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Why I am afraid to be myself when writing?

How I am learning to find my voice

By Anna cruzPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Why I am afraid to be myself when writing?
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Sometimes when I start to write, I tend to write in the standard formal format. If I write about a topic that generates interest in order to appeal to most readers. I right to appeal to the masses. And that the way I write comes out to be very standardized. I tend to lose my real voice in my writings.

Sometimes I feel as though I am not writing as my authentic self. I feel like I hold back a lot of what I really wanted to say, but I'm afraid of how the writing will be received in public. I like to write about politics and this is a subject that has separated America by topic.

I have a Viewpoint that I like to express and I can respect that not everyone agrees with me. But at the same time, I write in a format that I don't alienate or offend anyone. I choose my words very carefully but still, that may not be enough and readers might always find offense in my writings.

Writing should be simple

Writing should be simple, to the point, persuasive, and not complicated. When I was in college and in journalism class, I learned that I should write with the 5 W's and the how?. The 5 W's were the who, what, when, where, and why, questions that your paragraphs should answer. So I learned to write an article with these questions in mind. It's generic writing that may cause a reader to lose interest unless I find an angle or hook to grab the reader's interest. In my Zeal to attempt to generate interest, I tend to write in a roundabout way. I mean that I tend twrite too much to get to the point. I tend to write in a wordy way. Being an avid reader has helped me in my writings because it has given me ideas on how to start off that dreaded first sentence. It has helped with my vocabulary and aided me in structuring a sentence that is grammatically correct.

Finding my authentic voice

I think I am finding my authentic voice in writing because I find myself writing about different subjects that are near and dear to me. Subjects that I can find to be important, whether it be politics or the environment. I like to write about sustainability and thrift store shopping. I believe in Reusing Recycling and Upcycling. My writings are mainly about those subjects. I want to write about other subjects that intrigue me as much such as politics and write more creative pieces of fiction too.

Writing fiction and poetry

When I write fiction and poetry I feel that I'm finding my creative voice. I'm writing the best when I dig deep into my creativity and writing. I write out a physical copy before I write on the computer and I read it to myself to hear how it sounds and how it's perceived by the reader. Writing on Vocal and blogging has helped me find my voice because it has allowed me to write more often and to express my emotions to writing. I can tell that I have found my true voice when I feel good after writing, I feel that I have conveyed my passion for writing out to the reader.

In summary, I've learned to use my voice because of extensive writing. As I learn to express myself in my writing, I find my work to be liberating now because I feel free to let out what I wouldn't write about normally. Through constant practice of my writing craft I feel more Open to expressing my views on certain topics. And that is how I found my authentic voice.


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Anna cruz

I like writing short stories and poetry. I like to blog about thrifting and many other subjects. I hope you enjoy my writing. Read my blog at and visit my website at

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