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25 Creepy Facts about Well-known Serial Killers!

by Chelsea Winona 2 years ago in guilty


Here are some interesting-and shocking facts about serial killers.

1.We must start with the man who was considered "America's First Serial Killer", H.H. Holmes. He was said to have actually profited from his victims bodies, by selling their skeletons to medical schools. GROSS!

2. When the police finally got to have a look inside Ed Gein's home it was a pigsty! There were dirty dishes with maggots, and the home housed some pretty gruesome discoveries such as the lamp shade made from human skin, and the half -finished woman suit. all of the house was in disrepair, except for his mother's room ,which he kept in pristine condition.

3. Right before Jeffrey Dahmer was caught, he had so many bodies piled up in his apartment, that he actually stashed one in the bathtub, where he just stood over it everyday for a month to take a shower.

4. Dennis Rader , "The BTK Killer" (Bind ,Torture,Kill), admitted to putting up some alarm systems in several people's houses, because they were so scared that "The BTK Killer" was on the loose.

5.Andrei Chikatilo, best known as "The Red Ripper", was caught and released because his blood type did not match the evidence found at the crime scenes. As it turned out, he had a 1 in a million genetic condition, in which his blood, taken from a blood sample, did not match the blood type found in his semen.

6. Josef Mengele, "The Angel of Death", was awarded for his bravery, because he jumped into a burning tank to save a wounded soldier. Imagine risking your life for someone else's and saving them, all to spend the rest of your time torturing others.

7. Richard Kuklinski, “The Iceman”,killed a man and left his body in an oil drum outside of a diner just to see how long it would take for someone to investigate. He would order sandwiches from the place and sit on the drum while he ate.

8. Journalist Vlado Taneski was caught when he reported on his own crimes and included information that hadn’t been released to the public, information that only the killer would know.

9. Jeffrey Dahmer: In a documentary entitled “ The Jeffrey Dahmer Files”, it’s mentioned that Dahmer used to give people in his apartment building sandwiches, that could have been made from human flesh. In the documentary, Pamela Bass, who lived there and ate his sandwiches, fears that she probably consumed body parts.

10. Ted Bundy: Undoubtedly one of the most infamous serial killers in history, was said to have killed 36 people. Ironically, he once worked at a suicide hotline, where his job was to talk people out of killing themselves.

11. Very few serial killers turn themselves in. Only Ed Kemper, “The Co-Ed Killer”, called the police to confess. He then waited at a telephone booth to be picked up.

12. Richard Chase, “The Vampire of Sacramento“, would check the doors of homes to see if they were locked. If they were, he took it to mean that he was not welcome and believed unlocked doors were an "invitation”’ to come inside. This is definitely an incentive to make sure your doors are locked!

13. Ted Bundy requested for his ashes to be spread in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State — the same place where four of his victims were found. That request was fulfilled.

14. Rodney Alcala, “The Dating Game Killer”, won an episode of “The Dating Game”, hence the name. Fortunately, the woman who picked him refused to actually go on the date because he was too creepy.

15. Robert Hansen, known as the “Butcher Baker”, kidnapped women, released them into the Alaskan wilderness, and then hunted them down for sport. He killed 17 women and raped more than 30 women.

16. James French’s last words while he was in the electric chair were, “How’s this for your headline? French Fries.” The ultimate twisted joke!

17. Ed Kemper, “The Co-Ed Killer”,narrated hundreds of books on tape for blind people , including “The Glass Key”, “Petals on the Wind”, “Flowers in the Attic”, “Merlin’s Mirror“, “The Rosary Murders”, “Sphinx”, and even “Star Wars”,while he was in prison.

18. Arthur Shawcross, perhaps better known as the “Gennessee River Killer”, was serving five years for arson and burglary. He was released after only 22 months for saving a prison guard during a riot. He then went on to kill at least 14 people, and some of his murders included cannibalism.

19. Venezuelan serial killer and cannibal, Dorangel Vargas, confessed to killing and eating at least 10 people. He said that he didn't consume fat people, because he thought they had too much cholesterol.

20. Rodney Alcala, “The Dating Game Killer”, acted as his own attorney in his trial. For 5 hours he interrogated himself on the witness stand, asking questions addressed to "Mr. Alcala" in a deep voice and answering them in his normal voice

21. The “Hillside Strangler”, Kenneth Bianchi, while actively murdering women, was also applying to join the ranks of the LAPD and attended several ride alongs with police officers who were searching for him Coincidentally most of the conversations in the ride alongs were about what LAPD knew

22. During serial killer Carl Panzram's execution, when asked if he had any last words, he said, "Yes, hurry it up, you Hoosier b*stard! I could kill 10 men while you're fooling around!"

22. British doctor, Harold Shipman ,also known as 'Doctor Death”,was proven to have murdered at least 250 of his patients (but may have killed as many as 459 people), making him one of the most prolific serial killer in recorded human history

23. The closing credits of the documentary Aileen: Life & Death of a Serial Killer features Natalie Merchant's song "Carnival." According to the singer, she gave permission for her song to be used after learning that Wuornos frequently listened to her album Tigerlily while on death row and had requested "Carnival" be played at her funeral

24. John E. Robinson has been named the first "Internet serial killer", as he lured women to his home via online chat rooms.

25. John Wayne Gacy’s wife ,Carol, lived in the home where he buried most of his 33 victims in the crawlspace. She only questioned her husband once about the smell. When he told her it was mice, she believed him, and never asked again.

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Chelsea Winona

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