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You can't drink ice

You can't drink ice

By THERESA MILLERPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Life is a sea of love, everyone is breathing love, feel love; Life is like a night sky, in the meteor flash wonderful moment, people feel the magnificent beauty; Life is like a trickle of water, in the wonderful moment of wearing stone, people feel insist on the beauty, all this can not escape a word - love. That day, the sun, like a naughty doll, came to my face to wake me up. I stretched, slowly opened my eyes, looked around, dressed and woke up my father, as usual dad like a cow to send me to learn. We take electric cars and walk on the road of learning. I kicked off and grabbed my dad's clothes. After getting on the car but accidentally kicked dad, he did not say a word, we are ready to start. Electric car like cheetah like running in the street, my hair was blown like seaweed general left and right swing, I try harder to hold on to my father, afraid he was frozen into an old Popsicle, because the wind was blocked by my father, so my father became my shield. I looked up and Dad saw that his teeth were starting to fight, his mouth was spitting hot air, and his face was turning purple and red. It hurt. So even if, the sky also under the raindrops like countless bullets, but dad still let me into his clothes, although my body such as ice, but my heart is hot. Father is a mountain, every inch of soil is to provide me with nutrition; Father is a haven, whenever the wind and rain hit, for me shelter; Father is a bird's nest, waiting for me this playful bird, have a home to return to.

One day, my father bought a lot of fruit from the supermarket. I couldn't wait to run over and found a strange fruit. Its body is covered with thorns, like a hedgehog, a careful smell also some stink. I asked my father: "Hey, dad how did you buy a rotten fruit?" Dad smiled and said nothing. When I looked at the label, it was called durian. After dinner, we began to eat fruit. There are apples, bananas and pears in the fruit bowl. How tempting! But durian I was too lazy to look at it. Father found, asked: "Why don't you eat durian?" "Look at how ugly it looks and how stinky it smells. It certainly doesn't taste very good!" I spoke slowly. Grandma said: "It's really delicious, sweet and fragrant, you have a piece of it." After a while, I see they eat so fragrant, could not help but taste a bite: "Wow! It's delicious, like nothing else in the world!" Dad said, "You know what? Durian is Thailand's "fruit, although it looks ugly, but rich nutrition, high medicinal value, beautiful taste, deeply loved by everyone. The same is true of a person. You can't judge a person by his appearance. What is beautiful inside is true." I said: "Yes, a few days ago I heard the students talk about" you see, my father bought me pens, 40 colors, also with a seal, more than 50 pieces of it! I want my mother to take me to buy nice clothes! 'My grandma is taking me to KFC! ' '... I don't think it's good for them to be so vain and enjoy themselves. Students should study hard." I lie in bed at night, recalling the conversation I had with my father. Yes, we want to be like durian, to be a person with inner beauty.

night, recalling the conversation I had with my father. Yes, we want to be like durian, to be a person with inner beauty.


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