10 Easter eggs you may have missed in Netflix’s “The Witcher”.

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10 Easter eggs you may have missed in Netflix’s “The Witcher”.

If you haven’t taken the time to look at Geralt.. I mean watch “The Witcher”, I suggest you drop everything and log into Netflix right now! Season one is EVERYTHING, and it has the memes to prove it! First off there is a disclaimer, this series is going to relate closely to the books (“The Last Wish, Introducing The Witcher”, “Blood of Elves, A Novel of The Witcher”, and “”The Time of Contempt, A Novel of The Witcher”) and not the Video game. Do not stop you from watching it though, as it is still a-mazing!

Warning Major Spoilers ahead!

1. Geralt’s Story to Roach (his horse).

Geralt's story about killing his first monster--a rapist--is straight from the books, although in the story, “The Voice of Reason”, he tells a priestess named Iola, and not his horse.

2. Multiple Timelines.

The first hint of multiple timelines occurs when, Mousesack warns Ciri about when girls used to be locked in towers "many years ago," events that are much more recent in the scenes involving Geralt and Stregobor. Plus, when Geralt meets Renfri, (an ex- princess born under an eclipse) and she starts talking about being locked in a tower, you kind of put the pieces together, that the events happened in the past. Another example is when Calanthe and Ciri are discussing Calanthe's victory in the Battle at Hochebuz--a battle that Renfri remarks about to Geralt as if it's just taken place.

3. Jaskier’s New Lute.

The lute Jaskier receives from the elves, after him and Geralt are set free remains with him for a long time in the books. It is much nicer than his previous one, which he grudgingly notes in the short story “The Edge of the World”, as well as in the series.

4. Istredd.

Although, Istredd is a minor character in the books, his role has clearly been expanded for the show. Through him we end up learning more about Yennefer and her past. Istredd can also be seen in the short story “A Shard of Ice”, where him and Geralt fight over Yennefer's affections. I believe we will be seeing more of him soon, and who is complaining?

5. Another hint at Multiple timelines.

King Foltest, ( who tasks Geralt with taking care of a Striga) is seen at a party Yennefer attends as a young boy with his sister.This one is very easy to miss if you're not paying attention to every single line of dialogue.

6. Conjunction of Spheres.

During Ciri's scenes in the forest Brokilon, there's mention of the Conjunction of the Spheres. This is a legendary event in the series' lore in which several planes of reality merged, bringing magic--and deadly magical creatures--to the human world.

7. The Law of Surprise.

The law of surprise plays a massive role in the story of the books, Since it is the reason for the show in the first place) and, thus, the series as well. The Law of Surprise basically states that when someone is owed a debt, they can invoke the law of surprise and claim something the indebted doesn't yet know they possess. In the case of Duny and Pavetta,(seen above), that something is their unborn daughter, Ciri.

8. Dimentum.

Yennever is threatened with dimeritium (which is a metal that dampens the effect on sorcery) in Episode 5. It actually comes up several times in the books, and you can also craft equipment out of it in the games.

9. Lilac and Gooseberries


Geralt says that Yennefer smells like lilac and gooseberries, a distinctive scent that he'll never be able to shake. In the books, it's one of the primary identifiers he remembers whenever he thinks of her.

10. The Stars Refelecting in the pond.

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