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You walk past me and miss

Late at night, missing awake. The watery moonlight covered my long hair. Your smile always falls in my dream. Because of you, my dreams are full of happiness.

By testPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Late at night, missing awake. The watery moonlight covered my long hair. Your smile always falls in my dream. Because of you, my dreams are full of happiness.

Dear, ever since I met you in the world of mortals, all the happiness is with me, and my love for you is always in my heart, as time ruyu, never changed. Your gentle enough to let me fall into the world of mortals, chi shou reincarnation. At the moment, I really miss you.

Our encounter is not as brilliant as flowers, nor as deep as the sea hence. But has been in the depths of each other's memory to leave our beautiful, deeply hidden, never forgotten.

Zhang Xiaoxian said: in thousands of people to meet the people you want to meet, no early step, no late step. I just ran into each other. I always believe that meeting is also a kind of fate. Buddha said that the previous 500 times of looking back only to change this life a wipe shoulder. So this life you and I meet bosom friend is what kind of fate?

The day of love is really good happiness. We put each other gently in our hearts. Still joy.

Because I know each other, because I know each other and cherish each other, because of you, my heart is sunny. Because of you, I have care and miss. Because of you my life is full of sweet, because of you, my dream is full of happiness. Because of you, my life will blossom like a flower.

I miss you so much, I miss your smile. I miss your voice, I miss your appearance. You are always in my heart. Never far away.

You're the person I think of half the time. You are the person I want to share with when I am happy. You are my pain when I want to talk to the people, you are my favorite but can not be together. You are the one I most want to see but I am afraid to see. You are the one in my heart. Without you even in the sea of people will feel lonely, without you even with the whole world will not be happy.

Dear, I wanted to ask you for a long time. If we didn't meet too late, if we could meet in the most beautiful years, would I be the one who holds your hand for a lifetime?

Whose tears wet whose night? Whose true feelings for a long time. People who love each other will not only enter each other's hearts, but also look forward to entering each other's lives.

I really want to be with you, accompany you through every morning and dusk. I really want to hold your hand, feel the temperature of your palm. Really want to walk through the streets of your hometown with you, to understand all of you.

Really good you can stretch out your hand for me to block all the sorrow and worry, really want to share all the life with you. Really want to grow old with you, the old where can not go, you still put me as the treasure in the palm of the hand. No matter how simple life is. To be with you every day and night is happiness.

There is a heart clear transparent, that is when I meet you pure. There is a feeling is never old, that is I met you beautiful. There is a love deep in my heart, that is my most real care for you. There is a person forever engraved in my life, that is when I met you the first appearance.

Always want to hide deeply with your memory, always want to meet with you deeply pity. In your life, there will at least one time that you forget yourself for someone. Ask for no result, no company, no ownership, just ask for meeting you in the most beautiful years.

Even if you in the end of the world I in the cape, no matter whether missed time, never regret meeting you. It is the happiest thing to leave a place in the heart for the person you love. I believe there will always be a place to place the date in our dreams. There will always be a day, to bloom when we embrace smile.

How can we bear our true feelings, though separated by mountains and rivers? This life and you meet in the dream, the next life I would like to be summer flowers, open in your heart.

This past years of our hearts together, wish in the old time to look back, we still warm smile. I just want to say: the world of mortals have you, good. Ann!


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