I know. I haven’t spoken to my Uncle since those promising summer days of being a teenager.

Thank you for reading this woe-is-me tale. These are the things that shape our impressionable hearts. This occurred 35, nearly 40 years ago, yet the emotions still run strong.


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KJ Aartila

Wife of a very tolerant husband and Mother of one teenage daughter in far northern Wisconsin with too many pets.

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  • Angelina F. Thomas2 months ago

    Excellent work. Thanks.

  • P. K. Gani3 months ago

    It's sad to see a loved one succumb to addiction, and as you say, the pull of drugs was stronger. No matter what occurred afterwards, your summer together was real and special, before life got in the way.

  • fatima dalani4 months ago

    Excellent Keep up the good work

  • mahmuod Ibrahim4 months ago

    Don't people know that there is a God who will be held accountable? Thank you for the topic

  • Gina C.4 months ago

    Great and honest story! Congrats in the top story! :)

  • Kaliyah Myers4 months ago

    This is a wonderful article! Congrats on Top Story!! 🥰

  • Cathy holmes4 months ago

    great piece. Thank you for you open honesty. Congrats on the Top Story.

  • J. Delaney-Howe4 months ago

    I can relate. I have two uncles, who throughout there life, have been incarcerated more than free.

  • Villa4 months ago

    your story very best please read my story & subscribe me

  • JoAnn Ryan4 months ago

    People don’t realize that when they commit criminal acts it’s not just themselves they are hurting. It’s everyone around them as well. Great story!

  • Gal Mux4 months ago

    Oh... He might not have been the best person but you cared enough to see the human in him. Great story!

  • Kendall Defoe4 months ago

    Both sad and sweet. Thank you!

  • U.Rdiya4 months ago

    Beautifully Written!!!

  • Babs Iverson4 months ago


  • Caroline Jane4 months ago

    What a story that is! 👍

  • Breanna Botten4 months ago

    Very interesting story. It really shows how fragile and naive a young mind truly is. Becoming an adult and learning about these truths of our childhood can be heart wrenching.

  • Heather Hubler4 months ago

    What a story!! So sorry it didn't have a happy ending. Thank you for sharing this part of your life :)

  • Melissa Ingoldsby4 months ago

    Excellent narrative

  • Alex H Mittelman 4 months ago

    Well written. I had a similar experience with someone I cared about. It still hurts too!

  • Blake O'Connor4 months ago

    Gripping storytelling Keila. Thanks for sharing

  • I enjoyed it. I haven't written much in Criminal , this was my last

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