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Your Road of Lies

by Tuesday Daily 24 days ago in Humanity

What you're doing is disgusting.

I want to be a writer and that's something that I have always wanted to do. It hasn't changed and it won't.

Roughly, a year and a half ago, my sister in law decided she was going to write a book. Why? Because she had wrote something for some class she was taking and the teacher complimented her and what not... take into affect that she was 40 when this happened so she really should know how to write a decent paper. So, she's going to write a book.

Suddenly, she has a Book Deal and Deadlines.

I'll admit, I was jealous. I know my sister in law in very well known for lying or extremely exaggerating the truth but I thought it would be really hard to fake a whole book deal so I assume this is legit. I have been writing and rewriting and changing direction for years, attempting to write a book that I actually like and here's my sister in law, with a goddamn book deal.

Obviously, I am excited for her and I do congratulate her and continue to support her. About a year ago, she sent me a section of her book to read. I read it, and I actually edited like an editor would, my husband said she had asked for my input so that's how I had done it. I rewrote part of it to express more emotion while still sticking very much to her original story and words. I sent it back to her and she responded with "thanks, I just wanted you to read it, I have an editor."

Damn, another shot to my ego, SHE HAS AN EDITOR TOO?

At this point, I mentally note that she does not want any advice or assistance with this whole book deal so I won't even touch that subject anymore.

10 days ago, she published her book. I am so upset.

She fucking lied. She does not have book deal, she published through a self-publishing site. Not that there is anything at all wrong with that and I actually support self-publishing. She said she had a book deal, I associate book deals with having a publisher so looks like she lied about an actual Book Deal.

Whatever, it's your lie, tell it how you want. So, I check her book out, the description that she used for her book has so many errors. Like, all of the punctuation is missing.. it's so hard to read. I can't tell her or I'll look like an ass. Moving on, the size of her book is completely off for the book she wrote and it's so much shorter than I expected. The back cover has an error, the word choose was used instead of chose, which is a common mistake but something an editor would have noticed so ....



Here's the kicker. That's not even the disgusting part.

She wrote a book about her road to sobriety, about her meth recovery, about how she broke her addiction to drugs... all while she was getting high.

She wasn't just smoking weed, I support weed and I support weed as a great alternative to any drug or pharmaceutical. She was snorting cocaine to stay up and WRITE HER BOOK. She was doing meth because her friend just found it and didn't know what it was ... obviously, she had to show her how to use it. She was drinking to the point where her and her spouse almost divorced. They have almost divorced 3-4 times in the 5 years that they have been married.

She wrote a Self-Help book when she literally still needs help. She's the type that will dive into a bottle or run to a needle any time she's any bit upset about something... for example:

She called us so upset because she used meth. She used meth because she found out a friend of hers just committed suicide. So, her friend committed suicide and this really upset my sister in law and in order to deal with being upset, she accidentally used meth.

All while writing a book about how you are sober and what your road to recovery was like, what you lost along the way and what you found.

It's fucking disgusting. You are trying to monopolize on people really trying to recover, actually attempting to find sobriety. You think that no one will see how fake your book is? For fuck's sake, you used a snap photo as your author's picture.

Your book is currently tanking and I hope it continues. You don't like advice and you cannot take constructive criticism so I hope someone buys your book and gives you the authentic review you deserve.


Tuesday Daily

I enjoy writing and have for a very long time. I think I have a knack for it, just no direction. I prefer to write erotica. Other styles to keep my brain fresh. Enjoy reading my work.

Tips are appreciated but absolutely not necessary.

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Tuesday Daily
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